Sunday, May 30, 2010

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Trev had an appointment today with the orthopedic surgeon at 11. What a day...waiting and waiting! It became too hard about 2 p.m. By 3 we were fit to be tied. Richard called the MTC while he was on the phone we missed a call from the District President Cardon. We called him right back. The bottom line is with 2 herniated disks and 1 extruded, the doctor was adamant that Trev not remain at the MTC because there is too much sitting there. He would heal much faster at home. We had not expected this. However, as soon as Trev could get the medical release he would be able still to serve his mission in Hungary. We were asked how soon we could come get him. We left almost immediately.

We arrived at the MTC to meet with President Cardin. Within a few minutes we saw Trev. His first words to us were. "I don't want to see you guys." It was sad. He was with Johnson Elder from Rigby, Idaho. We were happy because we knew he would be able to still go to Hungary. We talked with President Cardin who explained that Trev would be released and then he would be set apart again then fly out as soon as he was well and MP Baughman could receive him.

We stopped to see Angie and her family, Stacy and Oaklie. Then came home, it was all very weird to Trev. He had to stay with someone, just like he had with his comp so we went to see a few people, Sharon, the Wickels, the Robertsons, the Ludlows, and Bren. Bren about wigged out! We ran over to Tyler and Tina & their family. We tried to make it like it was in the MTC, planning the next day. We set an appointment with Pres. Bailey, Trev would be released Friday morning so that he would still be able to serve a full two years.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Can't Wait to EmAiL Today!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010
Hey Mom and Dad :)
Its been pretty rough trying to figure out what i'm doing here but Pres Brown gave me a blessing after we called you and he was influenced to say that the gift of tongues will be enhanced because i am still here... The lord would not inspire him to say that if i wasn't going to go onto Hungary. My Branch Pres talked to me last night after the devotional and said that its just a pause. Nothing more. I got the letter from Elder Perry last night, very very cool to have an Apostle write me!!! And actually sign it!!! I think i will send it home after I copy it and keep the copy so i can have it with me. I know there is more than one reason that i have stayed here, there are people i need to help and other little things like receiving Elder Perry's letter... And i get even more language time but its just hard to be in here, it really is. I prayed for trials a few nights ago... He answered that. I prayed that i would be seated next to someone who would be prepared and hear my message on the plane, maybe He's just setting it up for me...
Well, i'm in a tri-panionship... Johnson Elder is from Idaho, Schweiger Elder is from Sacramento area. They are my Kicsi's and the zone leaders now. Um i'm not doing anything, i had the gym E-Stim my back monday and it felt awesome. Like nothing was there, of course after sleeping it tightened up again. but it doesn't really hurt all that bad... I feel dumb though, like i should have taken care of this before it got any worse... Um I think i will send my zune back to you.... One song, called moving mountains says; I speak in many tongues to many men, argue with angels and i always win. But i don't know the first thing about love...
Anyway, i never really thought much of the song but its about 1st Cor 13 when Paul is talking about charity... he can speak in many tongues and to angels but without charity he is nothing.
Um maybe... The beds in Hungary are absolutely horrible i guess.... like really bad haha Um yeah i just can't wait til thursday, get some closure and see a departure date or something, but sitting in here all day makes it worse... I know i was inspired to ask for my back to be adjusted... I look back and i knew that as soon as the front desk called the doctor, i wouldn't leave monday. If you could send me some more peaches :D There are people here that need my help right now, the Lord works in mysterious ways... I may need to be here for Rat... The Lord wants to bless me, with this time: i can get relief from my back pain, help others here that need my help, teach the Kicsi's and set an example, help Rat, Become fluent ;) , and many countless other things... I'm sorry to hear about Jacob's dad...
E-stem Electric stimulation.... Um do you want me to send the zune right now??/ and if so put all of Death Cab for Cutie on there... and radiohead. i don't remember what was on but not much Death cab for cutie... 4 minutes left... I will probably talk to you tomorrow after the appointment... So i will be way excited to talk to you then also
HAHAHAHA No way (can he look at blogs). LDS.ORG AND MORMON.ORG..... thats absolutely it and we can't even read like the Church news on
I love you, thanks for the prayers. It comforts me to know that i have such caring and loving parents... This would be impossible without you. Let me know in a dear elder tomorrow what you want done with the zune ok? :) i can give you some better instructions, everything is on my music in the zune software.

