Wednesday, December 8, 2010

December, 6, 2010

Yeah its just way cold. the inch of snow is frozen solid now... haha how is Christmas coming along??

We bought a strand of lights, well a loop of lights, i cant even explain , its not a dual stranded light set, but a one stand that loops all the way around to the other side of the plug in.... ?? who the heck thought of that??? I have bought a few things that are christmassy, like i bought some candles that i have already used up....... hahaha there isnt a lack of Christmas stuff here, and i bought a place mat that is red with white reindeer on it... hahaha it was like a buck.
I had an idea to try a basketball day kinda thing and we advertised it in place of our sport day because we just play basketball anyway, so it wasnt gonna take out anymore time of our week if it was a flop, and President said to give it a try and so we played it safe and it worked. The first week we had 3 come, but left before we even got there, someone got there number, called them back one was on his way back, then we got kicked out even though we have sport day every saturday at the same time so we had to call the kid back and anyway.... he came the next week, and said he will bring more next week. SO.... I was way excited, people coming to us and working them into the real reason we do this stuff....
"Dont keep the faith!!! SHARE IT!!!!" and "One who selfishly keeps his testimony loses it, but one who openly shares it gains strength"
I know, the Savior was the perfect teacher and didnt convert everyone, in fact they killed him.
You got any pictures for me? Its kinda my out and relax and unwind time. How is dad gonna build that TV stand?? I wish i was there to help, i miss wood. Everything is stone cold here.
Has anyone payed any attention to my sled yet???? i also got a letter from trevor and Ryan well you knew about Trevor. Havent heard from Wickel for a while.... hows he doin?

We went to church and 2 complete strangers showed up, a guy from nigeria and a hungarian girl. they just decided to come, out of no where he stayed the entire time, he speaks english, she is mostly Hungarian but english too.

This is the best i could belt out last night,(he recorded a song for usand attached it to an e-mail) i was still pretty dehydrated from fasting. I sent a pre Christmas package so it should hopefully get there before Christmas, i will finish the Christmas gifts today when we go to the chinese piac (market)

Of course we proselyted. one night we went to go caroling at one of the Christmas fairs, and couldnt find it for 2 hours. Its a huge humbling period and it is but there has to be a way to reach these people. I know these people are extremely scared. We knocked on an old ladys door who was terrified of us. Thats why we do services like english class and basketball class, because they have to approach you.

I know exactly why they dont accept it, but my problem is figuring out how to teach, talk, find, so that they will accept it.... I just feel like one of my favorite song says, stare straight into the sun and i wont close my eyes, til i understand or go blind. ehhh.....

Thanks well, i have to get going to buy those other Christmas gifts, i will try to find something for Jeff but this has been a lot harder to find presents than i thought it would be.... so sorry if they arent like wayy cool Hungarian presents....

I know that things will work out, its just hard right now. I love you and am inexpressibly thankful for you both, give the family my love and my email address… hint, hint....

Elder Hansen

Monday, November 29, 2010

8 Months down...Snowed...I'M SO HAPPY!

Well, im on. Its cold. Im really really glad i bought that coat hahahaha wow. It finally snowed!!!!!!! IM SO HAPPY I CANT EVEN DESCRIBE!!! But its not a whole lot it like melts and freezes at the same time here, its weird. And the humidity really doesnt help. Whats the snow situation like there?
how is the family?? and how was THanksgiving???? Oh, jó étvágyat??? it means like good appetite! Thanksgiving was amazzzing hahaha wow. THe senior sisters almost got your rolls right.haha Very close but A little different baking soda kinda taste i dunno. Haha
(The missionaries went skating) haha awesome :) yeah, except my skates were terribly loose hahaha oh well still way fun to just mess around! I got the leggings and the stuff, i keep wanting to save the food hahahaha but i ate one of the Baby reds last night with some A1 sauce on it.... hahahaha wow... wow.... yum.
Ok i got the Pictures to work!!! woohoo keep em comin!!! hahaha
Hey i want you to put a different song on my blog please :) i just found it... O Holy Night by Dustin Kensrue... its amazing, in fact i encourage you all to download it :) its soo good and is centered on the reason we have Christmas.
So we finally got our 2 investigators to read and pray. The other is a lady we met through english class, just had a baby, has a "life partner" and we have been hoping to get them together everytime and our focus has been on her. the last time when we went over there, we asked, did you pray, and the dad was playing with the baby on the floor and the lady was sitting on the couch and she said no but at the same time we heard a yes.... ? huh? and he said he did... and the mom looked at him, and was like really? why? and he said he prayed for their baby, because it has some health issues so we uh were happy enough.
Haha everyone has an élet társ (life partner) he read a pamphlet we gave them and prayed?? so who knows?? so yeah. i hope it all works out.
Yeah, the church is still i little shaky here..... im not gonna lie. thats why the kids that go on missions from here get sent to Utah and Idaho, so they can see how the Church really should work and be the leaders later.So i went to one of the Christmas Fairs by us, its pretty cool, little trinket shops and hot chocolate and alchohol. haha but its way cool we plan on guitaring and singing at all of the Christmas fairs to advertise for the concert. i got a few tabs and chords to play :) so we will do what we can hahaha
Well, i gotta go i love you all sooooo much, thanks for all the prayers, and support, i gotta go buy some presents :D my favorite part of Christmas WUHOO!!!
Elder Hansen

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Aaron & Elder Hansen in Pest Ward

Recognize this kid? That was at church today in Budapest, about 4 hours ago.

Aaron is our backyard neighbor, he and his family currently live in Switzerland. They moved there in July. He served his mission in Hungary in the early 90's and later went back to a baptism and met his wife, Agi. He sent this email to us at 7:37 a.m. Utah time. We are thankful for their family and appreciate the time and concern they have for Elder Hansen.
Elder Hansen is wearing Grandpa Wayment's tie. He selected it while he was home in June to take with him.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

NEW Apartment now we can WORK :)

