Friday, April 23, 2010

April 7, 2010 Email

I Love Sangria, .50!

Ok thank you :) we teach in HUngarian tm... i'm is,is (so,so) with it... things have been ok, yesterday was rough, i wanted my head phones sooo bad..... but the one thing i truly honestly miss here are the Mountains.... 1st NE 17: 7 Arise and get thee into the mountain.... I'm putting that on the sled when i get back hahaha is it snowing down there?? Is there still snowmobiling? I'd really like to hear from my Brothers.... Oh and ask them to pray for me.... Oh and i think i used Angie's Brown Scriptures, and i need them, they have a lot of stuff marked.... i could send her a B/M from here. so if you could send those, they're by my night stand, and also those notebooks that i wrote my songs in.... i need to see lyrics, no music is hard to deal with.... :) Sorry for all the Requests....

I got the pictures, i can view them.... no word on Saxton, but him and Rat will probably be in the same mission..... W. Vir. right?? Easter was great thank you! :) I NEED MORE TIES.... we tie trade in our building every sat night, and mine are of no value, and i'm bored of them already, most kids have like 20-30, and try to get some paisley ties :))) thanks oh yeah, and we pretty much wake up to snow, walk in sunshine, and watch it snow, then walk in it.... the weather has been crazy here..... ???? end of the world.... i called it.

OK tell morgan to put Beggars on it too.... the song "if there;s one thing i know, in this life; we are beggars all..." isn't in the bible, only the B/M..... You have to get a CO2 DETECTOR, but i will send you the info on where to buy it, and then send it to me....

Ok awesome.... if you don't hear from me in email, sorry... it closes everything after 30 minutes.... I love you soooo much, and letters and just hearing from you and anyone keeps me going... I just got a letter from Sarah from UVU.... like just 25 minuts ago, i love you soo much please keep writing, Dear elders are printed off at 4 so i get them at dinner, AND PLEASE write the date.... so i know when it was.... because dear elder doesn't show it..... 1 miunte LOVE YOU!!!

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