Monday, July 19, 2010

Email Catch-up :) 7-19-2010

Finally we feel like we made contact!
Trevor wrote:
well, im back in Pápa now, this is email is working now. I got pretty sick wed, it started tues with a bad headache, anyway wed we drove to Budapest and yeah the hospitals are absolute horror film hospitals.... but we ended up going to First Med and its as new as our places are but its more of a clinic but i have 1 of 3 types of bacteria. An intestinal infection and just felt horrible. But i stayed at the Mission Home since wed and just slept and i went nuts and got out of there today, i dont feel one hundred percent but ill live... And while i was there i went down stairs to take the sacrament and saw Liz Reese walk in... haha so yeah, but i gave her a blessing today before we left. Im only eating stuff like rice and mashed potatoes and stuff that is easy on my stomach, they have me on quite a few things so i hope it just goes away...

Ok, so missionary work...... well i think i told you that we had dinner with an American family... they didnt really seem interested but they were way nice and she talked to me a little bit at the dinner about how i learned the language which i think sparked her interest, but her aunt is lds and asked her to feed us if we were in her town.... the next day we called back and told her thanks and that we'd like to meet again... she called back and said that her and 4 of her friends want to hear our message....!!!!!!!!!!! the next day it turned into her and 6 friends with their children!!!!!!!!! we should have taught them friday but i was sick and locked in the Celestial room (top floor of the mission home) haha so that will get done this week... i cant wait to teach and explain like i want to :D hahaha i had greenie training today it was pretty boring haha but i gave Liz (Reese)a blessing after and i hope it helps her... thats pretty intense, bro and sis just wandering europe hahaha but i think it will help her.... well.... i think i gotta get going..... I love you all, Talk to you at 3 in the morning..... hahaha so 11 30 ish after our studies and ill talk more.

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