Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Can't Wait to EmAiL Today!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010
Hey Mom and Dad :)
Its been pretty rough trying to figure out what i'm doing here but Pres Brown gave me a blessing after we called you and he was influenced to say that the gift of tongues will be enhanced because i am still here... The lord would not inspire him to say that if i wasn't going to go onto Hungary. My Branch Pres talked to me last night after the devotional and said that its just a pause. Nothing more. I got the letter from Elder Perry last night, very very cool to have an Apostle write me!!! And actually sign it!!! I think i will send it home after I copy it and keep the copy so i can have it with me. I know there is more than one reason that i have stayed here, there are people i need to help and other little things like receiving Elder Perry's letter... And i get even more language time but its just hard to be in here, it really is. I prayed for trials a few nights ago... He answered that. I prayed that i would be seated next to someone who would be prepared and hear my message on the plane, maybe He's just setting it up for me...
Well, i'm in a tri-panionship... Johnson Elder is from Idaho, Schweiger Elder is from Sacramento area. They are my Kicsi's and the zone leaders now. Um i'm not doing anything, i had the gym E-Stim my back monday and it felt awesome. Like nothing was there, of course after sleeping it tightened up again. but it doesn't really hurt all that bad... I feel dumb though, like i should have taken care of this before it got any worse... Um I think i will send my zune back to you.... One song, called moving mountains says; I speak in many tongues to many men, argue with angels and i always win. But i don't know the first thing about love...
Anyway, i never really thought much of the song but its about 1st Cor 13 when Paul is talking about charity... he can speak in many tongues and to angels but without charity he is nothing.
Um maybe... The beds in Hungary are absolutely horrible i guess.... like really bad haha Um yeah i just can't wait til thursday, get some closure and see a departure date or something, but sitting in here all day makes it worse... I know i was inspired to ask for my back to be adjusted... I look back and i knew that as soon as the front desk called the doctor, i wouldn't leave monday. If you could send me some more peaches :D There are people here that need my help right now, the Lord works in mysterious ways... I may need to be here for Rat... The Lord wants to bless me, with this time: i can get relief from my back pain, help others here that need my help, teach the Kicsi's and set an example, help Rat, Become fluent ;) , and many countless other things... I'm sorry to hear about Jacob's dad...
E-stem Electric stimulation.... Um do you want me to send the zune right now??/ and if so put all of Death Cab for Cutie on there... and radiohead. i don't remember what was on but not much Death cab for cutie... 4 minutes left... I will probably talk to you tomorrow after the appointment... So i will be way excited to talk to you then also
HAHAHAHA No way (can he look at blogs). LDS.ORG AND MORMON.ORG..... thats absolutely it and we can't even read like the Church news on
I love you, thanks for the prayers. It comforts me to know that i have such caring and loving parents... This would be impossible without you. Let me know in a dear elder tomorrow what you want done with the zune ok? :) i can give you some better instructions, everything is on my music in the zune software.

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