Monday, November 29, 2010

8 Months down...Snowed...I'M SO HAPPY!

Well, im on. Its cold. Im really really glad i bought that coat hahahaha wow. It finally snowed!!!!!!! IM SO HAPPY I CANT EVEN DESCRIBE!!! But its not a whole lot it like melts and freezes at the same time here, its weird. And the humidity really doesnt help. Whats the snow situation like there?
how is the family?? and how was THanksgiving???? Oh, jó étvágyat??? it means like good appetite! Thanksgiving was amazzzing hahaha wow. THe senior sisters almost got your rolls right.haha Very close but A little different baking soda kinda taste i dunno. Haha
(The missionaries went skating) haha awesome :) yeah, except my skates were terribly loose hahaha oh well still way fun to just mess around! I got the leggings and the stuff, i keep wanting to save the food hahahaha but i ate one of the Baby reds last night with some A1 sauce on it.... hahahaha wow... wow.... yum.
Ok i got the Pictures to work!!! woohoo keep em comin!!! hahaha
Hey i want you to put a different song on my blog please :) i just found it... O Holy Night by Dustin Kensrue... its amazing, in fact i encourage you all to download it :) its soo good and is centered on the reason we have Christmas.
So we finally got our 2 investigators to read and pray. The other is a lady we met through english class, just had a baby, has a "life partner" and we have been hoping to get them together everytime and our focus has been on her. the last time when we went over there, we asked, did you pray, and the dad was playing with the baby on the floor and the lady was sitting on the couch and she said no but at the same time we heard a yes.... ? huh? and he said he did... and the mom looked at him, and was like really? why? and he said he prayed for their baby, because it has some health issues so we uh were happy enough.
Haha everyone has an élet társ (life partner) he read a pamphlet we gave them and prayed?? so who knows?? so yeah. i hope it all works out.
Yeah, the church is still i little shaky here..... im not gonna lie. thats why the kids that go on missions from here get sent to Utah and Idaho, so they can see how the Church really should work and be the leaders later.So i went to one of the Christmas Fairs by us, its pretty cool, little trinket shops and hot chocolate and alchohol. haha but its way cool we plan on guitaring and singing at all of the Christmas fairs to advertise for the concert. i got a few tabs and chords to play :) so we will do what we can hahaha
Well, i gotta go i love you all sooooo much, thanks for all the prayers, and support, i gotta go buy some presents :D my favorite part of Christmas WUHOO!!!
Elder Hansen

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