Friday, August 27, 2010

A Letter in the Mail- #2 from Hungary

August 16?, 2010

Mother dearest and Father,

Well, the email talk was great I feel so pumped and happy.

I kinda lied when I said we didn't have any progressing investigators. He actually just became one after we emailed. ha. Way tight kid. His anme is Csaba, (Chabah) and let us right in the first time an could tell he was sincere. He is 15, and today we met again, he had read what we gave him in the first day. he had a ton of awesome questions today and agreed to meet 3 times a week!
Then we asked him what he was doing after we left, because I received inspiration to ask investigators to show them that they really did have time to read ha! And he said he was going to read ha! And he said he was going to read what we gave him without us even encouraging him! He could be awesome!

August, 19: (Trevor has an arrow pointing to the above info about Csaba specifically to the words, "He could be awesome" then the words "but not anymore..." Well got my new Comp, Caviness, From Washington, you'll know already. We got a super P-day August 19 so we email you then :).

Well, right now we're in the Branch House and just got dogged (Probably by Csaba) so we're gonna street for a last time then pack my Comp's stuff. (Trev's Comp is headed home! Trev was his last comp so as they say in the mission field, Trevor killed him.)

My comp is very cool and I feel like a senior comp. It rocks! I got your letters today. Ha! You sent them 3 days apart and I got both today.

Sorry this is short, but I wanted to tell you I love you! Things are great! Haven't read your letters yet but I will answer stuff in the emai tomorrow if I have to. :)

Love you all!
Szeretlek benneteket ennyire
(This has to say "I love you this much"
because of the never ending arrow below it)
Hansen Elder

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