November 2, 2010
Doing alright, found an apartment,
we are moved in, its brand new, and the most expensive one in the mission, and i feel really bad, but pres approved it. but there are some things that are holding it all up right now, but we can work now. Health. Still hate my face. Especially my nose. The stomach thing might be going away. Sis Baugh called the area DR because nothing has worked so far. He told me to get this stuff that they give to the island missionaries before they go home to kill worms and parasites and stuff like that. And it might be working. I will know more as the week goes on. But this might have done it, we will watch it. Im mobile and fine but thats my health update.
We have loads and loads of finding time ahead of us.... haha we have had programs and good things happen but nothing serious.... yet... haha one really cool story i wanna share with you is this: so it was saturday, went to sport day, on the way home sis baugh (Mission President Mom) called and told me to go get this stuff (medication). Tried to get it but they wont do it with out perscription, so i called First Med, the hospital i go to, and asked if that were possible, they said that they were closing (because everything closes at like 1 on saturday here) so we went home, ate and as we were getting ready, got a call, talked to the Dr explained, said he has it sitting on the front desk because it stays open for emergencies like an on call doctor. so we had a dillemma, 2 hours out of our day, or what? because we had a combined finding activity planned, but instead, we knew it wouldnt work out, so we went to the other Elders tabling spot at a train station to trade tables. We got there and decided to setup. 5 minutes later, this guy gets off a bus, walks right up to us and in near perfect English says, Hey ive been looking for you guys. and explains he lived in the states and has a lot of mormon friends and wants to go to church and learn more. he is also a lawyer so this guy seems way legit, while we are talking to him, this lady walks up and of course hungarian, and is looking and i ask if something interests her and she started talking to me while my comp was talking to the other guy and this lady was just fascinated about the BOM... she was like i cant believe i havent heard of this... More scripture? how much is it? of course its free.... and she was very interested and it was just me and her talking and said she would read the entire thing, it was cool. After that the other elders were there by now. and we traded and left to get more medicine!! YAY!!! and my comp said that the guy he was talking to was absolutely impressed with how well i spoke as a foreigner, and he had never heard it that well from a non hungarian. He obviously hasnt been around us much but it was really nice to hear. Not bad huh?
Well, that package was great except the pumpkin pie poptart was really broken but still amazing and the other one for some reason wasnt really broken haha i would take a couple of those pumpkin pie tarts and that could be my pumpkin pie haha oh, before i forget how do i make the skor cake?
still havent bought my coat yet, was gonna yesterday but everything was closed for day of the dead, they just honor the deceased, kinda like our memorial day, but at night. im still waiting and watching for coats. but it gets pretty cold here at night now. haha no snow though. just cold humidity...
This is where i live, where i was yesterday.... the river is right next to us.... um yeah, its really nice.
Yeah, tabling in the city is really good to do with so many people in one place.
i wanna send some little presents back to the family, who do i have this year for Christmas???? I dont have a clue what Christmas will be like with the phone things. i do know that if you are in the city, you get to watch BYU football games with president.... hahahaha
Oh hey right now i need you to send me some christmas pictures, of our tree of the house from the outside, if you could do that, wow, youd save my life, because we are talking about our holidays in english class now and they love to see pictures of our stuff. I showed them a picture of homes in Utah lit up, no one believed it was real. hahaha so yeah, like 5 pics would do. i would love to share them. Especially of the house and how i like decorate for Christmas.... hahhaahah
hahaha um has Devin come got my sled yet??? he needs to oil it up hahah
Love you all too, take care, sorry i havent written, i wrote a million letters to everyone last week and got pictures out to them but you will get one written to you next Monday... I love you. I hope you are enjoying the home. It looks so warm and cozy there right now! wow. haha thanks for your love. I wrote amber an email that i wanted to write to you also but didnt have time to re write but you can talk to her about what it was about. i love you all. put up ALL the Christmas lights for me :D hahaha
Oh and i pretty much could understand all of the last part in Hungarian you wrote, one part was a little unclear but the rest was perfect :) keep learning and where did you get that??? who helped or taught you? how? haha impressive.
Love you guys. You really do mean the world to me. My toes are cold right now so im missing a warm hug more than usual haha. Be good. Cherish Christmas, and watch the Grinch and Polar Express for me :)
Sok szeretettel,
Elder Hansen

Monday, November 1, 2010

A Plea from the MH to the Hungary Elders...

Dearest Missionaries!
Because of the recent hazards that have been happening around Europe, we would like to remind you to email your parents once a week. This will make sure we receive no more emails worrying about their child being shot, maimed, blown up, sold to the circus, turned into mud, attacked by wild gorillas, turned radioactive, or struck by lightning. For our sake and for your parents sake, please check in once a week, THANKS A TON! a missionary kind of way,
The Office Secretaries

We waited all night ... and finally this :)

hey, everything is closed today except for mcdonalds, ill be on tomorrow morning. love ya!!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

No Apartment yet... 10/25/10

Send You e-photograph the ordered's sból!
Hey Mom and Dad,

Things are going ok, I watched a movie saturday, on Super P day. They showed it at the Mission Home. The stomach thing is so so, but better i think. i will see the Doc most likely tomorrow. and go from there, my nose still bugs me when i look in the mirror. But oh well. I'll have to deal with it. We might possibly get an apartment today... im so sick of not having one. I hate it, we cant work, we cant do anything. As a result, nothing exciting happened this week. We had super Pday. Wow, that was cool. Everything was closed. A whole day of nothing.
How is the family? Did the cabin finally close up for good til the snow flies? Well, thats all i got unless you get on...

Love you all,

Elder Hansen

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Still looking for an Apartment 10-18-10

Hey things are going good, I have got 2 letters so far i think... i got a letter from Ryan Elder! i dunno if i already told you that, he had a picture of him and LeBaron together!!??! ha haha sounds like you are (dad) actually gonna kill a deer this year!!!
Did Clint get His Call yet!?!?!

no we didnt get in the apartment, its really tough right now. We cant find an apartment, so we cant focus on the work, we are living out of our suitcases, we live in the worst apartment in the mission...

Im trying to do my best and be obedient.... we need all the help we can get here... its tough. and there are a million things on the street that we see that arent exactly spirit bringing....and thats what Pres said. we concetrate on what we need to. i just want to give it my all and when it was all said and done, be proud of what i did, and be able to say, i gave it everything.
what has happened at the cabin lately??? i got the letter about DH being up there alone and brett walking in and scaring him hahahahahahaha i really do miss the cabin in a lot of ways, like just being able to be up there and let go of everything.... Is the muzzy over, i assume yes, when does the battle for Nebo begin? haha haha or the rifle hunt.... i bought some Mexican food before we came here.... hahaha oh it feels so good to eat mexican food!!! wow. haha is tyler gearing up for the sledding season? tell him to write me, tell him i wanna know whats up with the new sleds or something? maybe thatll get him to write me.... haha Angie finally wrote, how is jared? hows the situation all around??
the stomach thing, the Medicine is called Ulcogant? they are these small packets of thick milk pudding like things.... so i hope that does it... I got a cold this last week and i got over it but i have some sinus pressure haha why cant this place have a walmart where i can go buy some decongestant and be fine??!!? i will see the dr next week on the follow up, if its gone then its gone if not they wanna do a gastroposy or something.... but yeah, we will make sure its a good place before they do that.... thats what Sis B said.
im really close to the mission home and im there a lot looking for apartments.

Well tell tyler to suck it up and do it one time! Hey send me a picture of the new winter bathroom.... you said you sent one but there wasnt one... well. Thanks for everything, i love you all. very much.
Again, i love you very much. I will push on. Thanks for your love. And your support. I couldnt be here without it. Give all of the Grandkids my love whenever you see them. I told angie to get reading. Talk to tristen and colby and tell them i want them to read. Make sure my sled see's some white action. And my truck gets driven with some music playing up the canyon. I love you all very much. You mean the world to me.

Elder Hansen

Monday, October 11, 2010

Found an Apartment, Broke Nose, Gastritis

Trev’s Email 10-11-10

hey just at mcdonalds, if you ever get this..going to the doctor today to figure out what this stomach thing is..i dont think its
lactose intolerancy, i dont think i could live without milk. we will see what it is.. got your letters, they were awesome!

