Tuesday, August 31, 2010

3:30 a.m. August 30, 2010

Hey i happen to be on if you are online haha
(Mom woke up and the thought came … just check. He had just sent his email a few minutes earlier so she wrote back, “Ya I just checked ... still there?”)
I sure am hahaha wow you are a trooper! (So mom woke dad and middle of the night frenzy of emailing began!)

Ok haha so this week was ugh... we got nothing done, but one night i begged and prayed to see success here, i haven't seen anything so far and it bugs me but this happened: so a guy me and smith tracted into seemed nice and we said we had church and said he would love to come but would be out of town the next 2 weeks with his family and asked, "Im not baptized, it that a problem" like hes never been baptized in a church or anything haha and of course we said NO NO that is in no way a problem....... when he got back he called us, now me and caviness (Trev’s Comp), and confirmed the time and place of church. He came the next day and i sat by him because he was late and i waited outside so he wouldnt miss it haha and i talked to him and he said it was really great and he felt good. then thursday morning he called and said he would like to talk to us and so we ran over to the branch house and met him in 20 min, and he told us he really enjoyed church and was gonna bring his wife this week. we read a scripture about the spirit, he said he felt really good when one of the people were talking about faith, we said that thats the spirit telling you its right and true, he agreed and said, it really is....... but ended not being able to come this week, because he had to work or something to do with Budapestso yeah, i hope he comes into the water...
(We told him we were praying for him and those he would come in contact with)
Thanks, i hope we can bring our teaching pool up, i have to crack the whip on my comp because he isnt a fan of the white handbook and believes that just because some of our rules and proceedures are different than a lot of missions means that other things are acceptable. I dont believe that. we have different rules and its very different than the rest of the missions in the world but we should still hold tightly to the white handbook.
Oh yeah i forgot to say, the guy said sorry, he only got 2 chapters read.... hahahaha if he follows through and ETT3 (Endures To The End) he will be branch president material... no joke.

Hows the family???? i got a ton of music from the APs onto my Archos :) and the PMG and BOM worked great, thanks!!! hey, when you send a package, can you send like cake mix or something instead of the brownies? we can make the brownies pretty easy but they dont have cake like we do.... haha they dont like a lot of sugar.... we think its because they never brush their teeth, and im not exaggerating.... they dont brush their teeth.... hahaha

(We just encouraged him to keep close to and follow the spirit, rules, etc.)

I know haha trust me... since going home i have this burning desire to keep the rules with such exactness, not that im perfect but i love keeping it straight and clean haha it just feels awesome because i know how it feels not to be like that because of home... it really was a blessing. Hows the cabin?? Are the leaves changing yet??? Because i need pictures, more pictures of the cabin!!!! and Elk and Deer....
Have you got the picture website thing figured out??

Nice, well i dont have any cool pictures for you today... but i will in a few hours hahaha wheres the pictures??? :)

(We told him we just tried the Walmart Photo thing and to go see if it worked)
nice ok i will try it right now... hey you gotta send some leaves to me when you send a package haha and a million pictures just take 5 minutes every night to load a few pictures up, haha ;) well maybe not that intense... just send me some.... i love fall, you know i do, because that means it can snow... oh my gosh! its basically winter!!!!

oh, bad news... my feet grew... the Under Armour running shoes... dont fit my comp offered to buy them let me know what you think... i will eventually have to get all new shoes hahaha sorry.....

Hey, could you possibly make a little timeline movie of the cabin and make sure its in M-PEG 4 format??? it doesnt have to be horribly long, just throw a bunch of pictures in there and email it to me, you can send it if you zip it or compress the file, then i can watch that on p days because i have decided not to watch movies while im here even though Pres allows us... thanks :) haha you can slowly work on that... hey, that could be my newsletter!!!! haha and i could just keep them on my archos!!!

ya there?

Write quick, i gotta go!!!

Love you all! Jaci emailed me... that was way nice of her...

Be good family and take awesome pictures...

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