Wednesday, October 6, 2010

In Pest... HUNTING Apartments!

October 4, 2010
Email from Trev…
Um, hahaha we are eating very blandly right now, because we have to find a new apartment to move into, ours is that bad.... yeah, so we are keeping it basic, cooking is rare in there haha long story, but yeah, i love serving with bouck and its like B owe k.... oh went to the DR gave me antibiotics, could just be a stomach bacteria that lingered or something... but thats doing fine right now. Im not lactose intolerant, the heart things have went away completely.
Yeah, we are pretty good as a companionship, ive read everything, did you get my email from mcdonalds??? (Comp's name)Same name, Trevor haha we have decided President did this because we had the same names.... Pres does that a lot hahaha
(Hope you enjoy the pictures) Im sure i will! it looked good, from what i saw, i try to not look til night time, sorry but you wont be getting a letter from me til we find a new apartment, hahaha so unorganized and just, ugh, so this will be interesting trying to find apartments with our young hungarian skills hahahaha
Hows life at home? Tyler? Angie? Jared? Trisha? where are they???? hows the business doing? jareds health? is angie reading her scriptures????.... well tell her (Angie) to email me! DANG!
Ya know, tyler could atleast take some cool pictures or something and send them to me....
No, i havent heard one thing from tyler! i mean like when he goes sledding he could send me some pics or some news on the biggest badest something? it wouldnt kill him to write something.

Package taken care of.... will be with me tomorrow.... no troubles at all.... pretty funny infact....
i will have to buy a coat very soon.... not sure how much exactly but definitely not anymore than 100 haha i went to the Chinese Market, its all totally black market, but its awesome haha bought a beanie and sadly found more hoodies than i could ever buy..... im really sorry, i looked absolutely everywhere for one in Pápa....
We got them (Conference) in English and got them this week because we are in Budapest but not the last session, it was too late, how did you like Uchtdorfs????? You might be asking yourself, now thats great and all but what does that have to do with airplanes???? hahahahahahaha

The Doc said that it could or could have been just a bacteria from any food and instead of normally lasting a few days it somehow lingered... but yeah, My comp has the same name as me, and hes a month younger than me... hahah hes from Texas, the blonde in the back, if i forgot to tell you... blue eyes.... whatnot. but yeah, my face is fine it was kinda marred for a day or 2 but just like rug burns and are going away now.
I dont really know what to talk about, i wasnt gonna tell you but for lack of things to talk about.... Tuesday, i stood up, blacked out and fell face first into a wall .... the corner, thought it was broke went to Budapest a day early (transfers) and got it xrayed but its all good, but it was hard at the time to deal with, sooooo many health problems!!!! what the heck? ive never had problems like this in my life before!!
What about the cabin? Jeff sent me some pictures of some bulls and other stuff, havent looked yet.... i need a picture of the spider bull.
Dad where you going for the Muzzy hunt?? Jeff said youll go out Wed?! You better get something big!!! so i can see the pictures of it! Why did you put the shell on the truck? (Richard told him that there are no deer to shoot) well of course there are no deer there, thats why i left and came here!!! hahaha :P no we are in ours (an apartment that is so bad they have to find another) but just living as basic and messily as possible hahaha no organization whatsoever.... haha we cant unpack!!!
(Richard said he would write and tell him about the hunt) Sweet, cant wait! Make sure and take a while and write a really cool detailed story about it hahahaha sorry i dont have any pictures, my camera is dead, i have some wayyyyy sweet pictures of the Danube and parliment and BUda Castle but itll have to wait :)
Google search, Spider Bull, click one, right click the large image, save, go to downloads, attach.
Yeah, hahaha my nose will have a little scar on it but its mostly like face burns, no stitches, all good and in order. Yeah i was studying, stood up, went to my pull up bar, got a little dizzy, black, i remember scrambling or something, and unconsciously realizing i got hit, saw my comp run over top of me telling me not to move, i thought i was fine til i realized i had hit something or done something hahaha but im all good now...
I dont really have much else to say, we have to find a new apartment, havent unpacked, we were told not to. i can send you a picture of my face next week if the McDonalds one doesnt go through.... i sent it at like 7 here. but didnt go play ball, went to the chinese market, and bought a beanie and a tie for 5 bucks.... haha its sooooo Ghetto over there, like i could come home and go to detroit and feel fine hahahaha its not dangerous, just poor and broken down, and we watched 3 tinted black Mercedes pull out of it, hahahaha TOTALLY mafia business, buying and selling hahahahaha they just have their own rats steal things and sell them in the market, i was gonna take a picture but they would take my camera haha

I didnt really get that dizyy til i started walking haha sorry!!! BUt hey i gotta go and concentrate on finding an apartment hahaha i love you all, got an email from Coach, sent one back, responded instantly, really cool to hear from him.

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