(I told him that Tyler thinks his chest pain is associated with stress as he has the same kind of thing.) haha welcome to the mission... stress. ya it definitely could be.... we have found our apartment and its wayyyy nice!!! it has a loft thing, like one room below, and we sleep upstairs, and the kitchen and stuff is open and below it... we want to sign the papers today and get going today, but it might be another day or something.... when i eat more its a little more painful, and when i say pain, its like a pressure so dont get all worried! haha but its gotta get fixed, and please promise me that when i get home, we can get my nose fixed, where i hit is flat....and bulges out.... today im going to the doctor at 12:30, my nose did break, it might not have shown it on the xrays but it is misshapen....

ill get back on to let you know what i find out at the drs.... i seem to get dizzy a lot more whenever i stand up, ill ask about that too.... looks like your on....

yeah, the chest stuff isnt what im concerned about, its the stomach thing, if i push on it, it hurts, like under my ribs to my belly button so, im expecting some tests and what not today. thanks for the pictures, i cant believe its fall already! and the lake has turned into the small fall lake. The cabin looks awesome! wow! can you get like a large picture of the new and improved area that they cleaned up? like the south side from the east... SAWEET STORY DAD!!! haha i still have a hard time believing you pulled the trigger of a gun in the direction of a deer haha where was that before my mish??? haha when you get on i want lots and lots of pictures!! hey can you resend the spider bull picture in an attachment? i cant get it off the email to see it....

well, the work. our numbers were really low because we were searching for an apartment all week, normally they take 3 to 4 weeks to find, so we got lucky! but we had a few old old records and called a few and one kid who was taught one time 2 years ago wanted to meet the next day, not too bad huh? well he only met them like one time, i have no idea why they even made a teaching record for him but yeah, he seems like he wants to explore divinity i guess is how you would say it... haha here our English class is what gets us connected to people, the street is hard to use, but we pass out english class fliers and some people will stop instantly, read it again, wonder how this could be free, walk down the street, call us, asking if its really free, then they ask how, then we tell them, and repeat, the questions 4 to 5 times.... haha

(Lynn told Richard about an article in LDS Times about the church in Hungary so we passed it along to Trev.) i read a little bit of the Hungary thing you sent me, Bishop Balatoni is our bishop. I just presented a Project Referral and he is gonna get it going. We need to use the members so much! this place is huge! we shouldnt even need to do finding, the members should do it for us!!!oh ya, i saw a guy with that jacket on!!! WHAT THE HECK???? GRANTSVILLE UTAH??? i guess there are used american and england clothing stores all over but how insane?!?!

i want a mission where we kept the rules and do our best but missions are unfortunately a lot different than what people imagine. I still try to do everything a little better than the rules that we are given.

yes i am happy, a little nervous about the stomach thing but all in all its in the Lords hands. I just finished Genesis, Joseph was betrayed, enslaved, built up, broke down and put in prison for 2 years and then, when his brothers came he said, the lord brought me here to save you. I am to the point that i will go anywhere the Lord needs me. No matter what, it will be for my good and in some way for others as well. "I'll go where you want me to go dear Lord" whatever happens, happens. I could complain, and then i think about Job. Or Joseph, and then the one who took it all, our Savior. He knows, how we feel, and he knows what to do to make us grow, all we can do is give Him our will. Thats all we have, use our will to govern our choices and love and work harder to become the person He wants us to be. It will all work out in the end. Joseph was quite impressive.... when his brothers said, we are sorry, he said, no, the Lord needed me here and though it was hard, and infact, evil doing, i needed to be here to save your lives and the lives of those in Egypt.

Now that is what we would call, the big picture. What a perspective....

the A1 rocks!!! i found out that missionaries use it for what we call sajt nite (shite night) Sajt is cheese,

we just make it like arbys cheese sticks but i forgot it when we went over to the other elders apartment so we will save it for the first sajt nite in our new apartment but

you better believe i have already put it in my pasta haha oh by the way, the cheese didnt bug me, i didnt eat a lot but it didnt bug me, so yeah. and thanks, because as you can see, its muffed up, my nose is. I love the hoodie, told bow thanks, i love it, so simple and i can represent for REAL FOOTBALL!!!!hahaha sooo comfortable too!!! did you ever get teh email i sent from MCdonads???? i sent one this morning too

yeah, it wont stop me haha its just a huge comfort knowing that it will get fixed when i get home... i still get some headaches that i think are from the fall haha but i did just fall into a cement corner of a wall.... :)
we live right by Margit bridge, but we are moving obviously, and we are really close to parliment but they are doing reconstruction on the bridge so really flawless pictures are hard to capture.... but still wayyyy cool, parliment, buda castle, and i think its Saint István Church, not sure but its something cool and important hahaha

I feel a little stale in the language, since we havent proselyted much, but it will move. We gotta go but write some more stuff, becuase will get back on to let you know what happens at the doctor...


I found out i might have gastritis.... basically the inside of my stomach is inflamed and when food pushes on it, it makes everything worse and aggravates it.... so lots of smaller meals, and this stuff to take, not sure what it is? but yeah. Didnt get into the apartment.... hopefully by friday, but we dont have to worry about it now... we can just find people... :) wahoo!!!

bye Love ya.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

In Pest... HUNTING Apartments!

October 4, 2010
Email from Trev…
Um, hahaha we are eating very blandly right now, because we have to find a new apartment to move into, ours is that bad.... yeah, so we are keeping it basic, cooking is rare in there haha long story, but yeah, i love serving with bouck and its like B owe k.... oh went to the DR gave me antibiotics, could just be a stomach bacteria that lingered or something... but thats doing fine right now. Im not lactose intolerant, the heart things have went away completely.
Yeah, we are pretty good as a companionship, ive read everything, did you get my email from mcdonalds??? (Comp's name)Same name, Trevor haha we have decided President did this because we had the same names.... Pres does that a lot hahaha
(Hope you enjoy the pictures) Im sure i will! it looked good, from what i saw, i try to not look til night time, sorry but you wont be getting a letter from me til we find a new apartment, hahaha so unorganized and just, ugh, so this will be interesting trying to find apartments with our young hungarian skills hahahaha
Hows life at home? Tyler? Angie? Jared? Trisha? where are they???? hows the business doing? jareds health? is angie reading her scriptures????.... well tell her (Angie) to email me! DANG!
Ya know, tyler could atleast take some cool pictures or something and send them to me....
No, i havent heard one thing from tyler! i mean like when he goes sledding he could send me some pics or some news on the biggest badest something? it wouldnt kill him to write something.

Package taken care of.... will be with me tomorrow.... no troubles at all.... pretty funny infact....
i will have to buy a coat very soon.... not sure how much exactly but definitely not anymore than 100 haha i went to the Chinese Market, its all totally black market, but its awesome haha bought a beanie and sadly found more hoodies than i could ever buy..... im really sorry, i looked absolutely everywhere for one in Pápa....
We got them (Conference) in English and got them this week because we are in Budapest but not the last session, it was too late, how did you like Uchtdorfs????? You might be asking yourself, now thats great and all but what does that have to do with airplanes???? hahahahahahaha

The Doc said that it could or could have been just a bacteria from any food and instead of normally lasting a few days it somehow lingered... but yeah, My comp has the same name as me, and hes a month younger than me... hahah hes from Texas, the blonde in the back, if i forgot to tell you... blue eyes.... whatnot. but yeah, my face is fine it was kinda marred for a day or 2 but just like rug burns and are going away now.
I dont really know what to talk about, i wasnt gonna tell you but for lack of things to talk about.... Tuesday, i stood up, blacked out and fell face first into a wall .... the corner, thought it was broke went to Budapest a day early (transfers) and got it xrayed but its all good, but it was hard at the time to deal with, sooooo many health problems!!!! what the heck? ive never had problems like this in my life before!!
What about the cabin? Jeff sent me some pictures of some bulls and other stuff, havent looked yet.... i need a picture of the spider bull.
Dad where you going for the Muzzy hunt?? Jeff said youll go out Wed?! You better get something big!!! so i can see the pictures of it! Why did you put the shell on the truck? (Richard told him that there are no deer to shoot) well of course there are no deer there, thats why i left and came here!!! hahaha :P no we are in ours (an apartment that is so bad they have to find another) but just living as basic and messily as possible hahaha no organization whatsoever.... haha we cant unpack!!!
(Richard said he would write and tell him about the hunt) Sweet, cant wait! Make sure and take a while and write a really cool detailed story about it hahahaha sorry i dont have any pictures, my camera is dead, i have some wayyyyy sweet pictures of the Danube and parliment and BUda Castle but itll have to wait :)
Google search, Spider Bull, click one, right click the large image, save, go to downloads, attach.
Yeah, hahaha my nose will have a little scar on it but its mostly like face burns, no stitches, all good and in order. Yeah i was studying, stood up, went to my pull up bar, got a little dizzy, black, i remember scrambling or something, and unconsciously realizing i got hit, saw my comp run over top of me telling me not to move, i thought i was fine til i realized i had hit something or done something hahaha but im all good now...
I dont really have much else to say, we have to find a new apartment, havent unpacked, we were told not to. i can send you a picture of my face next week if the McDonalds one doesnt go through.... i sent it at like 7 here. but didnt go play ball, went to the chinese market, and bought a beanie and a tie for 5 bucks.... haha its sooooo Ghetto over there, like i could come home and go to detroit and feel fine hahahaha its not dangerous, just poor and broken down, and we watched 3 tinted black Mercedes pull out of it, hahahaha TOTALLY mafia business, buying and selling hahahahaha they just have their own rats steal things and sell them in the market, i was gonna take a picture but they would take my camera haha

