Saturday, April 24, 2010

April 24, 2010 Email

Things have been going ok...
Um no bannana cream pudding, anything refrigerated is contraband.... fast food... etc... stuff with a lot of sugar is not really good to have, my teeth get really sensitive but if you disguise like the pudding in a box or something witha gel cold pack that i can use to heat my back that would work.... so they just threw that away.... i got my popcorn and DL and stuff a long time ago everything works thanks, sorry....
...My comp.... i feel so blessed to have him, he is so humble and so genuine. I'm trying my best.
I love you soo much, i wish i could call and hear your comforting voices. If i didn't have you, i would not be here and i would not be preparing to go to the greatest mission in the world.... Sorry Dad, no battle.... ;D I LOVE YOU

Friday, April 23, 2010

April 17, 2010 MTC Hump Day!!!

Half way through the MTC!!! =)
The MTC is much harder than I think I could have ever imagined. Trevor is working hard and loving the opportunities to teach or spread the gospel. He loves the Hungarian language and works hard. We sent him this poem:

Hey Trev, Congratulations!!!
MTC Hump Day is finally here.
Celebrate! You've learned a lot
That much is surely clear!
Kept your positive attitude;
Shrugged off defeat.
But your time at the Memorize THIS! Center
Is not yet complete.
Here at home we are praying
And thinking of you
Knowing all the while
The hard work you do!
Know that it has blessed us
With tender mercies from above;
Warm sweet comfort;
Fit for us like a glove.
Five short weeks
Is all that is left.
Give it your all
And give it your best!
Your shining example now
Will greatly be needed,
"Unto the least of these",
The Savior has pleaded.

And a whole lot more!
Mom & Dad & the rest of Your Family

April 14, 2010 Letter & PICTURES!

Elder Egbert & Me

Me Shooting a Blast at Elder Egbert, an awesome English Elder.

Hey Parents,
Thanks for the letter dad.
I wish I would have known about Jared before I went to the temple, I put everyone's names in a couple of weeks ago.
What do you think about sending a Kung Fu Panda to Curtis. We have a bunch of traditions you'll see in the pics, our room is so messy now. Our osi passed them all down, or just gave us a mess in other words...and it's a pillow signed by many sets of Huns.
I just got a hair cut. The girl cutting my hair said immediately as I sat down, "I'll try to keep as much as possible." Ha
Today I put a toy cell phone in my pocket just so I felt more whole. Except when I needed t do some math, I was sorely disappointed...
I've got pictures for quite a few people. I'll send out. I'm getting a ton of facial hair. I'm about 175 and I eat like crazy.
I wrote coach & he wrote back, it's nice to hear from him. I won't be able to pick up Seth up because it is my P-day.
I will talk to you later I gotta go pick up laundry, CAN'T WAIT to get that tape!
I wish I could talk to you move but writing is so limited, I'll talk your heads off at the Airports!!! =)
Love Ya!
Hansen Elder

April 14, 2010 Email

Well, first of all... things are great.... i'm 175 right now.... i've been up to 178... so not a ton of weight.... the Usi's (the Ancients, Hungs who were at the MTC prior to Trev's group) left Monday, we're here alone with one english district... Um, who is Nick? some guy Angie is dating???? you have to remember that i have no idea about whats going on in the real world.... hahaha

well, things are good... Glen L Pace came and spoke at the devo and his whole purpose was to have us feel loved by our Father in Heaven... and he said," in the name of Jesus Christ, and as a special ordained witness... everyone in this room is worthy of our Father's love." it was great... he talked about how we can have bits and pieces of our fathers mind in a way as to know about things that are going on in other places, like that night that i felt awesomely close to Mom.
He also said that it is much more comprehensible to feel of God's love if we have had loving earthly fathers... Thank you for always loving me Dad.

the gym is closed for renovations til august now, so no more ball.... we're either on the field or in case of inclement weather, in our dorms "exercising...." not much we can do with a rubber band but i learned how to use the bunk beds as a bench haha and a shug/curl bar. only 12 minutes left...

i bribed a lady at the immunization place with chocolate to let me go to gym and do my shot another day so i'm wating for another slip in the mail for my time..

one minute left,..... i love you both so much.... please keep writing every day its like i get to talk to you every night when you do.... i pray that our family will find the church and that you will all feel my love and the Saviors love LOVE YOU!!!

