Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday Morning...Get to the Airport!

Wild Morning!
Trevor requested a large breakfast and we had a lot of us to get out the door. Thinking we would be late we arrived at our targeted time of 9 a.m. to find out that the flight had been delayed about an hour later. But that bumped his next flight so they had to reschedule that one. We enjoyed our Sunday morning sitting around a table with Trev, Amber and her kids, then I felt that he should get to the gate. Once again we said our tearful goodbyes. Then found a place to park to watch for his plane to depart. We met up with Jon and had lunch and said our goodbyes to them.

We had just been home for about 20 minutes when Trev called for the first time from Chicago. He was starving so we told him to go eat and then call us. When he called again his 300 minutes which we had used 4 of had diminished to 70 minutes. He had gotten a $14 pasta meal which had been messed up so the waiter told him it was on the house. There were 2 flight 98's both to London so we told Trev to double check and then get where he needed to be. When Trev called us again he was where he needed to be for his flight at 9:40 to London. He had had several different people help him, "Hey Elder!" They would call out. This had helped him greatly. More than anything else he didn't feel so alone. One of the people at the airport had given him the airport phone and allowed him to use it to call us.

Always a glitch...

Saturday, June 26, 2010 Trevor was set apart again as a missionary, to serve in the Hungary Budapest Mission. Little did we know, there was an official letter sitting in the mailbox from President Monson, reinstating him as a full-time missionary, assigning him to the same mission.

We worked through the evening to get everything packed again.

Family Time...

We had a busy week. Amber came with Jocelyn and Kaia since Jon was in Pennsylvania. Jared came by with Jaci, Chase, and Kaylie. Angie came with Tristen, Colby, Canyon and Aspen. We spent Father's Day with each other then mom went to Salt Lake for a week. During the week Dad, Trevor, Amber and kids came up and we spent an evening at Temple Square. Trevor intently enjoyed listening to the presentation at the Christus in Hungarian several times...
and Trevor talking to some of the missionaries there and one was from Albania which was where some of his close MTC friends were going to. Later we headed to the cabin for a couple of days.

President Cardin, "He's going to Hungary"

June 16th President Cardin called and confirmed that Trev would be going to Hungary. This was a call that was of great comfort. They would get the ball rolling and inform us when the flight would be.
June 20th Father's Day, We finally received the itinerary to leave to Hungary, Sunday, June 27, 2010. He will be flying alone. Salt Lake City to Chicago, then to London and on to Budapest.
This all made Trevor very happy.

Trevor Stayed Busy Doing...

Home was not where Trev wanted to be but to stay busy he spent some time finishing the siding with his dad and Devin on the inside front wall of the cabin. He hiked, fished, went on some crazy "get stuck" trips to the cabin, played basketball, helped Coach Bowring with football camp, went biking and hung out with the missionaries in the area a couple of times. He spent time with his family and friends.

One Month at Home... UP's & DOWN's!

May 28th, 2010: 8:30 a.m. Trevor and his parents met with President Bailey who released Trevor. They then went to Provo to meet with Dr. Colledge about 10 a.m. Dr. Colledge explained the problem and showed the MRI and that Trevor had a couple of bulged discs. He explained that there was no reason Trevor could not heal quickly and still serve in Hungary. Trevor expressed a desire to do anything that would speed his recuperation so although Dr. Colledge did not feel that there was anything besides being able to walk and be active he had Trevor see the physical therapist. Trevor met immediately after that appointment with PT, Jim Anderson. Anderson put him through a series of exercises and strength tests and was impressed by Trevor’s ability as he far exceeded all the normal strength tests for a normal person. He then contacted Dr. Colledge and gave him the results. PT Anderson wanted Trevor to do some exercises and a lot of walking and then meet back on the 3rd of June.
Trevor continued to study his scriptures, language, and Preach My Gospel, walk and exercise, play basketball and etc.
June 3, 2010: Trevor met back with PT Anderson, who had him do some exercises and strength tests and told Trevor he was released and told Dr. Colledge.
Trevor’s parents moved his appointment with Dr. Colledge up from June 10th to the 7th.
June 7, 2010: Trevor met with Dr. Colledge who had Trevor do some basic range of motion checks and then said he was good to go and that he would write the release. He did tell Trevor that the only thing he would tell him not to do was sit in his apartment while he was on his mission! The release stated, “Released for full time mission, No restrictions”. That was taken directly to Trevor’s Stake President, President Bailey.
June 8, 2010: An appointment was set up with President Bailey for Trevor to meet with him on Sunday, June 13th at 8:30 a.m.
June 13, 2010: Received a call that President Bailey was ill and would call later that day to talk to Trevor about what he needed to put in a letter to the Missionary Committee. This was the first mention of Trevor having to write any kind of letter to resume his mission.
Trevor’s parents called to talk with President Cardin at the MTC to get some clarification but were only able to leave a message for him. President Cardin returned the call but everyone at the Hansen house was in church.
Trevor received a call from President Bailey about 6:00 p.m. Once instructed as to what was needed in the letter (general health, his testimony and what he had been doing the past 2 weeks) Trevor grabbed the laptop and typed out a letter to move the process speedily forward. Printing the letter Trevor jumped in his truck and delivered the letter to President Bailey at his home.
June 14, 2010: Richard received a call from President Cardin who told Richard that they needed a more detailed letter from Dr. Colledge that included the diagnosis, treatment, and recommendations. When it was received, the Hansens were to take it to the Stake President and he would fax it to Terry Johnson of the missionary committee. Richard called Dr. Colledge’s office requesting the information. In addition to the letter, President Cardin said that Trevor should walk 5 miles for the next 4 days keeping a log of how he felt after. The fax from Dr. Colledge came at 3:41 p.m. Trevor and Richard went walking in the mountains. Trevor walked just over 6 miles. That evening the fax from Dr. Colledge was delivered to President Bailey.
June 15, 2010: Trevor walked 6.01 miles according to the pedometer and played basketball. Trevor and his parents met with President Bailey at 8:00. In that conversation it became apparent that everyone did not seem to be on the same page in regards to Trevor’s resuming his mission to Hungary. There seemed to be some confusion that Trevor had only been in the MTC for 2 weeks (when in reality Trevor had been in the MTC for 12 weeks and had completed the language training for Hungary) and that it was possible that the call would have to be reissued and could possibly be reassigned to another mission if recalled. That if he did still go to Hungary he would have to go to the MTC about July 14th or even later, it is about this time that we lost all consciousness - (better laugh if we can for a second!). President Bailey was very reassuring that we would be able to get things straightened out and that Trevor would serve in Hungary.