I didnt really get that dizyy til i started walking haha sorry!!! BUt hey i gotta go and concentrate on finding an apartment hahaha i love you all, got an email from Coach, sent one back, responded instantly, really cool to hear from him.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

White Washing w/GREENIE FIRE in PEST w/Bourk!!!!

Trev’s Email September 27th, 2010
I am online, i will probably be back online today, some here and now, a little later to finish up... I have a ton of intense news to tell you!!!!

Well, today is the day we found out about transfers... we usually are informed by the APs.... Pres Baughman calls this morning to talk to Caviness, about him getting a new comp and that they are gonna go back to the old style of Comp ZLs.... i asked when will i know where im going, comp said, the aps will call.... 15 minutes later, Pres B calls again, i pick up he asks, “Is this Elder Hansen? i say yes, he says, "Would you like to know where you are going???” “YES!!”

“Well, you’re going to be with Elder Bouck.....”
“Bouck?!!?” (he was the group above me in the MTC (Trev’s Ancient) ...) I said, “really... wow...” (Elder Bouck would be the blond in the center back of this picture) He said, “Your going to Pest... to white wash....” yeah. There havent been missionaries there for a while.... so its reopening... we are the youngest companionship in the mission... wow..... NERVOUSNESS!!!!! but i get the stake center!!! to play ball in!!! YEEEAHH!!!!
When did you send the package?? we will see, they are very strict here.... it might not work out unless it comes tomorrow...
So from now on til i am transferred, send everything to the mission home ok??? because its a trax ride away, we will be there a lot... (There is a package in the mail to Papa)Um the last package you sent took only 7 days! we will try and figure something out.... we will ask the Posta place.... but yeah, crazy stuff!!! the stomach thing is still happening... they have me on an antacid and high fiber diet to see if thats what it is.... but i will be in Budapest to see the doctor very easily if i need to and its an american clinic so haha its a nice place...

Its nothing to freak out about, i have contacts with Sister Baughman, she is taking really good care of me... she talks to the Mission Area Dr and he said try this, so we are just checking it out so far... but i get like gut pains like you do when you run but they dont last and hurt like they would if you were exhausted... so yeah, things are good just taking it easy on what i eat, tons and tons of fiber.... so no big deal, i have WAY bigger things to worry about..... IM WHITEWASHING IN MY 3RD TRANSFER WITH MY ナ心I!!!!!! (ANCIENT)

Is dad up? where are my huntin stories??? will they come late??? im trying to get the call down but its hard!!!! could you send me a video or sound of an elk bugling??? my comp has never heard it before... that is a must for every human to hear!! we will be back on later to finish up so i can get it then?
well... im sooo nervous! ah we are sooo young and we are whitewashing!!!!

gotta go, catch ya later, tell jeff to write back. and everyone else too, thanks for the pictures love them!!!

Elder Hansen

cool, whats going on??

So did you send me a sweet huntin story in the mail yet? how have the hunts been, i heard there were some records, pictures? hey i need a picture of the Spider Bull, a few mission buddies like to hunt but have never seen it and i wanna show them...
No we are not opening it, we are white washing it, it has been closed for a transfer, i had to stay in the apartment already during the training conference a month ago... so they kept it, the beds are terrible but i have an air matress and they might have left the nice nice foam pads there that we slept on... This is a really unusual thing, white washing.... 3rd and 5th transfer.... hahaha someone has a lot more trust and confidence in me than me..... hahahaha oh well, ill learn to speak... thats for sure!
Ok Dad, remember, for every buck you kill, thats one you have to kill when i get home!!! haha hey send me a picture of my bow will you? connecting to people through stuff like that makes real friends.... its really hard to leave Pápa, Zsolt, that one guy that came to church and stuff, we are really really tight with his family, we are so close. He makes things up to bend over backward for us! haha Him and his wife came to the conference in Szombathely yesterday!!! I still havent told any of the members, there are a few who im really close with, Piroska, is like my mom here, haha and i also have another mom.... haha sorry, i gotta take what i can get while i dont have MY mom here...
Ok, i will be in my 3rd transfer... ok, he will be in his 5th... white washing means that they took both missionaries out and put new ones in, so all we have to go by is what is left in the area book, we will do a lot of finding and i heard the members give tons of referrals.... so white wash is 2 out 2 in, normally, its one comp at a time that is moved out and what not... but ya... CRAZY!!
Elder Bouck, from Texas, he was in the MTC with me, so pictures on my computer will be there he has blonde hair, round face, stockier... not my group the group just above me... so yeah, thats him, im excited to use our "Greeny Fire" and serve together. Im way excited!
Ok, is the family good? whats going on? you got any questions? are you finding me girls to date (mom)? hahaha or write, karlie wrote again, it was nice to get another from her...
My back is doing great, that pull up bar is amazing!!! i forgot to answer that, sorry...
OK, well i gotta go, so dont forget, everything to the mission office address unless i tell you otherwise, because i will get it eventually no matter where im at.... but for now, since im in the same city, just send it all there.... um..... yup, thats all i got....

I love you all sooo much!!! and yes, i can feel your hug, did you get my letters yet???

Love Elder Hansen

Ok she has to be cute, at least cute enough to write haha keep looking! Angie... Where is she???
yes i sent you two letters in one envelope.... i hope it gets to you all.... i love you all so much, it will come this week for sure... it can be anywhere from 7 to 10 days....


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mailed Letters: "I feel my Grandpas with me..."

