Tuesday, August 17, 2010

2 a.m. Email August 16, 2010

Hey im on, sorry, the computer place didnt open til 10..... stay awake!
I wrote down something that came to my mind one day... Are we warriors, or worriers? i just read one of my papers about how i felt after high school... stuff happens... i gotta move on and trust that im ok and that the Lord loves me. I think also that this will help me understand the Atonement much more and my desire to share the gospel will increase... it says that in PMG. I asked to understand His Atonement deeper.... Looks like He answered... he answers my questions in my prayers before i can even ask them... i need to stand up and be the missionary I want to be.

Lately i have been studying Moroni and writing down everything that made him Moroni... and the absolute stud of a leader he was... i expect to reflect somewhat of his image as i stand at the pulpit in a couple years. This is where we can be as close to being Christ, than in any other place in our life... I plan to study the apostles, and of course, our Savior, The greatest leader that has ever walked the earth. Thank you for the papers, it puts me in a more deeper state of mind and helps me realize that stuff happens.

Crazyy day yesterday... this is in Tatabánya the cave and the giant bird...

it rained like crazy for 10 minutes when we got there... it stopped, then we went to the cave,
almost fell off that cliff. then went to tesco because all the fire wood was too soaked to have that bacon roast thing, and then it poured and poured again so yeah hahaha

(Some of the things that are said and passed on in his mission) Bro LeFivre said in the MTC, "Awkward, it’s what we do." And i told that to Landon haha it’s, “Do work son, the Lords work.”

Hey can you get on our desk top computer and send me the PDF version PREACH MY GOSPEL AND BOOK OF MORMON??? it should be on mine but you can search for it... so i can have it on the Archos

ok well, how is the family? i have to get going in a few minutes... HOW IS TYLER????

Right now, we have no progressing investigators and my new comp is Elder Cavinis from Washington, the state. I haven’t met him yet, I will tomorrow when we are in Budapest trading comps out. I’m still with Smith, we go to Budapest tomorrow to transfer.

Thanks for all the help... seriously, and the papers, I’ve read a few while waiting, i dunno why but they help me so much... i won’t be able to write like that for quite a few months after i get back... my sentence fluency is terrible in Enlgish hahaha

Tell them (Oaklie, Tina, Hunter and Tyler) Happy Birthday for me... I'll try to send a letter or something ha there are a lot of birthdays in August... well last one. I gotta go.
Love you all too!!! Find a big buck dad!

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