April 7, 2010 Letter

Hey Parents,
It's so nice to talk to you when I e-mail! I can only write on P-days...
So I never told you about this guy at the RC (Referral Center maybe?), or did I? Oh well, I called talking about the church, I basically gave him the entire first lesson, Apostasy, etc...and of the BofM and he said he would love to read and pray about it, and that only makes sense that Christ would visit the rest of the world. The best part is he lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin! (Morgan Black is going there, a friend of Trev's) He was so open minded about the gospel! I have yet to catch him home. This took place like 2 weeks ago.
So I have decided that MTC stands for "Memorize THIS! Center" It is so hard when I think of all the things I have learned and have to keep active.
Thanks for the cookies =) I'm enjoying them right now.
So Jamer never got to give me anything, he said they all took it, but it was nice to have him around. Seth will be in my building, both class & residence. Morg could be in my zone too and live right next door to me, ha. We get English elders all the time. Gotta go!
Love Ya!
Hansen Elder

April 7, 2010 Email

I Love Sangria, .50!

Ok thank you :) we teach in HUngarian tm... i'm is,is (so,so) with it... things have been ok, yesterday was rough, i wanted my head phones sooo bad..... but the one thing i truly honestly miss here are the Mountains.... 1st NE 17: 7 Arise and get thee into the mountain.... I'm putting that on the sled when i get back hahaha is it snowing down there?? Is there still snowmobiling? I'd really like to hear from my Brothers.... Oh and ask them to pray for me.... Oh and i think i used Angie's Brown Scriptures, and i need them, they have a lot of stuff marked.... i could send her a B/M from here. so if you could send those, they're by my night stand, and also those notebooks that i wrote my songs in.... i need to see lyrics, no music is hard to deal with.... :) Sorry for all the Requests....

I got the pictures, i can view them.... no word on Saxton, but him and Rat will probably be in the same mission..... W. Vir. right?? Easter was great thank you! :) I NEED MORE TIES.... we tie trade in our building every sat night, and mine are of no value, and i'm bored of them already, most kids have like 20-30, and try to get some paisley ties :))) thanks oh yeah, and we pretty much wake up to snow, walk in sunshine, and watch it snow, then walk in it.... the weather has been crazy here..... ???? end of the world.... i called it.

OK tell morgan to put Beggars on it too.... the song "if there;s one thing i know, in this life; we are beggars all..." isn't in the bible, only the B/M..... You have to get a CO2 DETECTOR, but i will send you the info on where to buy it, and then send it to me....

Ok awesome.... if you don't hear from me in email, sorry... it closes everything after 30 minutes.... I love you soooo much, and letters and just hearing from you and anyone keeps me going... I just got a letter from Sarah from UVU.... like just 25 minuts ago, i love you soo much please keep writing, Dear elders are printed off at 4 so i get them at dinner, AND PLEASE write the date.... so i know when it was.... because dear elder doesn't show it..... 1 miunte LOVE YOU!!!

March 31, 2010 Email...

...Everything is good now that you are on
and I know we can talk!!! :)
I talk to Wickel a lot on email, have Trevor write me
...Boone did write :)

Yes, My Pres ROCKS, google him and yeah, I can talk
to, etc.

Yeah, i'm so glad we can talk!!! things are good, i'm DL, (mailman)... i can pretty much speak with the Usi's (ancients/"Ushi's) they are in consecration week now. we are moving fast, we have taught a couple lessons in hung to our teacher.... but they are pushing us hard, we will be speaking better than our usi's by that time.

