Friday, April 23, 2010

March 24, 2010 Letter

Hey Parents,
I just wanted to take the time and fill you in on how things are going and how my days go.
It is different everyday, but up @ 6:30 usually, personal study or gym @ 6:35 twice a week then breakfast is at 8:15. Then Comp/personal/class then lunch, then class or gym or whatever then dinner, yeah It's really exciting. (Then planning/or class or ?)
I've got a new comp, Christensen Elder, (not sure if I told you that yet)I sent you a letter Monday and I sent Amber a letter, last P-day? Let me know when and if things get to you and the family.
Our estimated departure date is May 24th. It actually is a 12 week program but they count the half weeks as one week each, so about 10 1/2 weeks in reality.
So Mom, find me dates for when I get back.
Have Amber look too...Ha Ha
We just got new English Elders today in our Zone (Hall). And in 2 1/2 - 3 weeks Our Ancients (Hungarian Missionaries who have been there and fly out sooner than Trev's group), The Albanians and the English Elders will be gone and it will be our district and we'll be the oldest and kinda alone until we get more Albanians. Hungs don't come for a couple of weeks after and English Elders are in & out constantly. I talked with Gamblin, he was recruited by BYU and W.M. and some other colleges and he went to Riverton...he's a way cool kid and we can relate a lot of our experiences.
The Fins are just down the hall in our building in class. But I have tore up basketball. I shoot the lights out. I played against Gamblin and I stepped back and shot over him and sunk it.
Love Ya! Gotta go! Write & have the rest of the family write! And I want a pic of the fam when Amber was down.
Hansen Elder
P.S. I get to call and talk as long as I want at every stop at the airports.=)

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