September 20, 2010
Dear Mom,
I’m sitting in the branch house. It’s a really really nice day outside; cold crisp fall day, sun is shining, and I just feel really happy. I got the package Friday, the letters, today? beats me. Thank you for everything. You truly are an amazing Mother. I feel your love all the time.
Yesterday, we went tracting. Yeah, after 2 very success filled splits I finally got my comp to tract and street. But we found a lady and knocked on her door, she opened it and had a remote in her hand as if it were a sword or some kind of weapon (ha!) and she said, “Ha!”, like “I got ya!” and laughed and we talked for a few seconds, said she was Atheist but would like to talk, like “why not, you two are nice, sure!” Talked and taught and I shared the story about ___ being Atheist for 14 years and how it turned around in one day. And yes, I did this in Hungarian! I got a lot of help. It was so smooth, just like I had felt a few times in the MTC where I didn’t think, it just came from my heart. The spirit was there! I knew she was feeling it too because I saw her countenance change. She agreed to read and pray. She figured, why not. She answered her own question, “we gotta have faith to find it out.”
That was very uplifting for me. It has been had a hard transfer, ha. As missionaries we need a solid understanding of rules, and why they are there.
I’ve been on two splits this transfer. One kid is from Bulgaria, by Russia, he knows like 8 languages including Arabic… He is a good missionary, we found 5 people that day. The most recent is from Idaho/Wyoming, Kunz. Loves to hunt and works hard. It was so nice to talk with someone about hunting, finally! My comp has a Hungarian bow and thinks he’s pretty Magyar vadász, (Hungarian Hunter) but has never hunted in his life. He says he loves the Hungarians more than any missionary, but didn’t bother to learn the language. Says he speaks more like a regular Hung than anyone else, but tell that to my ears and brain when he double accuses or doesn’t accuse ever! Ahh! I will show them that I more than love them. I appreciate them, and am willing to learn it right out of respect and honor.
I really love Pápa. By the way it’s, Pá (áh!) puh, like apple. So I found out that Agi, really, technically is Ahgi. Because in Debrecen (this is where Agi, our backyard neighbor is from. Her parents, not yet members, live. Agi, Aaron and their family are now in Switzerland), they have an accent, and it’s in Pápa too where they don’t say like cat they just deepen it and hold it out longer haha. Which can be very confusing for non-native speakers to understand because that can mean 2 different things; hat-6 or hát- well…
So yeah. Thank you so much for the leaves! And the dirt (pine chips, from clearing the land on the mountain). My comp thinks I’m nuts. He pretty much hates pine trees. He’s from Washington and lives in the pines. Something about being here has made me such a Patriot. I love our Country. And I’m becoming more and more of a Hick, haha… I can’t get enough of the outdoors. That is why I need animal pictures, old ones even! It doesn’t matter; elk, deer, sheds! Hunting trips. They help me wind down sometimes, very relaxing. Well, I’m gonna go email you ….Now
I love you so much. You can share with Dad, vise versa.
Sok Szretettel,
Elder Hansen

Dear Dad,
How are you? I’m just chillin’ on my bed, it’s just before 10 p.m. It was nice to talk to you today. I’m excited to have a hoodie to wear and sleep in. haha I have looked and looked but they are all either way expensive or just terrible looking, like not something a missionary should wear…
Today was nice to rest. I didn’t want to go on an excursion today and my comp, I think, wasn’t thrilled about it but I needed a day to power down and recharge. I’m trying to get the elk calling down but it’s hard! I hear familiar sounds and similarities in it as I try but can’t get it consistent. Any tips? Top of mouth, where is the tongue and what does it do?
My comp thinks I’m insane I’ll smell the pine bough (wrapped in a bag) or the chips from time to time. Haha. I think the mission is turning me into a big hick. The things I liked at home are magnified like crazy! I like dropping by the hunting sore once in a while to take a look, again. I’m gonna buy a couple hunting videos before I come home, it should be fun to watch because they still hunt very traditionally. Ha
Missions are special, Dad. I feel so protected and uplifted. I can honestly say that I feel my grandpas with me almost constantly. I know they are with me. It’s great to feel that family comfort and security so far away from you all. I really am trying so hard to do my best here. It’s been a harder transfer but it will be for my good. I have seen what things I don’t want to be. My comp skipped everything in the language and tried to learn like a baby would. It didn’t and doesn’t work. We’re too old for that to work. As it goes, “Victory Requires Payment in Advance”.
My back has been doing great since I got that pull up bar. I don’t really worry about it anymore. It’s way nice and therapeutic to hang for a few seconds here and there.
Today was a good day. Nice crisp bright fall morning. It made me feel so happy.
We met with the Piroskaé, today, Recent converts, SO strong, Mom and daughter. We cooked a little with them. It was just a way fun. I talked a lot, and we laughed a lot. Those are the little battles that go the furtherest.
She (Piroska) helped me along with her daughter and son who isn’t a member, yet, when I was sick. Amazing people!
Tomorrow we go on splits again. I stay in Pápa :) I love splits!
I have decided to actually get serious about reading the Bible. I read a few little things in the book of Psalms and Proverbs. Now that’s fantastic writing! Wow. That would make me an amazing song writer! I read in a Liahona, about a tail guide in Asia somewhere who compared us to mountains. Building Mountains, Awesome! Neil A Maxwell said in short, “How can we guide naively through life asking for experience but not wading through sorrow, not being abandoned.” Because to be like Christ we will have to experience much of what He did.
Well it’s time, I love you. Please share what you would like with mom. Especially about my Grandpas…
Much Love,
Elder Hansen

September 20, Email

I'm doing good, i finally get a rest P day haha i just wrote a letter to you mom, and ill write you one after this dad...
so how are you all???? how is the fall feeling?!?!?! oh i got the package, with everything. the colodial silver tastes like the juice haha um....
package was nothing... totally straight!!! haha hey, i need to know what i should do... i reallly really need a hoody.... like bad. the ones here are ridiculous... could you possibly send one in a small package or what? because i need it to sleep with and wear on p day, we have like no blankets in our apartment but a million gas wall heaters, its just not quite cold enough for that though...
Ok hoodie... the sportmans warehouse hoodie fit me the best... the red, or if you would like to make sure, it needs to be xl probably, all my shirts are too small haha well all the missionary mall shirts are anyway... and send my white underamour long sleeve also..... haha that would be so nice to have here... if possible haha
Well a lot of that is in you letter, we just got done with consencration week... 30 hours of work time... we got it. um that guy didnt show up to church, had to work again but oh, they love us hahaha we could go over right now if they were home and they would cook us food haha they are awesome...
oh and dad, i would love to hear hunting stories, they are way fun to read!!! How are the hunts going???
ok haha i will try it.... hey i need everyones email address, i have jeffs and ambers and tylers and thats it... haha
hey i will have to buy a coat soon, probably not this week, but soon so i will let you know about when i will need to do it... it probably shouldnt be more than 50 or 60 bucks, at a hunting store... i will see if i get transferred and check out what they have there...
oh yeah, so i got your letter you mailed on the 10th and the 13th today, haha but i got the package friday..... interesting....
i guess all i needed was angies.... haha jared has wrote early when i first got here....
hows tyler? Jeff, Jared, Angie???
dang, ill just build another part onto tylers shop and build snowmobiles or something haha why not, everyone else is? haha tyler deserves to be successful... i think ill paint my truck when i get back if he adds that onto his place... haha.
i hope jared is doing ok, tell him to keep going on.... thats all we can do...
tell angie to read....
Tell them all i love them. Tell tyler to make sure my sled gets ridden this year.... anytime.... seriously. If someone wants to go, use our sled... Devin will be using it this year too.... i told him too. so dont think he is stealing it haha

i love you all,
Elder Hansen

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Things Are Good - 9-13-10

Things are good. Hows the family?

I think im just growing. I feel taller, like i cant bend over for things like i used to, or maybe its just my ubersensitivity to my back.... im still about 170... but the missionary mall shirts make me look like a little kid... its pretty bad... and they dont stay tucked in... I got your letter (mom) and i got your letter a week ago (dad) that was printed, not exactly sure what it said.

Its been cloudy for 2 weeks... im kinda sick of it... not gonna lie...

