Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mid-night Email

Im on.... are you still up???? hahaha
wow... trooper... this is Mom right??
I'm feeling a lot better... the doctor called Sis Baughman and said it was one of the 3 bacteria she suspected.... so food poisoning basically....
thanks for the pictures :) especially of tyler driving the Buick, that ones way cool, i put them on my camera...

Im excited today because the doctor oked me to eat normal food but i gotta go into it slowly.... I gotta tell you haha these keyboards are weird, the Z and Y are switched and the punctuations are really hard to get to hahaha so thats why i dont put apostrophes and my spelling is horrible because its all red because its not hungarian haha
Heres the only picture worth showing today haha its on this tiny road behind our apartment that is next to the branch house haha i loved it...

i miss REAL cars soooo bad.... everyone drives these pathetic little 2 stroke scooters haha and some ride real dirtroad bikes and bullet bikes. and i was wondering if they had 4 wheelers around here and the next day in this same spot there was this weird medium sized 4 wheeler with a 50 cc engine in it hahahaha
i recropped the guitar one, it looks pretty cool.

and the other is when i was sick in the Celestial Room at the mission home haha
oh yeah they say hello here, and they mostly use it for goodbye.... im having a hard tiem adjusting to that hahahahaha
Are Trevor and Ryan in the SAME mission???? you didnt say in your letter....
WHAT?!?!?!?!!!! Thats crazy!!!! hahahahaha..... AHhh im so jealous!!! that would be soo cool!!!!
She (Liz Reese) actually came to the Mission home or call or something, anyway she came there and i gave her a blessing, the office elders pulled me out of greenie training and asked me to do it.... this mission is not a strict mission.... Pres is about moving the work forward in anyway shape or form... if it breaks a rule but gets someone to Christ we've done our job.... so it wasnt in anyway a big deal for the Pest (Budapest) elders not to give her a blessing.
Yeah its nice but its strange that he doesnt like guitars, because every mission in the world has guitars in the apartments but they cant really have music either haha but i have permission to buy a guitar which is wicked awesome!!!

no one gets to buy a guitar :)
Today's agenda... we just got done with studies... we never leave the apartment til 11, exercise, food, pers, comp, language. so we havent tracted. most of our day is gonna be spent fliering (hunglish) going to the 4stories and putting enlglish fliers in mail boxes, its not illegal here? haha weird i know.... but you can only put things in so its not bad, just like all of hungary its locked up and communicitized haha but we get most of our investigators form english class, we have 1000 to hand out today.... it starts wed.... ha we couldnt do it because i was sick...
oh yeah, then we'll eat, and tract tonight (at this point the server in Nephi went down, I should have just used my cell phone to let him know but my grogginess did not allow me to think effectively. So Trevor started asking)
Are sleeping???
Are you sleeping?? ****
Well... sweet dreams... i gotta get going, love ya! keep findin the big bucks for me dad... haha

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