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Email August 2, 2010

Hey im on, i hope you are too hahaha just got your letter and WICKEL SENT ME ONE, HAVENT READ IT YET so im gonna do that before i type much unless you get on :)
Hello!!!! how is everyone!!!???Im doing pretty good, i slept at my apartment like 3 times this week because we went to Sopron for splits then to Szombathely and i stayed there at both places for 2 nights and in Szombathely it was just me and the older Elder Smith who is comps with the Smith in my group (we say same age, like we were born the same time haha and we die when we leave) so yeah hahaha then we went to Györ for baptismal interviews so we havent been in Pápa very much this week hahahaha [Soft Break]I have not recieved my package yet, dont worry, as long as its plain and looks non expensive or brandname business box itll be fine... so it should be here this week maybe even tomorrow, did you send it to Pápa or to the mission home? send everything directly to me except for Christmas packages i guess is what they say... your turn :)
My back is feeling better, it goes up and down but it goes higher and higher everytime, i think its just the cycle its in, but my air mattress has a hole in it somewhere and i blow it up nice and tight to support my back and then it gets pretty soggy by the morning... so if its ok with you i might need to get a different one? this one is totally pvc and squeaks really bad too haha and the air chambers are kinda uncomfortable but not bad for 7 bucks hahahaha oh, i also have to buy a football in Budapest tomorrow for our game night (játék est) ((where we get people to come listen to a quick message and we play games and stuff)) so that i can teach them how to play REAL football.... hahahaha and also a pull up bar we forgot to get one before i left and Szombathely had one and i used it to do pull ups and hang and it helped my back sooooo much oh and we rode bikes in Szombathely they re called Bácsi Bikes (baCHi bikes) everyone rides bikes here and anyway, i dont have pictures but ill be in an area sooner or later with bikes because president heard it is much more efficient to use them, and they are, unless you have a car like us haha but i think we need scooters.... they go everywhere, and you can put them on your backpack and walk, Te Jössz (you go)
Yeah i had to use my card for groceries one day because of the transfer rate and i was just on the edge of working but yeah haha i could probably use the mission card for the bed or just whatever its up to you. My language is really starting to roll. I just made an awesome language study plan using the principles of relearning and confusion hahaha yeah, we have to use crazy ways to find people they are way too reserved. They have a heart attack when you say hello haha and asking them how they are doing gets the look of Why??
Cool so the letter from Wicks was one from when i was in the MTC... haha he asked for some of the refill paper there but yeah... ha hes doing great He also said he is gonna be sending me a cd of guy who recorded some songs on the Ukalali ? Hawaii guitar... while he was on his mission so yeah im excited.
Here is some more pictures the one on the balcony and stuff if it gets in this letter is in Sopron and 2 German elders are there. and the Haslems from Utah.... His company designed our hospital i guess haha (in nephi)
Well yup. Ok sweet. Yeah this last week it has rained quite a bit its really cool when it rains here... just because it smells like normal awesome rain haha yeah i feel fall coming too haha i hope it snows next week hahahahaha. Oh yeah, we met with 2 of the Americans.... one is actually a member who got married in the SL temple. The other is the one we met with the first time... Gabby... and yeah i think good thing will happen eventually... [Soft Break]The one who got sealed in the SL temple is from Payson haha and knows or is good friends or is related to Baxters... like Chealsie baxters mom or grandma... her name is like Dwayna or just D....
*Information added (not from Trevor): This gal e-mailed Deanne Baxter (a friend of hers) who emailed it to her mother, Debbie, and said "Show this to Gay." Debbie works with Gay. Debbie came out of her office freaking out that Trevor had made contact with Deanne's Friend. I will get a copy of it maybe sometime and post the email.

We havent got another lesson with the bball kids yet, um my comp said they went good. He is a ZL so he interviews them and i don't ha you sent coconutbars!!!!?? :) haha

I made quite the breakfast this morning haha oh yeah, in Szombathely we were in a gas station and i saw this book and bought it without hesitation hahahahahahaha show jeff and jared... ask jared why he hasnt emailed me back... and tell someone in the family to write me! what the heck? haha

These animals really are in Hungary hahaha cool huh???
Ok well i gotta go... so ill talk to you later.... I love you all... I love you Joce!!!  ha Good luck Amber with the moving!  [Soft Break]Keep it real fam!
Ha yes and there is an awesome store by us that im gonna get something from that has all that cool Euro hunting things in it like plates and ties and stuff... well i love you !

The one of the jeep looking car is to show to devin hahaha they have a quite a few Suzuki Samurais here hahaha sorry my pictures are kinda boring.

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