Pres. Brown's Call

Tuesday, May 25th
Trevor's group of missionaries were now in Budapest. Pres. Brown called, he had Trev in the office. He said he had Trevor in his office and he had a big smile on his face. I told him, "I'm glad because I need him to be smiling!" Pres. Brown had read the results of the MRI from 6:45 this morning. He said that there were 2 extrusions, one in the lower lumbar and one in the upper sacrum, this would cause discomfort. In addition to this there is a small tear in the ligament connecting the vertebrae. He did not think it would require surgery but it will need to have treatment. Still, that was his opinion, Dr. College would make the final decision. We could hear Trev in the back ground as Pres. Brown relayed questions and Trevor answered. He said that it could be 2 to 3 weeks of care before he could go out. We would get a call after Trev's appointment from the branch President,Pres. Cardin on Thursday.

Monday, May 24th - Delayed

We knew how excited Trev was to get to Hungary but now that had changed. The morning came and the excitement for the flight and his phone calls faded away. We went on with the day as if it were any other. The night had laid down nearly 6 inches of wet snow. Tree limbs were down everywhere. I went to Juab H.S. as they were having their awards assembly and I had some things to be given out. I received a text, it read, "Your son says he loves you". I texted back, "I love him 2! Who is this?" then I got, "Jordan". I wrote back, "Thanks TonZ! Jordan 4 everything! You have done so much!" Jordan said, "lol, he's a great guy. No prob". I couldn't help but ask him "Did he tell you what time he sees the doc?" Being a trooper Jordan responded, "I think he went to the doc at ten."
Later in the morning a call came from "Nancy Nurse" at the MTC. She said she had Trev in the office at the moment. He was scheduled for an MRI at 6:45 in the morning and would see Dr. College at 11 on Thursday. She asked how he was and he gave her 2 thumbs up which she reported to us.

Sunday Afternoon Call from MTC Mission President Brown

We were enjoying our dinner with the Palmers, our neighbors and Hungary connection. The phone rang, it was Trev's Mission President, Pres. Brown. He explained that Trev had been packing his suitcase to fly out, bent over, twisted and his back and it went into a spasm. President Brown is a radiologist by profession and a physician. He said that Trev's back definitely had gone into a spasm. Because the church is so very careful about sending these kids out with any medical problem he would not be boarding the plane tomorrow. He would be scheduled an MRI and depending on what was found he would be rescheduled to fly out. He thought it would probably be just something minor but it was important to make sure. He allowed us to talk with Trev.
Trev seemed to be okay. He wasn't crying or anything :). We should have taken more advantage and talked longer but after a few minutes we hung up.
Pres. Brown called us back a little later. We suggested that if possible Trev could fly out with Aaron on June 9th. He asked Gay if she was a Wayment from Warren, and she is. He too is a Weber Warrior, :) and knows many of the Wayments. He complimented us on Trev, and said that "...he is a stoic young man, he had to be because he had Warren blood in him". He assured us that Trev would be taken care of. He would be in touch with us as things developed.

Unexpected Letter

We (Richard & Gay) returned from Ogden and grabbed the mail. There was no letter from Trev as we had received his letter for the week yesterday, Friday but there was an envelope from the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. Upon opening it we found it to be a copy of a letter sent to Trevor at the MTC from Elder Perry.
It read:
Dear Elder Hansen:
I had a nice letter from your mother informing me that we were together a few weeks ago when I had an opportunity to be with the great missionaries at the MTC.
You are in for an exciting period of your life. In this day and age so many are growing up without having the opportunity of being blessed with communicating one-on-one with people from different parts of the world. This will set you apart from the ones who just use "thumbs" to communicate through the internet. You will be learning a great deal about human nature and how to encourage people and lift them to do better in their lives.
I know you are going to enjoy your mission. I sincerely hope that you continue to study the Book of Mormon and use those glorious scriptures in converting others to the gospel of Jesus Christ.
L. Tom Perry
We were surprised. Trev had asked me (Gay) to please find a way to thank him for the way he had blessed Trev when he came to talk. I had only used Trev's first name once and Elder Perry took the time to write him and have him found at the MTC.

Me & Elder Curtis

May 19, 2010 Letters

Please don't worry about me, I am very very happy right now. You will get happy Trevor on Monday! (May 24, the day he flies out) I Love You sooo much. I can't explain how grateful I am to you and how much I truly love you. The Lord lifts my burdens.
It's about 10:30, I feel very close to you right now, I feel your love so strongly. I am not sure why but I think my Grandpas and Grandma is with me. I prayed so hard to see them in the temple and I think the Lord has sent them to me.
By the way, Jordan bought me a Fusion Razor. If you could send the refills or just send it all. It's been so nice to have him, he's done a lot for me, even things I didn't ask for. (razor)
(ROLLER Coaster!!!) Things are okay, good days and bad days. But oh well, It's nothing I can control. The Lord has got to be there for me, and He is. Please pray for me, I know you are but I really need them sometimes.
I'm excited to go to Hungary. Yeah, it's so special, you go ON to Hungary come off it and go INTO Heaven. HaHa. Well LeFever Testrér (Brother LeFever) talked to me and said as far as he is concerned, watching me, I've given the MTC my best, and that helped me along with Elder Bednar's talk, "Don't worry about it."
I love you all dearly, Thanks for the support you've given me since I've been in here.
I feel both of your love for me all the time and it keeps me going. I have awesome days and okay day. I know you love me, please feel my love.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday Evening Come Over

