Wednesday, August 11, 2010

August 9, 2010 Email

So heres the spill.... The package cost $60 to retrieve.... i dunno why, they opened it and sealed it back up.... but uh yeah every thing was still there... you guys did awesome with the pictures :) I love them. Next time you send a package just write what is "in it" like cookies or something of no value that sounds homemade and Candy and socks.... so yeah haha and because of that i had to use my missionary card to get it because there is no money on mine and i had bought a football the day before to use at the Játék Est (game night) so im broke haha
I got a haircut today and cleaned the apartment... ive been getting bit by something like crazy..... my ankles and knees and arms... so we tried to find a bug bomb but no luck just some RAID stuff that works like a bug bomb but ended up finding this stuff that is in every apartment to spray on our clothes and stuff and i used that and cleaned our room anyway... my hair is pretty short ill take a picture and send it in a different email...
This week we went to Budapest for zone conference, it was awesome... i felt that MTC "thing" again, i took notes like crazy and we went to a place called Szent Endre (holy Endre (name)) youll just have to see the pictures they are wayy cool haha
well my comp dies in a little more than a week.... i really like him.

I think i have recieved your letters... i dont know if they are the most recent but yeah i just got moms and joces letter this morning.... tell Tyler just to drive my truck.
Its been raining like crazy here too...

The work is starting to pick up but people just dont like change and the words religion and church and baptism are scarier than the word marriage to them hahahahaha but i would like to see this one kid get baptized next transfer and eventually his entire family
I had an idea about to get the members involved with finding people.... i said we should do a Referral Of the Week, where each family or member has a week assigned to set up a meeting with someone they know and they were way excited and said they had tons and i know its gonna bring a lot of people to us and i said our bribe is american chocolate chip cookies haha its gonna be way awesome...

oh yeah today i pulled the sink apart because there isnt a garbage disposal so it got wayy clogged i think my comp thinks i am like handy man hick hahaha i fixed the freezer door with my leatherman one day and he was amazed about that haha hes a smart kid but not mechanically inclined haha its very foreign to me. He’s a good missionary but i spent a day with one who needs to go home... i was on splits and he slept in til 8 30 both mornings and listened to very not appropriate music and the entire day we had 2 programs and nothing else... it was terrible...

Most of the people here arent poor poor but their middle class is like living in mountain shadow apartments. Its weird they couldnt care less about the outside of their house... haha just the inside... and they dont really pay attention to details like taping when painting around outlets and stuff hahaha

hey so i have a request... i need to get my music off my zune onto my archos but i cant do it here, so all i really want other than the sutff i asked for already (like TAB Choir) is all of the Dustin Kensrue music that is on my laptop, just send it all and i can delete the rest when its on the archos. Its really good P day music, i found out that he quotes Paul in a song he says, "The spirit is wiling, but the flesh is so weak." and tab choir for the rest of the days will be awesome! haha i love listening to them but we dont have a ton of music selection... and its kinda hard to come by... haha

(About hunting on Nebo) Yeah get up there... but know that you got one more trip to make up there when i get back... and im dead serious about that... we've never hunted together up there dad, so start gettin in shape or arrange for a horse or something...

Oh yeah.... at Szent Endre there were MILLIONS of booths that were selling animal hides, like deer, hog, elk, im bringing one home hahaha The rabbits here are really big haha

Please send me my papers via email, i can just print them here... i need them for my English class.

thanks for everything... :) this might be my last email... this place closes at 8 but im waiting for the other pictures to load while i write this other one haha

The referral thing is gonna be awesome... my comp has complimented me on my ideas a lot... im really thankful ive put the mission first my whole life, i think that is why i get the ideas and inspiration i get.... oh yeah, heres a cool but not cool thing... we walked out the apartment and walked past a family and they exchanged greetings very kindly and we continued walking... i felt like i needed to talk to them. I kept walking... i was told to turn around, i didnt dare go back, especially by myself.. i told my comp that that night... he said he felt he needed to talk to them too... this work is absolutely guided by the spirit... and all i can see is them dressed in white at the font... but we'll probably never see them again...

Picture time... also, how is Tyler doing? How is the family, how come no one has ten minutes to write me something? I emailed Jared my third or second week here.... ???? I dont have anyone elses email... so either give me the bros and siss emails so i can write them or they can take a few and write me...

All of these pictures are at Szent Endra

The next pictures are a couple of when i was on splits in Györ
and the rest is in Sopron at the District party where all the branches, well like a stake party,

we toured the city and ate and stuff, i was on splits there the last week of July, and me and the German elder ate at this place and i got a Pizza and they gave me TABASCO SAUCE!!!! so of course i had to use it because i have never seen it here but i found out at the party that you can buy it at the Sopron TESCO (euro walmart) becuase its not in our TESCO so we stopped and they had tortillas too, so, naturally.... hahaha and i used it on my scrambled eggs the next morning..... ahhhh mazing... hahaha

i gotta write something while im waiting for the pictures to load.... um, so i gitározni-d haha (hunglish, played guitar) in the city and one guy was interested for the english class and he came and after i talked with him and showed him my football and was way excited to hold it and stuff haha and i invited him to our Játék est (game night), sorry you just gotta remember what it means from now on... and we talked a little more and setup with him before the next class to teach english and about why we are here... i think he could be golden....

oh and to answer moms question.... EVERYONE Smokes here... everyone. its ridiculous... oh and they love their alcohol... when we wake up the bar across the street already has at least 3 old guys in it... hahaha its terrible...

So i love you all, continue to write as if im here, because i might be... i am so thankful we can communicate like this its very nice, i havent really had homesickness thus far... i have missed somethings like high school football just like i do every other day anyway.... haha but yeah, i feel much more secure because we can do this.... thanks for taking the time out of your day to let me feel of your love and for hearing my requests

oh tell mom very nice Hungarian usage haha she got it perfect except for she missed one letter but it doesnt affect the meaning or anything

sooo... igen Én is szeretlek az egész szívemmel, de én szeretlek többel.... (I love you with all of my heart too but I love you more) :P
Gotta go... Love ya

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