Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sunday Afternoon Call from MTC Mission President Brown

We were enjoying our dinner with the Palmers, our neighbors and Hungary connection. The phone rang, it was Trev's Mission President, Pres. Brown. He explained that Trev had been packing his suitcase to fly out, bent over, twisted and his back and it went into a spasm. President Brown is a radiologist by profession and a physician. He said that Trev's back definitely had gone into a spasm. Because the church is so very careful about sending these kids out with any medical problem he would not be boarding the plane tomorrow. He would be scheduled an MRI and depending on what was found he would be rescheduled to fly out. He thought it would probably be just something minor but it was important to make sure. He allowed us to talk with Trev.
Trev seemed to be okay. He wasn't crying or anything :). We should have taken more advantage and talked longer but after a few minutes we hung up.
Pres. Brown called us back a little later. We suggested that if possible Trev could fly out with Aaron on June 9th. He asked Gay if she was a Wayment from Warren, and she is. He too is a Weber Warrior, :) and knows many of the Wayments. He complimented us on Trev, and said that "...he is a stoic young man, he had to be because he had Warren blood in him". He assured us that Trev would be taken care of. He would be in touch with us as things developed.

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