Monday, October 25, 2010

No Apartment yet... 10/25/10

Send You e-photograph the ordered's sból!
Hey Mom and Dad,

Things are going ok, I watched a movie saturday, on Super P day. They showed it at the Mission Home. The stomach thing is so so, but better i think. i will see the Doc most likely tomorrow. and go from there, my nose still bugs me when i look in the mirror. But oh well. I'll have to deal with it. We might possibly get an apartment today... im so sick of not having one. I hate it, we cant work, we cant do anything. As a result, nothing exciting happened this week. We had super Pday. Wow, that was cool. Everything was closed. A whole day of nothing.
How is the family? Did the cabin finally close up for good til the snow flies? Well, thats all i got unless you get on...

Love you all,

Elder Hansen

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Still looking for an Apartment 10-18-10

Hey things are going good, I have got 2 letters so far i think... i got a letter from Ryan Elder! i dunno if i already told you that, he had a picture of him and LeBaron together!!??! ha haha sounds like you are (dad) actually gonna kill a deer this year!!!
Did Clint get His Call yet!?!?!

no we didnt get in the apartment, its really tough right now. We cant find an apartment, so we cant focus on the work, we are living out of our suitcases, we live in the worst apartment in the mission...

Im trying to do my best and be obedient.... we need all the help we can get here... its tough. and there are a million things on the street that we see that arent exactly spirit bringing....and thats what Pres said. we concetrate on what we need to. i just want to give it my all and when it was all said and done, be proud of what i did, and be able to say, i gave it everything.
what has happened at the cabin lately??? i got the letter about DH being up there alone and brett walking in and scaring him hahahahahahaha i really do miss the cabin in a lot of ways, like just being able to be up there and let go of everything.... Is the muzzy over, i assume yes, when does the battle for Nebo begin? haha haha or the rifle hunt.... i bought some Mexican food before we came here.... hahaha oh it feels so good to eat mexican food!!! wow. haha is tyler gearing up for the sledding season? tell him to write me, tell him i wanna know whats up with the new sleds or something? maybe thatll get him to write me.... haha Angie finally wrote, how is jared? hows the situation all around??
the stomach thing, the Medicine is called Ulcogant? they are these small packets of thick milk pudding like things.... so i hope that does it... I got a cold this last week and i got over it but i have some sinus pressure haha why cant this place have a walmart where i can go buy some decongestant and be fine??!!? i will see the dr next week on the follow up, if its gone then its gone if not they wanna do a gastroposy or something.... but yeah, we will make sure its a good place before they do that.... thats what Sis B said.
im really close to the mission home and im there a lot looking for apartments.

Well tell tyler to suck it up and do it one time! Hey send me a picture of the new winter bathroom.... you said you sent one but there wasnt one... well. Thanks for everything, i love you all. very much.
Again, i love you very much. I will push on. Thanks for your love. And your support. I couldnt be here without it. Give all of the Grandkids my love whenever you see them. I told angie to get reading. Talk to tristen and colby and tell them i want them to read. Make sure my sled see's some white action. And my truck gets driven with some music playing up the canyon. I love you all very much. You mean the world to me.

Elder Hansen

Monday, October 11, 2010

Found an Apartment, Broke Nose, Gastritis

Trev’s Email 10-11-10

hey just at mcdonalds, if you ever get this..going to the doctor today to figure out what this stomach thing is..i dont think its
lactose intolerancy, i dont think i could live without milk. we will see what it is.. got your letters, they were awesome!

(I told him that Tyler thinks his chest pain is associated with stress as he has the same kind of thing.) haha welcome to the mission... stress. ya it definitely could be.... we have found our apartment and its wayyyy nice!!! it has a loft thing, like one room below, and we sleep upstairs, and the kitchen and stuff is open and below it... we want to sign the papers today and get going today, but it might be another day or something.... when i eat more its a little more painful, and when i say pain, its like a pressure so dont get all worried! haha but its gotta get fixed, and please promise me that when i get home, we can get my nose fixed, where i hit is flat....and bulges out.... today im going to the doctor at 12:30, my nose did break, it might not have shown it on the xrays but it is misshapen....

ill get back on to let you know what i find out at the drs.... i seem to get dizzy a lot more whenever i stand up, ill ask about that too.... looks like your on....

yeah, the chest stuff isnt what im concerned about, its the stomach thing, if i push on it, it hurts, like under my ribs to my belly button so, im expecting some tests and what not today. thanks for the pictures, i cant believe its fall already! and the lake has turned into the small fall lake. The cabin looks awesome! wow! can you get like a large picture of the new and improved area that they cleaned up? like the south side from the east... SAWEET STORY DAD!!! haha i still have a hard time believing you pulled the trigger of a gun in the direction of a deer haha where was that before my mish??? haha when you get on i want lots and lots of pictures!! hey can you resend the spider bull picture in an attachment? i cant get it off the email to see it....