But hey, i have somethings i need you to do aside from our convo... I need my zune, our MP over there is THE coolest guy! GOOGLE his name, you'll be shocked.... but we can have good music over there and we are encouraged to listen to Hungarian music to learn the langauge. Have MORGAN BLACK take off the stuff that shouldn't be on there. he'll know. get rid of stuff like parkway drive and killswitch... also i need everyone's phone numbers.... and i would like to hear from my brothers and sisters.... and morg and bren and clint and skee. i need their numbers too..

(Trev's MP is Gary S. Baughman , Ex-CEO of Fisher Price Toys - From Mormons in Business; "Especially fun for Baughman, he often notes, is the ability of a toy to capture the interest and imagination of a child.")

yeah i hang with jamer every sunday at the movie... we talk and talk and i loved it, i saw him yesterday just before lunch and took a picture, griff is here, i've seen him a few times. there are a lot of kids i know here.

(About Seth Owens) Yeah, he'll actually be in my building for classes, just 2 floors down. so i'll see him a lot! yeah sunday night they have stuff like the testaments and church movies like that, hahaha Consecration week is where they only speak hungarian and i can pretty much talk with them most of the time..... things have been clicking lately, i just have to keep expanding my vocab.... we had SYL all day yesterday, and tomorrow, which is insanely fast.... but i'm learing fast and i love it.... let me know what Seths e-mail/home address is.... so if i pick up that day i'll know what he's driving...


March 24, 2010 Letter

Hey Parents,
I just wanted to take the time and fill you in on how things are going and how my days go.
It is different everyday, but up @ 6:30 usually, personal study or gym @ 6:35 twice a week then breakfast is at 8:15. Then Comp/personal/class then lunch, then class or gym or whatever then dinner, yeah It's really exciting. (Then planning/or class or ?)
I've got a new comp, Christensen Elder, (not sure if I told you that yet)I sent you a letter Monday and I sent Amber a letter, last P-day? Let me know when and if things get to you and the family.
Our estimated departure date is May 24th. It actually is a 12 week program but they count the half weeks as one week each, so about 10 1/2 weeks in reality.
So Mom, find me dates for when I get back.
Have Amber look too...Ha Ha
We just got new English Elders today in our Zone (Hall). And in 2 1/2 - 3 weeks Our Ancients (Hungarian Missionaries who have been there and fly out sooner than Trev's group), The Albanians and the English Elders will be gone and it will be our district and we'll be the oldest and kinda alone until we get more Albanians. Hungs don't come for a couple of weeks after and English Elders are in & out constantly. I talked with Gamblin, he was recruited by BYU and W.M. and some other colleges and he went to Riverton...he's a way cool kid and we can relate a lot of our experiences.
The Fins are just down the hall in our building in class. But I have tore up basketball. I shoot the lights out. I played against Gamblin and I stepped back and shot over him and sunk it.
Love Ya! Gotta go! Write & have the rest of the family write! And I want a pic of the fam when Amber was down.
Hansen Elder
P.S. I get to call and talk as long as I want at every stop at the airports.=)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

March 24, 2010 Email

We had a rough couple of weeks learning how to refresh so that we could talk a bit through email. This week Mom was in St. George with the GYC kids. She got on at noon but Trevor had not refreshed so he could not see that she was there.

He wrote:
Just got back from the temple, we did inititories and we were talking to a worker that went to Hungary on a mision and some kid walked up to me and said, hey man. and i looked at him and it was Seth Owens!!!!! So we talked for a few minutes, its was crazy awesome. Everything is going great, i had a rough evening yesterday, i was overwhelmed with the language but i'm over it. i wish you were on.... sorry, i thought it would be at 1 but we got out early, i will check again later and maybe converse a bit, thanks! LOVE YOU!!!

