Monday, August 23, 2010

New Missionary Thing

Email-August 23, 2010
Hello mom and dad. Ill be on at 4 or like 330. I am in Budapest because we finished up the passport and stuff... See ya then :)

Hello i am on!!!
Well, things are good. I got my new comp, he is pretty cool, but i have to step up greatly in a lot of ways. Language and leadership especially. Im very grateful for this opportunity... So i talked to President about what was bugging me, he laughed at me and gave me a blessing.... hahahaha
Well i just got all of Elder Houstmans music on my Archos!!! He is an AP and we are pretty tight. We listen to the exact same music, he is way cool. It has tons of Hymns redone and awesome MOTAB stuff, with a million other things hahaha it was almost 8 gb of music hahaha and tomorrow we go back to Budapest and ill give him my music and put the Zune music onto the Archos and it will be complete! :)
How are you all?
Investigators.... we have a lot of finding to do... a lot. We gotta find people who are serious and will stick with it instead of just barátkozni-ing (friending) hahaha but there is some potential with a few people we have in the circle of potentials and interested-s...
Here are a million pictures... we had a super P Day Friday because its a national holiday, like our 4th of July but they have like 8 of them haha but it celebrates when they were conquered... ha. weird.

well my comp has more stuff than ive ever seen a missionary have... 5 bull whips, they are super famous... i will come home with a couple... few haha they are hard to whip really good but ive only tried 2 times so far haha they are soo cool.

so on the super p day we went to Győr and walked around thinking there would be a thing to go to or something but there wasnt so we just walked around and i took pictures, the churches are cool but creepy at the same time hahaha

So yeah, i have feel like a senior comp. no kidding. haha i have to show everything to him, i think eventually i will just run everything but the ZL stuff.
So i drive now, i could have drove since i got here but just didnt care to get my international license. Well.... they are European drivers, like nice and crazy at the same time... really impatient but let you in lanes and you flash your hazard lights for a few seconds to say thank you ha its cool but there are crazy crazy drivers too haha

These pictures are in Szombathely at the district monthly youth party.... these things are setup by the Senior couples and this one was a water fight hahahaha it was way fun...

oh yes.... the new missionary thing.... so they are changing missionary work world wide.... a simplified curriculum, the 8 most important steps/lessons that lead to conversion... we are going to Budapest in a week to stay for a 3 day training... the whole mission, but not at one time, half and half... so its pretty crazy, they told me and Smith about a month ago but we had to keep it super quiet haha so its gonna be crazy, we will go back to Budapest once a month to review these things... crazy!
Nothing with either (proselyting or progressing investigators)... and so far no, he (Trev’s Comp is Zone Leader) has had to study this new curriculum for tomorrow and yeah but i will make us find time to find, we havent done much because its kinda been way crazy lately...
So i sent you a letter! its not super long but it has some stuff that i havent already told you haha
thats so cool its turning into fall already!!! this year is pretty much gone, hahaha fall will be winter and we will start it over again... haha as soon as i learn this language really well, which i plan on being amazing at, time will fly and i can just love to talk with everyone, its hard, because some people will just stare and get weird looks on their faces ha i dont feel that bad anymore because my grammar is better than my comp, and they get weird looks on their faces and he goes home in December.... but i plan on being where he is next or this transfer... haha
Pronunciation is the hardest part haha and yeah, this is the hardest language in the world, its hard!.... they arent usually very tolerant to understand people just starting out unless they are members or there are people who really appreciate us learning it... but in English, we are soooo tolerant of people learning our language…they have terrible pronunciation and i could…try not to understand but i try… like when they say TOT for that!
Yeah i can actually understand really well right now, i can separate the words but i just need more words hahaha well is there anything else you wanna ask? we are about ready to head out... how are the kids Jeff, Tyler, Angie, Trisha?
Oh yeah, thanks for the money and the BOM AND PMG... should work perfectly :)
OK, im praying for all you also. Jared wrote back, actually Sky Dunn emailed me haha that girl i worked with in Ephraim town, nobody else has... send me everyones email i only have like, jareds.... hahaha well i gotta go, watch for my letter :D Love everyone.
Thanks for the love, i sure can feel it.
Keep it real family. and have some fun! but not too much because you gotta have some left for when i get back hahaha

Szeretlek benneteket ennyire, a teljes szívemmel! (Parent translation: I love you so much, with all of my heart!)
Legyetek boldogok, legyetek együtt. (Roughly translated by the parents: Be ye blessed together.)
Hansen Elder

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