well, the work. our numbers were really low because we were searching for an apartment all week, normally they take 3 to 4 weeks to find, so we got lucky! but we had a few old old records and called a few and one kid who was taught one time 2 years ago wanted to meet the next day, not too bad huh? well he only met them like one time, i have no idea why they even made a teaching record for him but yeah, he seems like he wants to explore divinity i guess is how you would say it... haha here our English class is what gets us connected to people, the street is hard to use, but we pass out english class fliers and some people will stop instantly, read it again, wonder how this could be free, walk down the street, call us, asking if its really free, then they ask how, then we tell them, and repeat, the questions 4 to 5 times.... haha

(Lynn told Richard about an article in LDS Times about the church in Hungary so we passed it along to Trev.) i read a little bit of the Hungary thing you sent me, Bishop Balatoni is our bishop. I just presented a Project Referral and he is gonna get it going. We need to use the members so much! this place is huge! we shouldnt even need to do finding, the members should do it for us!!!oh ya, i saw a guy with that jacket on!!! WHAT THE HECK???? GRANTSVILLE UTAH??? i guess there are used american and england clothing stores all over but how insane?!?!

i want a mission where we kept the rules and do our best but missions are unfortunately a lot different than what people imagine. I still try to do everything a little better than the rules that we are given.

yes i am happy, a little nervous about the stomach thing but all in all its in the Lords hands. I just finished Genesis, Joseph was betrayed, enslaved, built up, broke down and put in prison for 2 years and then, when his brothers came he said, the lord brought me here to save you. I am to the point that i will go anywhere the Lord needs me. No matter what, it will be for my good and in some way for others as well. "I'll go where you want me to go dear Lord" whatever happens, happens. I could complain, and then i think about Job. Or Joseph, and then the one who took it all, our Savior. He knows, how we feel, and he knows what to do to make us grow, all we can do is give Him our will. Thats all we have, use our will to govern our choices and love and work harder to become the person He wants us to be. It will all work out in the end. Joseph was quite impressive.... when his brothers said, we are sorry, he said, no, the Lord needed me here and though it was hard, and infact, evil doing, i needed to be here to save your lives and the lives of those in Egypt.

Now that is what we would call, the big picture. What a perspective....

the A1 rocks!!! i found out that missionaries use it for what we call sajt nite (shite night) Sajt is cheese,

we just make it like arbys cheese sticks but i forgot it when we went over to the other elders apartment so we will save it for the first sajt nite in our new apartment but

you better believe i have already put it in my pasta haha oh by the way, the cheese didnt bug me, i didnt eat a lot but it didnt bug me, so yeah. and thanks, because as you can see, its muffed up, my nose is. I love the hoodie, told bow thanks, i love it, so simple and i can represent for REAL FOOTBALL!!!!hahaha sooo comfortable too!!! did you ever get teh email i sent from MCdonads???? i sent one this morning too

yeah, it wont stop me haha its just a huge comfort knowing that it will get fixed when i get home... i still get some headaches that i think are from the fall haha but i did just fall into a cement corner of a wall.... :)
we live right by Margit bridge, but we are moving obviously, and we are really close to parliment but they are doing reconstruction on the bridge so really flawless pictures are hard to capture.... but still wayyyy cool, parliment, buda castle, and i think its Saint István Church, not sure but its something cool and important hahaha

I feel a little stale in the language, since we havent proselyted much, but it will move. We gotta go but write some more stuff, becuase will get back on to let you know what happens at the doctor...


I found out i might have gastritis.... basically the inside of my stomach is inflamed and when food pushes on it, it makes everything worse and aggravates it.... so lots of smaller meals, and this stuff to take, not sure what it is? but yeah. Didnt get into the apartment.... hopefully by friday, but we dont have to worry about it now... we can just find people... :) wahoo!!!

bye Love ya.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

In Pest... HUNTING Apartments!

