Sunday, April 4, 2010


Just before Trev entered the MTC Jocelyn got up from her nap and Amber asked her, "Did you have a good nap?" Jocelyn said, "Yes." Amber asked, "What did you dream about?" Jocelyn said, "Jesus." So Amber asked, "Did you have fun with Jesus?" Jocelyn then answered with, "Jesus is watching over Trev."
Monday night, March 22, I (Mom) was really missing Trevor; you know, the whole "won't see him for 2 years thing & you can't even call them". I knew how hard it had been for Saxton Elder and what a good kid he was. I prayed and shed tears that Trevor would know how much I loved him and that he would be strong and be able to feel capable to meet the challenges of his mission. I wrote him a DearElder email it said, "Just wanted you to know that I'm thinking of you, praying for you, and that I feel very blessed to be your mom. ...Plan to catch the kiss (had kisses but then changed it because I thought he might feel too freaky about his mom being so mushy) I've blown to you whenever you are outside and feel the breeze. They are floating around waiting for you. Be happy, serve those around you. You're involved in a great work!..." I had to pick up brownies from BYU for the GYC Spring Retreat in St. George early the morning of the 23rd. Buzzed the MTC.
When we received his letter on Friday I was reminded of our Father's tender mercies he gives as Trev wrote: "But mom; i was studying outside at about 8ish pm Monday and i was by the street on the sidewalk that you drive into the MTC on and i just felt amazingly close to you and so secure. I could feel your love so strong for some reason, it was awesome."
Thursday, March 25, 2010, Amber called Mom and told of Jocelyn's concern for Treb at around 3 pm that day.
Jocelyn said,“Uncle Treber is sad right now…”
“He is?”, Amber said.
“Ya he’s got owies… he needs a band-aid”, she said.
“He does?” Amber asked.
“Ya, he will feel all better now”, she said.
Amber sent Mom an email with some thoughts and began plans to prepare a bandaid box to be sent to Treb. The following poem was created.

Trevor, when you are down and out and feel you can’t go on.
When you are far from those who understand and make you feel strong,
Get on your knees and ask Our Father who understands your needs.
Then through the Holy Ghost we will know of your pleas.

We will be there through each prayer to help you regain your strength.
As a reminder of our love this band-aid will work its magic at length.
Instant pain relief, as Jocelyn would say, “All better now!”
*ZAP!*. @*BANG!*.. ^..>*POW!

When you need extra support wrap this band-aid round your finger tight,
Feel all our hugs and kisses from home…things will be alright.
When you look at your finger throughout the day
The tiny little breather holes R a reminder of countless prayers for U we say,
And you will be able to feel of our love and support all along your way.

We love you T H I S M U C H !!!!!!!!!
Keep up the hard work!

Friday Jaci, Aspen, Chase, Canyon and Kayli Jo created sticker pictures for Trev. Each one sported a band-aid. They were sent to Treb with instructions to wait to open until a package came from Amber.

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  1. Gay, Loved the post. They are truly tender mercies. I am so grateful for. Trevor will be an awesome missionary.