Wednesday, November 3, 2010

NEW Apartment now we can WORK :)

November 2, 2010
Doing alright, found an apartment,
we are moved in, its brand new, and the most expensive one in the mission, and i feel really bad, but pres approved it. but there are some things that are holding it all up right now, but we can work now. Health. Still hate my face. Especially my nose. The stomach thing might be going away. Sis Baugh called the area DR because nothing has worked so far. He told me to get this stuff that they give to the island missionaries before they go home to kill worms and parasites and stuff like that. And it might be working. I will know more as the week goes on. But this might have done it, we will watch it. Im mobile and fine but thats my health update.
We have loads and loads of finding time ahead of us.... haha we have had programs and good things happen but nothing serious.... yet... haha one really cool story i wanna share with you is this: so it was saturday, went to sport day, on the way home sis baugh (Mission President Mom) called and told me to go get this stuff (medication). Tried to get it but they wont do it with out perscription, so i called First Med, the hospital i go to, and asked if that were possible, they said that they were closing (because everything closes at like 1 on saturday here) so we went home, ate and as we were getting ready, got a call, talked to the Dr explained, said he has it sitting on the front desk because it stays open for emergencies like an on call doctor. so we had a dillemma, 2 hours out of our day, or what? because we had a combined finding activity planned, but instead, we knew it wouldnt work out, so we went to the other Elders tabling spot at a train station to trade tables. We got there and decided to setup. 5 minutes later, this guy gets off a bus, walks right up to us and in near perfect English says, Hey ive been looking for you guys. and explains he lived in the states and has a lot of mormon friends and wants to go to church and learn more. he is also a lawyer so this guy seems way legit, while we are talking to him, this lady walks up and of course hungarian, and is looking and i ask if something interests her and she started talking to me while my comp was talking to the other guy and this lady was just fascinated about the BOM... she was like i cant believe i havent heard of this... More scripture? how much is it? of course its free.... and she was very interested and it was just me and her talking and said she would read the entire thing, it was cool. After that the other elders were there by now. and we traded and left to get more medicine!! YAY!!! and my comp said that the guy he was talking to was absolutely impressed with how well i spoke as a foreigner, and he had never heard it that well from a non hungarian. He obviously hasnt been around us much but it was really nice to hear. Not bad huh?
Well, that package was great except the pumpkin pie poptart was really broken but still amazing and the other one for some reason wasnt really broken haha i would take a couple of those pumpkin pie tarts and that could be my pumpkin pie haha oh, before i forget how do i make the skor cake?
still havent bought my coat yet, was gonna yesterday but everything was closed for day of the dead, they just honor the deceased, kinda like our memorial day, but at night. im still waiting and watching for coats. but it gets pretty cold here at night now. haha no snow though. just cold humidity...
This is where i live, where i was yesterday.... the river is right next to us.... um yeah, its really nice.
Yeah, tabling in the city is really good to do with so many people in one place.
i wanna send some little presents back to the family, who do i have this year for Christmas???? I dont have a clue what Christmas will be like with the phone things. i do know that if you are in the city, you get to watch BYU football games with president.... hahahaha
Oh hey right now i need you to send me some christmas pictures, of our tree of the house from the outside, if you could do that, wow, youd save my life, because we are talking about our holidays in english class now and they love to see pictures of our stuff. I showed them a picture of homes in Utah lit up, no one believed it was real. hahaha so yeah, like 5 pics would do. i would love to share them. Especially of the house and how i like decorate for Christmas.... hahhaahah
hahaha um has Devin come got my sled yet??? he needs to oil it up hahah
Love you all too, take care, sorry i havent written, i wrote a million letters to everyone last week and got pictures out to them but you will get one written to you next Monday... I love you. I hope you are enjoying the home. It looks so warm and cozy there right now! wow. haha thanks for your love. I wrote amber an email that i wanted to write to you also but didnt have time to re write but you can talk to her about what it was about. i love you all. put up ALL the Christmas lights for me :D hahaha
Oh and i pretty much could understand all of the last part in Hungarian you wrote, one part was a little unclear but the rest was perfect :) keep learning and where did you get that??? who helped or taught you? how? haha impressive.
Love you guys. You really do mean the world to me. My toes are cold right now so im missing a warm hug more than usual haha. Be good. Cherish Christmas, and watch the Grinch and Polar Express for me :)
Sok szeretettel,
Elder Hansen

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