October 4, 2010
Email from Trev…
Um, hahaha we are eating very blandly right now, because we have to find a new apartment to move into, ours is that bad.... yeah, so we are keeping it basic, cooking is rare in there haha long story, but yeah, i love serving with bouck and its like B owe k.... oh went to the DR gave me antibiotics, could just be a stomach bacteria that lingered or something... but thats doing fine right now. Im not lactose intolerant, the heart things have went away completely.
Yeah, we are pretty good as a companionship, ive read everything, did you get my email from mcdonalds??? (Comp's name)Same name, Trevor haha we have decided President did this because we had the same names.... Pres does that a lot hahaha
(Hope you enjoy the pictures) Im sure i will! it looked good, from what i saw, i try to not look til night time, sorry but you wont be getting a letter from me til we find a new apartment, hahaha so unorganized and just, ugh, so this will be interesting trying to find apartments with our young hungarian skills hahahaha
Hows life at home? Tyler? Angie? Jared? Trisha? where are they???? hows the business doing? jareds health? is angie reading her scriptures????.... well tell her (Angie) to email me! DANG!
Ya know, tyler could atleast take some cool pictures or something and send them to me....
No, i havent heard one thing from tyler! i mean like when he goes sledding he could send me some pics or some news on the biggest badest something? it wouldnt kill him to write something.

Package taken care of.... will be with me tomorrow.... no troubles at all.... pretty funny infact....
i will have to buy a coat very soon.... not sure how much exactly but definitely not anymore than 100 haha i went to the Chinese Market, its all totally black market, but its awesome haha bought a beanie and sadly found more hoodies than i could ever buy..... im really sorry, i looked absolutely everywhere for one in Pápa....
We got them (Conference) in English and got them this week because we are in Budapest but not the last session, it was too late, how did you like Uchtdorfs????? You might be asking yourself, now thats great and all but what does that have to do with airplanes???? hahahahahahaha

The Doc said that it could or could have been just a bacteria from any food and instead of normally lasting a few days it somehow lingered... but yeah, My comp has the same name as me, and hes a month younger than me... hahah hes from Texas, the blonde in the back, if i forgot to tell you... blue eyes.... whatnot. but yeah, my face is fine it was kinda marred for a day or 2 but just like rug burns and are going away now.
I dont really know what to talk about, i wasnt gonna tell you but for lack of things to talk about.... Tuesday, i stood up, blacked out and fell face first into a wall .... the corner, thought it was broke went to Budapest a day early (transfers) and got it xrayed but its all good, but it was hard at the time to deal with, sooooo many health problems!!!! what the heck? ive never had problems like this in my life before!!
What about the cabin? Jeff sent me some pictures of some bulls and other stuff, havent looked yet.... i need a picture of the spider bull.
Dad where you going for the Muzzy hunt?? Jeff said youll go out Wed?! You better get something big!!! so i can see the pictures of it! Why did you put the shell on the truck? (Richard told him that there are no deer to shoot) well of course there are no deer there, thats why i left and came here!!! hahaha :P no we are in ours (an apartment that is so bad they have to find another) but just living as basic and messily as possible hahaha no organization whatsoever.... haha we cant unpack!!!
(Richard said he would write and tell him about the hunt) Sweet, cant wait! Make sure and take a while and write a really cool detailed story about it hahahaha sorry i dont have any pictures, my camera is dead, i have some wayyyyy sweet pictures of the Danube and parliment and BUda Castle but itll have to wait :)
Google search, Spider Bull, click one, right click the large image, save, go to downloads, attach.
Yeah, hahaha my nose will have a little scar on it but its mostly like face burns, no stitches, all good and in order. Yeah i was studying, stood up, went to my pull up bar, got a little dizzy, black, i remember scrambling or something, and unconsciously realizing i got hit, saw my comp run over top of me telling me not to move, i thought i was fine til i realized i had hit something or done something hahaha but im all good now...
I dont really have much else to say, we have to find a new apartment, havent unpacked, we were told not to. i can send you a picture of my face next week if the McDonalds one doesnt go through.... i sent it at like 7 here. but didnt go play ball, went to the chinese market, and bought a beanie and a tie for 5 bucks.... haha its sooooo Ghetto over there, like i could come home and go to detroit and feel fine hahahaha its not dangerous, just poor and broken down, and we watched 3 tinted black Mercedes pull out of it, hahahaha TOTALLY mafia business, buying and selling hahahahaha they just have their own rats steal things and sell them in the market, i was gonna take a picture but they would take my camera haha

I didnt really get that dizyy til i started walking haha sorry!!! BUt hey i gotta go and concentrate on finding an apartment hahaha i love you all, got an email from Coach, sent one back, responded instantly, really cool to hear from him.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

White Washing w/GREENIE FIRE in PEST w/Bourk!!!!

Trev’s Email September 27th, 2010
I am online, i will probably be back online today, some here and now, a little later to finish up... I have a ton of intense news to tell you!!!!

Well, today is the day we found out about transfers... we usually are informed by the APs.... Pres Baughman calls this morning to talk to Caviness, about him getting a new comp and that they are gonna go back to the old style of Comp ZLs.... i asked when will i know where im going, comp said, the aps will call.... 15 minutes later, Pres B calls again, i pick up he asks, “Is this Elder Hansen? i say yes, he says, "Would you like to know where you are going???” “YES!!”

