Wednesday, December 8, 2010

December, 6, 2010

Yeah its just way cold. the inch of snow is frozen solid now... haha how is Christmas coming along??

We bought a strand of lights, well a loop of lights, i cant even explain , its not a dual stranded light set, but a one stand that loops all the way around to the other side of the plug in.... ?? who the heck thought of that??? I have bought a few things that are christmassy, like i bought some candles that i have already used up....... hahaha there isnt a lack of Christmas stuff here, and i bought a place mat that is red with white reindeer on it... hahaha it was like a buck.
I had an idea to try a basketball day kinda thing and we advertised it in place of our sport day because we just play basketball anyway, so it wasnt gonna take out anymore time of our week if it was a flop, and President said to give it a try and so we played it safe and it worked. The first week we had 3 come, but left before we even got there, someone got there number, called them back one was on his way back, then we got kicked out even though we have sport day every saturday at the same time so we had to call the kid back and anyway.... he came the next week, and said he will bring more next week. SO.... I was way excited, people coming to us and working them into the real reason we do this stuff....
"Dont keep the faith!!! SHARE IT!!!!" and "One who selfishly keeps his testimony loses it, but one who openly shares it gains strength"
I know, the Savior was the perfect teacher and didnt convert everyone, in fact they killed him.
You got any pictures for me? Its kinda my out and relax and unwind time. How is dad gonna build that TV stand?? I wish i was there to help, i miss wood. Everything is stone cold here.
Has anyone payed any attention to my sled yet???? i also got a letter from trevor and Ryan well you knew about Trevor. Havent heard from Wickel for a while.... hows he doin?

We went to church and 2 complete strangers showed up, a guy from nigeria and a hungarian girl. they just decided to come, out of no where he stayed the entire time, he speaks english, she is mostly Hungarian but english too.

This is the best i could belt out last night,(he recorded a song for usand attached it to an e-mail) i was still pretty dehydrated from fasting. I sent a pre Christmas package so it should hopefully get there before Christmas, i will finish the Christmas gifts today when we go to the chinese piac (market)

Of course we proselyted. one night we went to go caroling at one of the Christmas fairs, and couldnt find it for 2 hours. Its a huge humbling period and it is but there has to be a way to reach these people. I know these people are extremely scared. We knocked on an old ladys door who was terrified of us. Thats why we do services like english class and basketball class, because they have to approach you.

I know exactly why they dont accept it, but my problem is figuring out how to teach, talk, find, so that they will accept it.... I just feel like one of my favorite song says, stare straight into the sun and i wont close my eyes, til i understand or go blind. ehhh.....

Thanks well, i have to get going to buy those other Christmas gifts, i will try to find something for Jeff but this has been a lot harder to find presents than i thought it would be.... so sorry if they arent like wayy cool Hungarian presents....

I know that things will work out, its just hard right now. I love you and am inexpressibly thankful for you both, give the family my love and my email address… hint, hint....

Elder Hansen