Wednesday, May 26, 2010

May 19, 2010 Letters

Please don't worry about me, I am very very happy right now. You will get happy Trevor on Monday! (May 24, the day he flies out) I Love You sooo much. I can't explain how grateful I am to you and how much I truly love you. The Lord lifts my burdens.
It's about 10:30, I feel very close to you right now, I feel your love so strongly. I am not sure why but I think my Grandpas and Grandma is with me. I prayed so hard to see them in the temple and I think the Lord has sent them to me.
By the way, Jordan bought me a Fusion Razor. If you could send the refills or just send it all. It's been so nice to have him, he's done a lot for me, even things I didn't ask for. (razor)
(ROLLER Coaster!!!) Things are okay, good days and bad days. But oh well, It's nothing I can control. The Lord has got to be there for me, and He is. Please pray for me, I know you are but I really need them sometimes.
I'm excited to go to Hungary. Yeah, it's so special, you go ON to Hungary come off it and go INTO Heaven. HaHa. Well LeFever Testrér (Brother LeFever) talked to me and said as far as he is concerned, watching me, I've given the MTC my best, and that helped me along with Elder Bednar's talk, "Don't worry about it."
I love you all dearly, Thanks for the support you've given me since I've been in here.
I feel both of your love for me all the time and it keeps me going. I have awesome days and okay day. I know you love me, please feel my love.

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