Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Things Are Good - 9-13-10

Things are good. Hows the family?

I think im just growing. I feel taller, like i cant bend over for things like i used to, or maybe its just my ubersensitivity to my back.... im still about 170... but the missionary mall shirts make me look like a little kid... its pretty bad... and they dont stay tucked in... I got your letter (mom) and i got your letter a week ago (dad) that was printed, not exactly sure what it said.

Its been cloudy for 2 weeks... im kinda sick of it... not gonna lie...

My health is good, im still fighting my back... i got these Chi Herbal patches that you put on your feet when you sleep and they take the toxins out of your body, they are white when you put them on and black in the morning... haha so maybe that will help improve healing... the acid thing is pretty much gone, i feel it once in a while but not really... My goal is to get my back muscles so strong that my spine wont have to do anything haha so im working into strengthening my back and a lot of abs and just exercising... i hate that i have to bother with this... its ridiculous.... i just wanna be a normal kid...i just want it gone so i can put my mind to other things!!!

Yeah the shirts i have that arent missionary mall are good, the long sleeve missionary mall are ok but the short sleeve are terrible... haha hold off on sending them, we are going into winter so yeah.... were you planning on sending a package? sometime in the future?

(We let him know we sent one from Richfield on Friday…packed with a ton of candy so he was not to expect one for Halloween!!!)

Alright, sounds good! cant wait for the package, i am gonna have to buy a hoodie here today, its starting to be fall haha and i didnt bring a hoodie with me, hey for Christmas, send them to the Mission home, and surprise me but.... i would like A1 sauce hahahahahaha i miss it...

Oh yeah, had a little cold the last few days, but im pretty much over it now...

well, went on splits, 5 finds in 3 hours! so hopefully my comp will realize we need to tract and street... but yeah, still working on Zsolt, that one guy, met with his whole family again, they need this church, life is just so much better with it... everything else is meaningless, because it cant last... and hope for tomorrow doesnt exist, i watch people on the street and realize that they are scared. What will tomorrow bring? And why? Why? WE KNOW WHY!!!! its so sad to watch, i can tell that they have no direction or goal in life.... its sad. i wish they were more open, the difference between members and nonmembers here is seen much easier.

Hey send me some more pictures, like especially of Elk and Deer and the cabin, Elder Smith has your email now mom, to get in touch with you to go to the cabin sometime...It was in the letter, and He is at school at BYU right now so hes there in Utah... he will email you if he wants to go.

hey so did tyler sale his sleds???

(Trev had uploaded some pictures on Walmart and one stuck out ... so we wrote: "we already peeked and loved the fuzzy Bomber hat you found...or did IT find You?")
haha that was at szent endre, didnt buy it, i will wait to buy stuff like that till about my year mark haha that piles up fast...

see ya later....
Love ya!!!!

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