Then a little later:
Well, i probably won't get another chance today to get on so i figured i would write a decent e mail, most of everything i wanted to write about was in that letter i sent you.... But mom; i was studying outside at about 8ish pm Monday and i was by the street on the sidewalk that you drive into the MTC on and i just felt amazingly close to you and so secure. I could feel your love so strong for some reason, it was awesome.
I keep relating every problem or hiccup in here the football. I have talked about Football so much here i think my district is sick of it. But there are sooooo many things that are directly applicable to missionary work. This tues' devo, Lynn G Robbins and his wife Jan talked. Mary said something about conquering fear and overcoming that through faith and love. And after we had a post devo district meeting and our 1st/2nd? counselor and his wife was with us and we all shared what we liked. I talked about that, and about my senior year i taped my laces and wrote "FEAR IS - FAILURE" so that i could read it, i love how all of the things that i devoted my life to continue to help me . And fear is failure, you can;t be scared to talk to someone on the street, because if you are you will lose that battle for an opportunity for a soul to come unto Christ. If we are scared, it means our faith is weak.
The days are passing fast. Breakfast lunch and dinner are pretty much one meal now. we eat, sit, eat. sit, eat. sit sleep. with gym in there which is the best thing ever. that tall kid (6'8") is going to Finland and w're pretty tight. his name is Gamblin,
Well, times up. Love Ya

Unexpected Letter

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hey Mom & Dad,
Things are going ok right now.
Last Tuesday at the fireside Quentin L. Cook & his wife spoke. Saxton Elder got reassigned sadly. He is leaving for West Virginia Tuesday. So Christensen Elder is my Comp now. The days are going by faster. It feels like we're eating constantly. The language is coming pretty good....We taught our first lesson in Hungarian. It was extremely broken but I got what I could with the few things we've learned. I can bear my testimony well, pray ok, and have an okay conversation. I'm remembering words like crazy. I hear a word and it stays, we just haven't learned all the conjunction charts. The language is SO backwards compared to English. The word order doesn't matter, only rarely does it, you just put endings on words to make it make sense.
I've seen Jamison a few times, we talk quite a bit. I saw Colton Baird... Don't know where he is going though. Griff just came in Wednesday Jameson said. Haven't seen him though. Jameson has gym w/him, I guess.
I love gym time, I play with a few kids that are 6'6"+... One kid is way cool, I think he played at a JC. He's going to Finland which is a harder language than ours! He's right down the hall in our classroom building, he talks to me a lot. The others are ok.
Sunday's are nice. We got 2 hours for a temple walk or an unofficial nap...BTW THANKS! That package was amazing! The pad has helped sooo much, by back is still stiff but it doesn't actually hurt. The pillow is a little flat but I still use it between my legs.
I'm not really supposed to write on Sundays, but oh well, I miss you guys a tonz. I keep thinking subconsciously that I will see you really soon, but I won't. :(
I can't wait to give you a hug.
But hey, I'm feeling awesome! So don't worry.
Everything is great! :)
En szerettektudom!
(I love you!)
Elder Hansen

Waiting & Wondering...How is he?

March 17th; Trevor's first letter home came
in the mail on Friday March 19th.
Mom & Dad,
Thanks for the cream puffs, they made a mess on the floor...HA! Everything is going good. The first night or 2 were tough and weird mostly. I was overwhelmed with what I've had to be doing. But it's better now...I shared my cream puffs with the whole hallway, the ancients, Albanians, so on...(zone basically). I offered him one. He (I think he is talking about Smith Elder)ate it, got out his fudge his grandma made and was walking around to every room sharing it. Ball is ok, it depends on the group you get with. There's a few kids who played college ball in our hour. (football BYU/a JC)
Saxton Elder is having a tough time, but he's a good kid, and wants to stay out. His Grandpa is Bob Saxton. I found my watch. Can't find stamps. I don't know what you want me to do with this tupperware?
(with arrows extending to the ends of the paper)
Love You! This MUCH!
Hansen Elder
P.S. Send pillow, pad, an 2 more of those pictures I can send to Trev and Landon if you haven't sent them one yet... & maybe a blanket. :) (double accented u/smiley face)