My health is good, im still fighting my back... i got these Chi Herbal patches that you put on your feet when you sleep and they take the toxins out of your body, they are white when you put them on and black in the morning... haha so maybe that will help improve healing... the acid thing is pretty much gone, i feel it once in a while but not really... My goal is to get my back muscles so strong that my spine wont have to do anything haha so im working into strengthening my back and a lot of abs and just exercising... i hate that i have to bother with this... its ridiculous.... i just wanna be a normal kid...i just want it gone so i can put my mind to other things!!!

Yeah the shirts i have that arent missionary mall are good, the long sleeve missionary mall are ok but the short sleeve are terrible... haha hold off on sending them, we are going into winter so yeah.... were you planning on sending a package? sometime in the future?

(We let him know we sent one from Richfield on Friday…packed with a ton of candy so he was not to expect one for Halloween!!!)

Alright, sounds good! cant wait for the package, i am gonna have to buy a hoodie here today, its starting to be fall haha and i didnt bring a hoodie with me, hey for Christmas, send them to the Mission home, and surprise me but.... i would like A1 sauce hahahahahaha i miss it...

Oh yeah, had a little cold the last few days, but im pretty much over it now...

well, went on splits, 5 finds in 3 hours! so hopefully my comp will realize we need to tract and street... but yeah, still working on Zsolt, that one guy, met with his whole family again, they need this church, life is just so much better with it... everything else is meaningless, because it cant last... and hope for tomorrow doesnt exist, i watch people on the street and realize that they are scared. What will tomorrow bring? And why? Why? WE KNOW WHY!!!! its so sad to watch, i can tell that they have no direction or goal in life.... its sad. i wish they were more open, the difference between members and nonmembers here is seen much easier.

Hey send me some more pictures, like especially of Elk and Deer and the cabin, Elder Smith has your email now mom, to get in touch with you to go to the cabin sometime...It was in the letter, and He is at school at BYU right now so hes there in Utah... he will email you if he wants to go.

hey so did tyler sale his sleds???

(Trev had uploaded some pictures on Walmart and one stuck out ... so we wrote: "we already peeked and loved the fuzzy Bomber hat you found...or did IT find You?")
haha that was at szent endre, didnt buy it, i will wait to buy stuff like that till about my year mark haha that piles up fast...

see ya later....
Love ya!!!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Hello???? Email-Sept 6, 2010

(We were having some problems with the internet again today and used texting from the cell a couple of times. Trev told us he has been having some problems with what sounds like to us, acid reflux or heart burn. Trev said, "I have never been in health like this my entire life!!!! what the heck is going on???" He could use our prayers not just for his health but to prepare and find those ready to hear the gospel. I had just received a copy of Elder Elder's email to his mom so I forwarded it to Trev.)

Oh Rean Jean... haha i havent heard from him or trevor or morgan yet!!!! what the heck? haha wicks wrote quick.... i will write back, he sent the letter the 30th and i got it today haha wow!!!
At the training in Budapest (3 days) i met Elder Hintze.... He was from Kaysville.... and knows Trevor personally... apparently the LeBarons are a famous family there... haha he was on Trevors city league ball team...

Our investigator wasnt able to go to church, went to his house to eat, met his whole family, he is still good as ever but we gotta get him to church and show him the entire truth and get his family in on it!

ok just uploaded a bunch of pictures... so take a look, you have seen a lot already, i feel kinda bad that you wont get a sweet surprise when i get home, like you have already seen all of my pictures, but i guess i will just get to actually explain them :) let me know....

ok sounds good. hows the family??? Jeff wrote me and gave me a sweet description of a hunt with the tines up boys... you wanna send me a sweet huntin shirt when you send a package? it was cool to read it....

Sometimes i miss hunting but i really love this place, even though they do some ridiculous stuff here hahahaha the work is difficult here... we have no one progressing, and ultimately, we have no one to teach, so we find, but my comp is super negative and im kinda sick of it.... thats just how Pápa is, its small, ya know? we just gotta work hardER... he isnt a fan of language study, or exactness.... i am. and i thank my trainer for that.... he really was awesome.... i was just in a dumb ornery mood when i got here haha i told him to go to the cabin so ill give him your number if he wants to go for a day, its the least i could do, he helped me so much and showed me how to really work and care. and speak! my comp cant speak very well.... no wonder since he doesnt like language study... i have to help him sometimes... and i should correct him constantly but what ever... haha

well i gotta go, tell the grandkids to email! Jacis letter was awesome! Hows everyone?? keep praying.


i actually gotta i love you all!!!!


Tuesday, August 31, 2010

3:30 a.m. August 30, 2010

Hey i happen to be on if you are online haha
(Mom woke up and the thought came … just check. He had just sent his email a few minutes earlier so she wrote back, “Ya I just checked ... still there?”)
I sure am hahaha wow you are a trooper! (So mom woke dad and middle of the night frenzy of emailing began!)

Ok haha so this week was ugh... we got nothing done, but one night i begged and prayed to see success here, i haven't seen anything so far and it bugs me but this happened: so a guy me and smith tracted into seemed nice and we said we had church and said he would love to come but would be out of town the next 2 weeks with his family and asked, "Im not baptized, it that a problem" like hes never been baptized in a church or anything haha and of course we said NO NO that is in no way a problem....... when he got back he called us, now me and caviness (Trev’s Comp), and confirmed the time and place of church. He came the next day and i sat by him because he was late and i waited outside so he wouldnt miss it haha and i talked to him and he said it was really great and he felt good. then thursday morning he called and said he would like to talk to us and so we ran over to the branch house and met him in 20 min, and he told us he really enjoyed church and was gonna bring his wife this week. we read a scripture about the spirit, he said he felt really good when one of the people were talking about faith, we said that thats the spirit telling you its right and true, he agreed and said, it really is....... but ended not being able to come this week, because he had to work or something to do with Budapestso yeah, i hope he comes into the water...
(We told him we were praying for him and those he would come in contact with)
Thanks, i hope we can bring our teaching pool up, i have to crack the whip on my comp because he isnt a fan of the white handbook and believes that just because some of our rules and proceedures are different than a lot of missions means that other things are acceptable. I dont believe that. we have different rules and its very different than the rest of the missions in the world but we should still hold tightly to the white handbook.
Oh yeah i forgot to say, the guy said sorry, he only got 2 chapters read.... hahahaha if he follows through and ETT3 (Endures To The End) he will be branch president material... no joke.

Hows the family???? i got a ton of music from the APs onto my Archos :) and the PMG and BOM worked great, thanks!!! hey, when you send a package, can you send like cake mix or something instead of the brownies? we can make the brownies pretty easy but they dont have cake like we do.... haha they dont like a lot of sugar.... we think its because they never brush their teeth, and im not exaggerating.... they dont brush their teeth.... hahaha

(We just encouraged him to keep close to and follow the spirit, rules, etc.)

I know haha trust me... since going home i have this burning desire to keep the rules with such exactness, not that im perfect but i love keeping it straight and clean haha it just feels awesome because i know how it feels not to be like that because of home... it really was a blessing. Hows the cabin?? Are the leaves changing yet??? Because i need pictures, more pictures of the cabin!!!! and Elk and Deer....
Have you got the picture website thing figured out??

Nice, well i dont have any cool pictures for you today... but i will in a few hours hahaha wheres the pictures??? :)

(We told him we just tried the Walmart Photo thing and to go see if it worked)
nice ok i will try it right now... hey you gotta send some leaves to me when you send a package haha and a million pictures just take 5 minutes every night to load a few pictures up, haha ;) well maybe not that intense... just send me some.... i love fall, you know i do, because that means it can snow... oh my gosh! its basically winter!!!!

oh, bad news... my feet grew... the Under Armour running shoes... dont fit my comp offered to buy them let me know what you think... i will eventually have to get all new shoes hahaha sorry.....

