Saturday, July 24, 2010

The MISSING or LOST Email... from July 5th

Hey everybody... Things are going good here... its really hard to type be cause the keyboards are different.
Ok... Im in Pápa. North westish. My comp is another Elder Kyle Smith from California. This is his last transfer. So ill kill him. THats how they say it here. haha he is pretty cool. Theres not a ton a new things happening in Pápa. Church was ok, i bore my testimony. Um the language has picked up a lot since today.

We went on a hike with this kid named lacko (lots ko) and his little brother Tommi. Lacko is with us a lot. kinda weird but whatever. I wouldnt say elder smith is totally trunky but hes not very intense, just kinda floats. But oh well ill be able to do more things the way i wanna when i can speak better and have learned more about how things work. Im always tired. my bed has a 2x4 in the middle of it, where it folds up. its ridiculous. the people here have some ridiculous ideas. So ive been sleeping on the floor. Im going to buy a mattress pad today. Sorry, but i cant sleep on a 2x4. Well today on the hike i talked a lot with tommi and he helped me with the language a lot and so its coming along. I have a pretty good missionary vocab but i need to know what people are saying haha So yeah. i uh wish i would have put more music on my zune, i dunno if pres is just very leinient or what but i only put things on that had religious words and its anything thats calm. so uh yeah, i got a lot more of that stuff. well, i dunno what to say. its really hot here. welcome to the surface of the sun. oh and i have yet to run out of breath here. its ridiculous. nobody will wave here. no one. the members are all really nice but nobody waves. our apartment is pretty nice. the food is good if someone knows how to cook. but the water is always bubbly. they sell normal not bubbly water but they dont buy it haha and its not carbonated water. they have that and you mix in szürp. (syrup) and thats kinda cool. the sausage is way good here. we have our own washing machine. they are tiny here. just like everything else here. our apartment is pretty decent size though. i have more pictures but mycamera is dead and these are my comps. the english class was interesting there were only 2 girls about my age in the Profi Class. (pro) and they wouldnt talk or anything it was weird. but yeah. so yeah, we havent found a lot of people. theyre all so antisocial anti-nice they wont talk. um... we have a car because hes a zone leader. a lot of places are getting bikes so ill get a bike sometime on my mission.

Is the plant that you see in the picture poison ivy or is it something else???

i have ups and downs. things will get a lot better as i learn the language.


I love you soooo much. I wish i could send you something, but uh, yeah.

Well i forgot my folder with everyones email in it so pass this on. I gotta write to Skee for his address.

Well, let me know if you want to know anymore... OH, funny thing. we have streeted and tracted and tracting was the only thing that found anyone who was interested. Í wish i could speak and understand better so i could be more bold with my approaches.

Um, the first night was nice, i slept in the mission home. Its wayyyy nice. ha. i went running with the AP s the next morning down to the Danube River. It was way cool. But i was tired all day and i still am.

This one guy we tracted into, makes his own honey and gave us some, its wayy good. He said you can take sugar from the store and the bees will make honey with it and you get a 5 times profit... haha

But yeah things are good, im adjusting better each day. My back is stiff sometimes but when i study in the morning i wear my brace so it doesnt put pressure on it.

My Address:
Ady Sétány Utca 7/ II / 6

The II is the roman numeral 2-

Ok, the needs, when you send me a package....
My shirts.
Shoe polish.
American food, ill tell you later unless you send it this week then just send peanut butter or something, im not dying for anything really haha
Pillow case.
Some pine needles or a small bow/branch whatever.
Maybe a few of Moms Rolls :) tightly sealed haha
welll thats about it.

Love ya!!!

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