Catching Up with Landon & LeBaron

It has been difficult for Trevor knowing that Landon & LeBaron were already serving on their missions. He always realized he would be about six months behind but he never thought he would be TEN months catching up to where they were. When it comes to friends, Trev always put LeBaron and Landon right up there at the top. Mom would say they were in reality the closest thing to brothers Trev experienced in growing up.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Just before Trev entered the MTC Jocelyn got up from her nap and Amber asked her, "Did you have a good nap?" Jocelyn said, "Yes." Amber asked, "What did you dream about?" Jocelyn said, "Jesus." So Amber asked, "Did you have fun with Jesus?" Jocelyn then answered with, "Jesus is watching over Trev."
Monday night, March 22, I (Mom) was really missing Trevor; you know, the whole "won't see him for 2 years thing & you can't even call them". I knew how hard it had been for Saxton Elder and what a good kid he was. I prayed and shed tears that Trevor would know how much I loved him and that he would be strong and be able to feel capable to meet the challenges of his mission. I wrote him a DearElder email it said, "Just wanted you to know that I'm thinking of you, praying for you, and that I feel very blessed to be your mom. ...Plan to catch the kiss (had kisses but then changed it because I thought he might feel too freaky about his mom being so mushy) I've blown to you whenever you are outside and feel the breeze. They are floating around waiting for you. Be happy, serve those around you. You're involved in a great work!..." I had to pick up brownies from BYU for the GYC Spring Retreat in St. George early the morning of the 23rd. Buzzed the MTC.
When we received his letter on Friday I was reminded of our Father's tender mercies he gives as Trev wrote: "But mom; i was studying outside at about 8ish pm Monday and i was by the street on the sidewalk that you drive into the MTC on and i just felt amazingly close to you and so secure. I could feel your love so strong for some reason, it was awesome."
Thursday, March 25, 2010, Amber called Mom and told of Jocelyn's concern for Treb at around 3 pm that day.
Jocelyn said,“Uncle Treber is sad right now…”
“He is?”, Amber said.
“Ya he’s got owies… he needs a band-aid”, she said.
“He does?” Amber asked.
“Ya, he will feel all better now”, she said.
Amber sent Mom an email with some thoughts and began plans to prepare a bandaid box to be sent to Treb. The following poem was created.

Trevor, when you are down and out and feel you can’t go on.
When you are far from those who understand and make you feel strong,
Get on your knees and ask Our Father who understands your needs.
Then through the Holy Ghost we will know of your pleas.

We will be there through each prayer to help you regain your strength.
As a reminder of our love this band-aid will work its magic at length.
Instant pain relief, as Jocelyn would say, “All better now!”
*ZAP!*. @*BANG!*.. ^..>*POW!

When you need extra support wrap this band-aid round your finger tight,
Feel all our hugs and kisses from home…things will be alright.
When you look at your finger throughout the day
The tiny little breather holes R a reminder of countless prayers for U we say,
And you will be able to feel of our love and support all along your way.

We love you T H I S M U C H !!!!!!!!!
Keep up the hard work!

Friday Jaci, Aspen, Chase, Canyon and Kayli Jo created sticker pictures for Trev. Each one sported a band-aid. They were sent to Treb with instructions to wait to open until a package came from Amber.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

One of the comforts for Trev was that Jamison Izatt would be at the MTC also. From Stacee we knew Jamer knew he would be able to find Trev the night he entered the MTC for sure at dinner. Jamer did find him and wrote home to say, " I have seen Trevor (Hansen) twice now, he needed a hug at dinner." " I tracked him down at dinner when he was coming through the doors and he came up to me with a big smile and said I am so glad to see you. I gave him a hug and told him I was proud of him. He's doing good and I saw him yesterday at the temple." It was Sunday the 14th, Trevor and Jamer ran into each other on the Provo Temple grounds. Trevor's association with Jamer before Jamison left for the Philippines proved to be of great joy for Trev, he wrote on March 31st, "...yeah i hang with jamer every sunday at the movie... we talk and talk and i loved it, i saw him yesterday just before lunch and took a picture." Picture will be posted when we (Trev & his parents) figure out how to do this fluently!