“Well, you’re going to be with Elder Bouck.....”
“Bouck?!!?” (he was the group above me in the MTC (Trev’s Ancient) ...) I said, “really... wow...” (Elder Bouck would be the blond in the center back of this picture) He said, “Your going to Pest... to white wash....” yeah. There havent been missionaries there for a while.... so its reopening... we are the youngest companionship in the mission... wow..... NERVOUSNESS!!!!! but i get the stake center!!! to play ball in!!! YEEEAHH!!!!
When did you send the package?? we will see, they are very strict here.... it might not work out unless it comes tomorrow...
So from now on til i am transferred, send everything to the mission home ok??? because its a trax ride away, we will be there a lot... (There is a package in the mail to Papa)Um the last package you sent took only 7 days! we will try and figure something out.... we will ask the Posta place.... but yeah, crazy stuff!!! the stomach thing is still happening... they have me on an antacid and high fiber diet to see if thats what it is.... but i will be in Budapest to see the doctor very easily if i need to and its an american clinic so haha its a nice place...

Its nothing to freak out about, i have contacts with Sister Baughman, she is taking really good care of me... she talks to the Mission Area Dr and he said try this, so we are just checking it out so far... but i get like gut pains like you do when you run but they dont last and hurt like they would if you were exhausted... so yeah, things are good just taking it easy on what i eat, tons and tons of fiber.... so no big deal, i have WAY bigger things to worry about..... IM WHITEWASHING IN MY 3RD TRANSFER WITH MY ナ心I!!!!!! (ANCIENT)

Is dad up? where are my huntin stories??? will they come late??? im trying to get the call down but its hard!!!! could you send me a video or sound of an elk bugling??? my comp has never heard it before... that is a must for every human to hear!! we will be back on later to finish up so i can get it then?
well... im sooo nervous! ah we are sooo young and we are whitewashing!!!!

gotta go, catch ya later, tell jeff to write back. and everyone else too, thanks for the pictures love them!!!

Elder Hansen

cool, whats going on??

So did you send me a sweet huntin story in the mail yet? how have the hunts been, i heard there were some records, pictures? hey i need a picture of the Spider Bull, a few mission buddies like to hunt but have never seen it and i wanna show them...
No we are not opening it, we are white washing it, it has been closed for a transfer, i had to stay in the apartment already during the training conference a month ago... so they kept it, the beds are terrible but i have an air matress and they might have left the nice nice foam pads there that we slept on... This is a really unusual thing, white washing.... 3rd and 5th transfer.... hahaha someone has a lot more trust and confidence in me than me..... hahahaha oh well, ill learn to speak... thats for sure!
Ok Dad, remember, for every buck you kill, thats one you have to kill when i get home!!! haha hey send me a picture of my bow will you? connecting to people through stuff like that makes real friends.... its really hard to leave Pápa, Zsolt, that one guy that came to church and stuff, we are really really tight with his family, we are so close. He makes things up to bend over backward for us! haha Him and his wife came to the conference in Szombathely yesterday!!! I still havent told any of the members, there are a few who im really close with, Piroska, is like my mom here, haha and i also have another mom.... haha sorry, i gotta take what i can get while i dont have MY mom here...
Ok, i will be in my 3rd transfer... ok, he will be in his 5th... white washing means that they took both missionaries out and put new ones in, so all we have to go by is what is left in the area book, we will do a lot of finding and i heard the members give tons of referrals.... so white wash is 2 out 2 in, normally, its one comp at a time that is moved out and what not... but ya... CRAZY!!
Elder Bouck, from Texas, he was in the MTC with me, so pictures on my computer will be there he has blonde hair, round face, stockier... not my group the group just above me... so yeah, thats him, im excited to use our "Greeny Fire" and serve together. Im way excited!
Ok, is the family good? whats going on? you got any questions? are you finding me girls to date (mom)? hahaha or write, karlie wrote again, it was nice to get another from her...
My back is doing great, that pull up bar is amazing!!! i forgot to answer that, sorry...
OK, well i gotta go, so dont forget, everything to the mission office address unless i tell you otherwise, because i will get it eventually no matter where im at.... but for now, since im in the same city, just send it all there.... um..... yup, thats all i got....

I love you all sooo much!!! and yes, i can feel your hug, did you get my letters yet???

Love Elder Hansen

Ok she has to be cute, at least cute enough to write haha keep looking! Angie... Where is she???
yes i sent you two letters in one envelope.... i hope it gets to you all.... i love you all so much, it will come this week for sure... it can be anywhere from 7 to 10 days....