Thursday, May 26, 2011

Family Skyping Hansen Elder - May 7, 2011

Blood of Israel... May 2, 2011

This (Buda) is a self sustained ward, it runs really good without the help of the missionaries. In Kaposvar, we played a bigger role. I live in Budapest. I live 200 yards away from the mission home. and i teach our programs in the mission home.
im glad tristen is doing scouts, that will be way good for him. when i get back im taking the boys out on a camp. Thats funny to hear about Kaia, haha wow, i cant believe its almost been a year since i have seen them.
Oh yeah, dad, remember when you told me to find the blood of Israel? i found one. hahahaha he is from Venezuela??? He actually kind of speaks Hungarian too, thats pretty rare. We have a program with him this week. im excited hahahahaha
i would love to have a Hungarian companion. hahaha hopefully i get one. I want to think in hungarian, i do sometimes, but i just want to be drowned in it. It would be exhausting at first but i would love it.
Well i love you sooo much, you help me soo much, you have no idea.
Love Elder Hansen