Hey, could you possibly make a little timeline movie of the cabin and make sure its in M-PEG 4 format??? it doesnt have to be horribly long, just throw a bunch of pictures in there and email it to me, you can send it if you zip it or compress the file, then i can watch that on p days because i have decided not to watch movies while im here even though Pres allows us... thanks :) haha you can slowly work on that... hey, that could be my newsletter!!!! haha and i could just keep them on my archos!!!

ya there?

Write quick, i gotta go!!!

Love you all! Jaci emailed me... that was way nice of her...

Be good family and take awesome pictures...

Friday, August 27, 2010

A Letter in the Mail- #2 from Hungary

August 16?, 2010

Mother dearest and Father,

Well, the email talk was great I feel so pumped and happy.

I kinda lied when I said we didn't have any progressing investigators. He actually just became one after we emailed. ha. Way tight kid. His anme is Csaba, (Chabah) and let us right in the first time an could tell he was sincere. He is 15, and today we met again, he had read what we gave him in the first day. he had a ton of awesome questions today and agreed to meet 3 times a week!
Then we asked him what he was doing after we left, because I received inspiration to ask investigators to show them that they really did have time to read ha! And he said he was going to read ha! And he said he was going to read what we gave him without us even encouraging him! He could be awesome!

August, 19: (Trevor has an arrow pointing to the above info about Csaba specifically to the words, "He could be awesome" then the words "but not anymore..." Well got my new Comp, Caviness, From Washington, you'll know already. We got a super P-day August 19 so we email you then :).

Well, right now we're in the Branch House and just got dogged (Probably by Csaba) so we're gonna street for a last time then pack my Comp's stuff. (Trev's Comp is headed home! Trev was his last comp so as they say in the mission field, Trevor killed him.)

My comp is very cool and I feel like a senior comp. It rocks! I got your letters today. Ha! You sent them 3 days apart and I got both today.

Sorry this is short, but I wanted to tell you I love you! Things are great! Haven't read your letters yet but I will answer stuff in the emai tomorrow if I have to. :)

Love you all!
Szeretlek benneteket ennyire
(This has to say "I love you this much"
because of the never ending arrow below it)
Hansen Elder

Monday, August 23, 2010

New Missionary Thing

Email-August 23, 2010
Hello mom and dad. Ill be on at 4 or like 330. I am in Budapest because we finished up the passport and stuff... See ya then :)

Hello i am on!!!
Well, things are good. I got my new comp, he is pretty cool, but i have to step up greatly in a lot of ways. Language and leadership especially. Im very grateful for this opportunity... So i talked to President about what was bugging me, he laughed at me and gave me a blessing.... hahahaha
Well i just got all of Elder Houstmans music on my Archos!!! He is an AP and we are pretty tight. We listen to the exact same music, he is way cool. It has tons of Hymns redone and awesome MOTAB stuff, with a million other things hahaha it was almost 8 gb of music hahaha and tomorrow we go back to Budapest and ill give him my music and put the Zune music onto the Archos and it will be complete! :)
How are you all?
Investigators.... we have a lot of finding to do... a lot. We gotta find people who are serious and will stick with it instead of just barátkozni-ing (friending) hahaha but there is some potential with a few people we have in the circle of potentials and interested-s...
Here are a million pictures... we had a super P Day Friday because its a national holiday, like our 4th of July but they have like 8 of them haha but it celebrates when they were conquered... ha. weird.

well my comp has more stuff than ive ever seen a missionary have... 5 bull whips, they are super famous... i will come home with a couple... few haha they are hard to whip really good but ive only tried 2 times so far haha they are soo cool.

so on the super p day we went to Győr and walked around thinking there would be a thing to go to or something but there wasnt so we just walked around and i took pictures, the churches are cool but creepy at the same time hahaha

So yeah, i have feel like a senior comp. no kidding. haha i have to show everything to him, i think eventually i will just run everything but the ZL stuff.
So i drive now, i could have drove since i got here but just didnt care to get my international license. Well.... they are European drivers, like nice and crazy at the same time... really impatient but let you in lanes and you flash your hazard lights for a few seconds to say thank you ha its cool but there are crazy crazy drivers too haha

These pictures are in Szombathely at the district monthly youth party.... these things are setup by the Senior couples and this one was a water fight hahahaha it was way fun...

oh yes.... the new missionary thing.... so they are changing missionary work world wide.... a simplified curriculum, the 8 most important steps/lessons that lead to conversion... we are going to Budapest in a week to stay for a 3 day training... the whole mission, but not at one time, half and half... so its pretty crazy, they told me and Smith about a month ago but we had to keep it super quiet haha so its gonna be crazy, we will go back to Budapest once a month to review these things... crazy!
Nothing with either (proselyting or progressing investigators)... and so far no, he (Trev’s Comp is Zone Leader) has had to study this new curriculum for tomorrow and yeah but i will make us find time to find, we havent done much because its kinda been way crazy lately...
So i sent you a letter! its not super long but it has some stuff that i havent already told you haha
thats so cool its turning into fall already!!! this year is pretty much gone, hahaha fall will be winter and we will start it over again... haha as soon as i learn this language really well, which i plan on being amazing at, time will fly and i can just love to talk with everyone, its hard, because some people will just stare and get weird looks on their faces ha i dont feel that bad anymore because my grammar is better than my comp, and they get weird looks on their faces and he goes home in December.... but i plan on being where he is next or this transfer... haha
Pronunciation is the hardest part haha and yeah, this is the hardest language in the world, its hard!.... they arent usually very tolerant to understand people just starting out unless they are members or there are people who really appreciate us learning it... but in English, we are soooo tolerant of people learning our language…they have terrible pronunciation and i could…try not to understand but i try… like when they say TOT for that!
Yeah i can actually understand really well right now, i can separate the words but i just need more words hahaha well is there anything else you wanna ask? we are about ready to head out... how are the kids Jeff, Tyler, Angie, Trisha?
Oh yeah, thanks for the money and the BOM AND PMG... should work perfectly :)
OK, im praying for all you also. Jared wrote back, actually Sky Dunn emailed me haha that girl i worked with in Ephraim town, nobody else has... send me everyones email i only have like, jareds.... hahaha well i gotta go, watch for my letter :D Love everyone.
Thanks for the love, i sure can feel it.
Keep it real family. and have some fun! but not too much because you gotta have some left for when i get back hahaha

Szeretlek benneteket ennyire, a teljes szívemmel! (Parent translation: I love you so much, with all of my heart!)
Legyetek boldogok, legyetek együtt. (Roughly translated by the parents: Be ye blessed together.)
Hansen Elder

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

2 a.m. Email August 16, 2010

Hey im on, sorry, the computer place didnt open til 10..... stay awake!
I wrote down something that came to my mind one day... Are we warriors, or worriers? i just read one of my papers about how i felt after high school... stuff happens... i gotta move on and trust that im ok and that the Lord loves me. I think also that this will help me understand the Atonement much more and my desire to share the gospel will increase... it says that in PMG. I asked to understand His Atonement deeper.... Looks like He answered... he answers my questions in my prayers before i can even ask them... i need to stand up and be the missionary I want to be.

Lately i have been studying Moroni and writing down everything that made him Moroni... and the absolute stud of a leader he was... i expect to reflect somewhat of his image as i stand at the pulpit in a couple years. This is where we can be as close to being Christ, than in any other place in our life... I plan to study the apostles, and of course, our Savior, The greatest leader that has ever walked the earth. Thank you for the papers, it puts me in a more deeper state of mind and helps me realize that stuff happens.

