Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday, March 7, 2011

Koncert in Kaposvar .... March 6, 2011

A quick glimpse of beating the pavement advertising for an LDS Koncert. :) ...and it's not quite e-mail day without a snapshot of Trev at the McDonald's Cyber Cafe!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

"Shooting Up Prayers..." Feb. 28, 2011

im better now that i know allie is doing better. Ive been kinda wiped out maybe because I've been fasting and I don't know... ive been pretty worried for LeBaron too. but if he feels she will be okay, she will be. im sure jameson is shooting up prayers in his togolic language, the hungarian tongue has added voice to our pleas. (Trev's district, MP and Sister Baughman have all been praying) And He is listening, and is answering. I just hope everything turns out okay with Allie, it's been on my mind like crazy and I've been really down since I found out. President called and said if you need to talk to someone just give me a call. I don't usually let someone call home for something like this but it seems that she is really close to you and your family. and she really is like my second mom growing up. I hope Trevor (Elder LeBaron)is comforted. We're praying for her, Hungarians are praying for her and people around the world are praying for her.
Marina Orme will be coming in at the next transfer, March 15 or 16. Oh ya, I forgot to tell you that last week we taught on the exact same thing on the exact same day. It was on Service, I taught on service and you (mom)taught on service. Pretty cool, however thousands of miles apart we are.
My companion has been sick. So I was just calling and inviting people to the activity. I had called everyone so I thought who else should i call? Started calling our contact list. There was this one guy we lost track of and I kept wondering, what the heck, why can't we get a hold of him. So I had this feeling that I should call him and that he would pick up. And I kept thinking to myself this is just going to bet one of those cool missionary stories, but sure enough I called him and he picked right up. He said, when are you coming my way, you coming today, you come tomorrow? I was just like, my companion is sick, tomorrow is not good but we can come on Monday. He said, alright! I was afraid he had dropped off the face of the earth. I guess he had just been working a lot and we had been calling at bad times. One of our ladies is still sick with an acute migraine... If you have any way to help with or fix that...? (sounds like she could use our prayers too!) The light and noise pounds her head. Our 20 something year old kid is really cool and going pretty good still. I've been cleaning has been pretty boring with my comp sick. I started writing a song just randomly, the words just came to me, I have about 70% of the song on paper right now, it's about learning to depend on others for help. When it gets done I will send you a recording.
i think i gotta get going, i love you guys, im glad allie is doing good.