May 19, 2010 Email

Well consecration week is over things are good. well, i have my flight plans you will have them soon, i copied them and sent them to you Monday or Tuesday?? so you'll get them soon... Please give Devin his picture... the snowmobiling one. Our usi's didn't get to call in Paris, but we have a 4 hour lay over so we will find a way to call you.
I will write Grandma Hansen today also. :)
Oh side note... i can see your pictures on here...
Your gonnna get all my junk today... :) packing and sending it home.... hopefully you can send my zune soon!!!
THINGS are going good... my teacher told me yesterday that i had given the MTC the best i could... and that made me feel so much better... the Temple cafeteria was good i saw Kristiann WRIGHT.... ya.... hahahaha wow, its like i'm not even on a mission... i talk with Jordan Guilory everyday... well in hungarian this past week and pen and paper hahaha but i told him the mattresses were hurting my back and he put an extra mattress in my room for me hahahaha he's awesome... its nice just to chill with people i know here, i love it... but i gotta get outta here. How did state track go? We were out side doing a walk and teach and i heard state track going on and being announced and it was tough to say that i really wanted to be in the MTC but i got over it... hahaha i gotta go to HUngary where the only distractions are Gypsies and dogs hahaha? i can't wait....
Well, i'm kinda run down, the food here has messed my digestive system up really bad... haha but the temple food has made me feel normal... things are good, i'll start packing tonight... its really weird to be speaking english, i really love Hungarian, its hard to explain things right now but i love speaking it... :) 1 minute
REAN JEAN FINALLY wrote me haha he send me a pokemon card he must have picked up of the street he's hillarious... more in your letter :) I LOVE YOU ALL, I LOVE MOM, I LOVE YOU DAD, I CAN'T WAIT TO TALK TO YOU, AND HOPEFULLY IN PARIS TOO :)
No food... i'm good on that... I leave Monday.... leave the MTC @ 1 30 PM AND LEAVE ON THE PLANE @ 5.... 12 HOURS TO PARIS.... A COUPLE TO BUDAPEST.... HAHAHA

Friday, May 14, 2010

May 12, 2010 Email

I'm on and i'm consecrating every word to the Lord for 1 week... :) haha
No allergies.... no flight plans yet, got the CO2 and peaches and peanut butter fingers, sorry my package is soo late but i couldn't find time to mail it off... and then i had to keep adding to my tape because Elder Holland came last night!!!!
Yeah things are good i hung out with Morgan all day Sunday, you'll hear about that with the tape.... sorry its taken me so long to write back, i've been writing Jared's reply. He's gotta keep going and the Lord HAS to bless him sometime. He said "I hope you know how proud I am of you... You are definitely making good choices and on the right road." All he needs is a spark of relief... Yeah Crouch elder and i were comped up for the TRC last week and that's on the tape. THE PEACHES WERE AMAZING. PEACHES AND TOAST!!!MMMMMMM I will copy my flight plans and send them to you when i get them... I might not be on next week because we might eat at the temple for the last week but we're not sure... but i will still be on sometime... a lot of info about my last week will be on the tape. I'll make one more tape and it will be in Hungarian :P haha so try to understand it the best you can :D I LOVE YOU... I CAN'T SAY THAT ENOUGH. 30 SECONDS....

Saturday, May 8, 2010

May 5, 2010 Letter

Maius or Majus (must mean May) 5, 2010
Hey Parents
Okay, um, I can't call on Mother's day so I'm gonna send you a tape but it might be a little late.
Um, (the new word Trev has picked up in learning the language), I love you, thanks for the support you give me.
Please send a copy of all of my papers to prove that it said to bring boots! PLEASE put Death Cab for Cutie on my Zune! I forgot that one.
I wish I had my guitar to play a song for My Wonderful Mother.
Things are good, I cleaned up my desk, Trevor finally wrote.
Please send my other backpack.It could be useful for different days.
I love you, I'll send pictures and a CD of all my pictures.
Szeretek Titiket!
Hansen Elder
P.S. I am glad everyone got their letters. All of us are encouraging our friends to get on the path, by bearing testimony and sending BofM. We want them to go to church and at least read.
Well, it's about time for dinner, I only wrote you and Devin and I might write Trevor today too. I think I will write Brett next week.
I will have my shot done soon. I will send you some packages before I leave and you will have to pay for them to pick 'em up.
Please leave Tran Siberian Zune, send me only 1 USB cable. I'll buy a USB charger over there, I do need another memory stick.
Sorry for all the requests! I can't wait to get out there!
Love Ya!
Hansen Elder

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

May 5, 2010 EmAiL DAY!!!