Crazyy day yesterday... this is in Tatabánya the cave and the giant bird...

it rained like crazy for 10 minutes when we got there... it stopped, then we went to the cave,
almost fell off that cliff. then went to tesco because all the fire wood was too soaked to have that bacon roast thing, and then it poured and poured again so yeah hahaha

(Some of the things that are said and passed on in his mission) Bro LeFivre said in the MTC, "Awkward, it’s what we do." And i told that to Landon haha it’s, “Do work son, the Lords work.”

Hey can you get on our desk top computer and send me the PDF version PREACH MY GOSPEL AND BOOK OF MORMON??? it should be on mine but you can search for it... so i can have it on the Archos

ok well, how is the family? i have to get going in a few minutes... HOW IS TYLER????

Right now, we have no progressing investigators and my new comp is Elder Cavinis from Washington, the state. I haven’t met him yet, I will tomorrow when we are in Budapest trading comps out. I’m still with Smith, we go to Budapest tomorrow to transfer.

Thanks for all the help... seriously, and the papers, I’ve read a few while waiting, i dunno why but they help me so much... i won’t be able to write like that for quite a few months after i get back... my sentence fluency is terrible in Enlgish hahaha

Tell them (Oaklie, Tina, Hunter and Tyler) Happy Birthday for me... I'll try to send a letter or something ha there are a lot of birthdays in August... well last one. I gotta go.
Love you all too!!! Find a big buck dad!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

August 9, 2010 Email

So heres the spill.... The package cost $60 to retrieve.... i dunno why, they opened it and sealed it back up.... but uh yeah every thing was still there... you guys did awesome with the pictures :) I love them. Next time you send a package just write what is "in it" like cookies or something of no value that sounds homemade and Candy and socks.... so yeah haha and because of that i had to use my missionary card to get it because there is no money on mine and i had bought a football the day before to use at the Játék Est (game night) so im broke haha
I got a haircut today and cleaned the apartment... ive been getting bit by something like crazy..... my ankles and knees and arms... so we tried to find a bug bomb but no luck just some RAID stuff that works like a bug bomb but ended up finding this stuff that is in every apartment to spray on our clothes and stuff and i used that and cleaned our room anyway... my hair is pretty short ill take a picture and send it in a different email...
This week we went to Budapest for zone conference, it was awesome... i felt that MTC "thing" again, i took notes like crazy and we went to a place called Szent Endre (holy Endre (name)) youll just have to see the pictures they are wayy cool haha
well my comp dies in a little more than a week.... i really like him.

I think i have recieved your letters... i dont know if they are the most recent but yeah i just got moms and joces letter this morning.... tell Tyler just to drive my truck.
Its been raining like crazy here too...

The work is starting to pick up but people just dont like change and the words religion and church and baptism are scarier than the word marriage to them hahahahaha but i would like to see this one kid get baptized next transfer and eventually his entire family
I had an idea about to get the members involved with finding people.... i said we should do a Referral Of the Week, where each family or member has a week assigned to set up a meeting with someone they know and they were way excited and said they had tons and i know its gonna bring a lot of people to us and i said our bribe is american chocolate chip cookies haha its gonna be way awesome...

oh yeah today i pulled the sink apart because there isnt a garbage disposal so it got wayy clogged i think my comp thinks i am like handy man hick hahaha i fixed the freezer door with my leatherman one day and he was amazed about that haha hes a smart kid but not mechanically inclined haha its very foreign to me. He’s a good missionary but i spent a day with one who needs to go home... i was on splits and he slept in til 8 30 both mornings and listened to very not appropriate music and the entire day we had 2 programs and nothing else... it was terrible...

Most of the people here arent poor poor but their middle class is like living in mountain shadow apartments. Its weird they couldnt care less about the outside of their house... haha just the inside... and they dont really pay attention to details like taping when painting around outlets and stuff hahaha

hey so i have a request... i need to get my music off my zune onto my archos but i cant do it here, so all i really want other than the sutff i asked for already (like TAB Choir) is all of the Dustin Kensrue music that is on my laptop, just send it all and i can delete the rest when its on the archos. Its really good P day music, i found out that he quotes Paul in a song he says, "The spirit is wiling, but the flesh is so weak." and tab choir for the rest of the days will be awesome! haha i love listening to them but we dont have a ton of music selection... and its kinda hard to come by... haha

(About hunting on Nebo) Yeah get up there... but know that you got one more trip to make up there when i get back... and im dead serious about that... we've never hunted together up there dad, so start gettin in shape or arrange for a horse or something...

Oh yeah.... at Szent Endre there were MILLIONS of booths that were selling animal hides, like deer, hog, elk, im bringing one home hahaha The rabbits here are really big haha

Please send me my papers via email, i can just print them here... i need them for my English class.

thanks for everything... :) this might be my last email... this place closes at 8 but im waiting for the other pictures to load while i write this other one haha

The referral thing is gonna be awesome... my comp has complimented me on my ideas a lot... im really thankful ive put the mission first my whole life, i think that is why i get the ideas and inspiration i get.... oh yeah, heres a cool but not cool thing... we walked out the apartment and walked past a family and they exchanged greetings very kindly and we continued walking... i felt like i needed to talk to them. I kept walking... i was told to turn around, i didnt dare go back, especially by myself.. i told my comp that that night... he said he felt he needed to talk to them too... this work is absolutely guided by the spirit... and all i can see is them dressed in white at the font... but we'll probably never see them again...

Picture time... also, how is Tyler doing? How is the family, how come no one has ten minutes to write me something? I emailed Jared my third or second week here.... ???? I dont have anyone elses email... so either give me the bros and siss emails so i can write them or they can take a few and write me...

All of these pictures are at Szent Endra

The next pictures are a couple of when i was on splits in Györ
and the rest is in Sopron at the District party where all the branches, well like a stake party,

we toured the city and ate and stuff, i was on splits there the last week of July, and me and the German elder ate at this place and i got a Pizza and they gave me TABASCO SAUCE!!!! so of course i had to use it because i have never seen it here but i found out at the party that you can buy it at the Sopron TESCO (euro walmart) becuase its not in our TESCO so we stopped and they had tortillas too, so, naturally.... hahaha and i used it on my scrambled eggs the next morning..... ahhhh mazing... hahaha

i gotta write something while im waiting for the pictures to load.... um, so i gitározni-d haha (hunglish, played guitar) in the city and one guy was interested for the english class and he came and after i talked with him and showed him my football and was way excited to hold it and stuff haha and i invited him to our Játék est (game night), sorry you just gotta remember what it means from now on... and we talked a little more and setup with him before the next class to teach english and about why we are here... i think he could be golden....

oh and to answer moms question.... EVERYONE Smokes here... everyone. its ridiculous... oh and they love their alcohol... when we wake up the bar across the street already has at least 3 old guys in it... hahaha its terrible...

So i love you all, continue to write as if im here, because i might be... i am so thankful we can communicate like this its very nice, i havent really had homesickness thus far... i have missed somethings like high school football just like i do every other day anyway.... haha but yeah, i feel much more secure because we can do this.... thanks for taking the time out of your day to let me feel of your love and for hearing my requests

oh tell mom very nice Hungarian usage haha she got it perfect except for she missed one letter but it doesnt affect the meaning or anything

sooo... igen Én is szeretlek az egész szívemmel, de én szeretlek többel.... (I love you with all of my heart too but I love you more) :P
Gotta go... Love ya