Saturday, April 17, 2010

March 24, 2010 Email

We had a rough couple of weeks learning how to refresh so that we could talk a bit through email. This week Mom was in St. George with the GYC kids. She got on at noon but Trevor had not refreshed so he could not see that she was there.

He wrote:
Just got back from the temple, we did inititories and we were talking to a worker that went to Hungary on a mision and some kid walked up to me and said, hey man. and i looked at him and it was Seth Owens!!!!! So we talked for a few minutes, its was crazy awesome. Everything is going great, i had a rough evening yesterday, i was overwhelmed with the language but i'm over it. i wish you were on.... sorry, i thought it would be at 1 but we got out early, i will check again later and maybe converse a bit, thanks! LOVE YOU!!!

Then a little later:
Well, i probably won't get another chance today to get on so i figured i would write a decent e mail, most of everything i wanted to write about was in that letter i sent you.... But mom; i was studying outside at about 8ish pm Monday and i was by the street on the sidewalk that you drive into the MTC on and i just felt amazingly close to you and so secure. I could feel your love so strong for some reason, it was awesome.
I keep relating every problem or hiccup in here the football. I have talked about Football so much here i think my district is sick of it. But there are sooooo many things that are directly applicable to missionary work. This tues' devo, Lynn G Robbins and his wife Jan talked. Mary said something about conquering fear and overcoming that through faith and love. And after we had a post devo district meeting and our 1st/2nd? counselor and his wife was with us and we all shared what we liked. I talked about that, and about my senior year i taped my laces and wrote "FEAR IS - FAILURE" so that i could read it, i love how all of the things that i devoted my life to continue to help me . And fear is failure, you can;t be scared to talk to someone on the street, because if you are you will lose that battle for an opportunity for a soul to come unto Christ. If we are scared, it means our faith is weak.
The days are passing fast. Breakfast lunch and dinner are pretty much one meal now. we eat, sit, eat. sit, eat. sit sleep. with gym in there which is the best thing ever. that tall kid (6'8") is going to Finland and w're pretty tight. his name is Gamblin,
Well, times up. Love Ya

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