Monday, July 26, 2010

July 26th, 2010, Email

I bought a guitar, as you can see in the picture.... It was 75 bucks... and sounds amazing.

(From mom) Hi Trev...I just checked are you still here? Mom

I sure am!!!! I love you!

We havent been here long... the pictures are loading...

something wayyy cool this week (short version) we were driving to szorolapozni (to pass out english class fliers and we saw this kid walking around a school with a basketball and we were just like whoa!!! basketball is rare here, and smith said he knew him from english class and i said turn around! lets go talk to him, and hes a basketball player too!!! haha so we walked around the school and he had 3 friends playing ball at the school which was a golden find because ball courts are uber rare here and pretty decent for outside, i told smith to tell them if we win we get to teach them, and we were in pros clothes hahaha and i wasted them hardcore and the next day or something 2 of the 3 that said they could make it came and are decently interested and one seems to be pretty intrigued by our message, they re all just way cool anyway haha
Send me tabs for Identity Crisis, you remind of home, wish you were here, and yeah hymns are awesome!!! haha anything of good report that would attract people to us when im singing. haha thanks for the pictures people love to see things of america here... and oh my gosh they LOVE AMERICAN INDIANS haha half or more of the houses ive been in have indian pictures and or books about indians haha they love the "american free old west" story if you know what im saying....
And you sent the old Archos right? haha yeah its way easy to use, just like a USB, thats why it will be nice to have, a couple investigators and members want some of my Dustin Kensrue music. What else did you put on it, like the tab choir??? :)
I get way nervous at random times, like i know exactly how to say it but im around hungarians now and they say things a lot different hahaha like asking someone how they are doing is weird unless youre in a conversation and yeah kinda weird so door approaches are still wierd for me because i cant ask how they are doing which is a really good ice breaker in America haha the Hungs want it to the point right now.! hahaha but im getting to where im separating every word almost and not just the ones i know haha so its just a matter of learning more words and grammar... oh, um if you could send a few of my papers i wrote in college to me that would seriously help my english class SOOOO much... we need things to read that are metaphorical and slangy so they can understand how we say things... pick a few of your favorite, i might have you send more later but the one about Fear where the girl walks out the door and something something? and any of the ones where my professor wrote good things about it ok haha sorry i have so much but that really would help my class soo much...

Heres some more pictures, a good update, the apartment, that sandwich is a normal meal or snack the roll is the zsemle i talked about zs = pleaSure the ultimate cheap food, like not even a nickel for one!!! haha the cheese is amazing haha and the ham is from the deli thing, they dont sell packs of meat like our ham, theres only like 6 slices and its more expensive than 12 slices of deli ham haha and that juice you see or will see, is THE GREATEST JUICE IN THE WORLD. I will come home with: suitcase, a tie guy tie bag (bag of ties), and juice and snacks so you can taste the most amazing juice in the world.... hahahah The pics in the park is Játék est (game night) (Inserted by Gay: "sounds a little like "Nebo Heights' Night Games to me!") i thought it would be a good way to find people and get younger people introduced to the church, these are the kind of things that keep the church going here haha
Oh yeah English class is the best way to find in every area of hungary... i thought we should do 2 days instead of just one and we have got quite a bit of people who came, it was the first class of this session. There are 10 lessons. I might buy a guitar my last 2 days here and bring 2 home with me ;) hahaha the sticker was given to me by a recent convert who is way awesome... knows the gospel inside and out haha His name is Bálint.
oh yeah thats the pope praying, i dunno if i told you this but Pápa means pope haha
Oh yeah, they are usually in the begginer class. but yes we tract the communist cement apartment buildings and at actual houses too but you have to ring a door bell at the gate because these people are loners haha they have everything fenced off...
I gotta go, I love you all!!! oh yeah its been rainy and stormy lately, soooo nice haha BYE!!!
this is my "messed up" bed (the one in the back, the air mattress is the black thing on the floor), i just figured out how to turn it into a couch, where it folds is where the board is, i might buy a different air mattress because mine squeaks every time i move and yeah, id get the one with the flocked top, its deflated in the picture because we are going to Sopron today for baptismal interviews and we are staying over there.
oh and the dance pictures is a pioneer day we took some investigators and some of the branch to in Szombathely (saturdayplace) haha we had a fire and cooked hot dogs and Sister Haslem the senior couple cooked peach cobbler!!!!!!!! hahaha it was amazing, never thought id have that in HUngary...
The wheel barrow race was with the pioneer day in Szombathely. There are 2 kids Ádám and Albert who are investigating but are pretty much mormon but they dont know it, we have a goal to baptize the whole family... Ádám is the one in the wheel barrow, and Albert has glasses on and kinda looks like Dallas, my cousin.... hahaha but yeah the rest are members as far as i know from Pápa but the pics of the girl and her sister are not active but their brother is always.... always with us... i think its a little ridiculous but oh well... i wish i could speak so i could be more bold with people haha i have to go at the pace of my trainer because i cant do it all on my own haha

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