I'm on!!!

Yesterday we had an AMAZING lesson with an MTC investigator named Daniel Limon... MTC investigators are in full time Character and never break out, they are "friends" with the other MTC investigators and the first night we met Daniel Lymon he was just walking around in the hall and we tried to contact him and tore us up ha but every time we go back he got nicer and nicer and lately has begged us to come back every time and even took us to the schedule to make sure we put our names down hahaha but last night he asked why the ones who know are not always blessed and i told him i felt like that many times and i said then i think about the Savior and how he lived everyone of our lives. And gave an amazing detailed description and he totally changed. He stared for about 3 minutes and we talked a little more and at the end he basically broke out of character and thanked us for all we had done and our explanations, it was amazing the spirit was so strong there even in a pretend setting....

I haven't seen morg yet but i think he is here, his bag that he picks up in the book store isn't there when i looked so he's here already, he's in branch 42 which actually i think is in my building....?? we are branch 43 so he might be with the FINNS

PLEASE find a way to send me some bottled peaches IF possible :))) really 3 weeks???@!?@? …it’s hard, the field will do me soo much good because i'm about to a plateua in speaking here, i learn words like crazy, i'm a "walking dictionary" according to the study happy sisters haha all they do is study, they get up at 5 just to study and i learn by hearing and using because i have a photographic memory i've discovered, but it can be very selective.... hahha

PLEASE talk to L. Tom Perry and tell him thank you for me if you can find a way, i loved his talk! Oh i knew about both tapes, i listened to both of them THANK YOU you have no idea how amazing it is to hear everyone... Speaking....

... I remember so many things... I really see my Patr. Blessing coming to pass.... 1 minute left!?!??!

Yeah i'm thankful Amber and Angie write... and tell bren and clint to write, i wrote beau. I LOVE YOU!!!!! they print dear elders til 4 so anytime before that i think unless you know different.... LOVE YOU!!!!


Saturday, May 1, 2010

Friday, April 30, 2010- First TaPe!!!

Wow! We got our first tape from Trev! It was so good to hear his voice. He is so positive and dedicated to serving the Lord. He had taped messages for each of his siblings. He has always loved them so much. He is missing his family and nieces and nephews and realizes how much the kids will change while he is gone.

Seth Owen's email April 29, 2010

....It is so nice to have people here that I know. Me and Elder Hansen watched the Testiment together on sunday night. Well i guess thats what was playing but we just talked the whole time. I see Elder Burganer, Bailey and Aaguard quite a bit as well. Its always nice to see people that you used to know out in the free world...

April 28, 2010 Email DAY!!!

I talked with Seth all sunday night during the movie. I see him a lot actually.

The Temple has made me super happy today, and L. Tom Perry spoke last night at the Devo!! so refreshing because it was just basic stuff like the Book of Mormon is true. It was wayyy nice to listen and just be there i felt like i was in primary learning basics and it was nice, nothing heavy just cool stories and testifying :)

i wrote everyone in the family last week.... Jared, tyler, jeff, amber, angie, Jordan, sent a card to sydney, and i wrote a letter to Trisha and am sending a pillow to jake. I didn't have any time left to write you but you will get a long tape :) i had a message for every family/brother sister.

I'm actually doing really well in the language a couple of the sisters think i'm "A walking dictionary" i was told that by one of my teachers. I'm doing good, just pushiing and pushing to learn some more everyday...

Did Sydney get her card and Jordan get his letter???I forgot to put Jared's name in the temple.... but i prayed for him in the celestial room.

But i'm finding tons of patterns and i learn by hearing words when people speak. I have like 2 rings of flashcards but i have a pretty good vocab just because i hear it or see it and most of the time it sticks, but my photographic memory tends to be selective haha. me alll i'm gonna do at the airports is call you... and you know but i can't call on Mothers day "Annyak Napuk" so sorry..

Thanks! I love you too soo much.... Keep writing and have the brothers and sisters write! I love you!!!!