Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mailed Letters: "I feel my Grandpas with me..."

September 20, 2010
Dear Mom,
I’m sitting in the branch house. It’s a really really nice day outside; cold crisp fall day, sun is shining, and I just feel really happy. I got the package Friday, the letters, today? beats me. Thank you for everything. You truly are an amazing Mother. I feel your love all the time.
Yesterday, we went tracting. Yeah, after 2 very success filled splits I finally got my comp to tract and street. But we found a lady and knocked on her door, she opened it and had a remote in her hand as if it were a sword or some kind of weapon (ha!) and she said, “Ha!”, like “I got ya!” and laughed and we talked for a few seconds, said she was Atheist but would like to talk, like “why not, you two are nice, sure!” Talked and taught and I shared the story about ___ being Atheist for 14 years and how it turned around in one day. And yes, I did this in Hungarian! I got a lot of help. It was so smooth, just like I had felt a few times in the MTC where I didn’t think, it just came from my heart. The spirit was there! I knew she was feeling it too because I saw her countenance change. She agreed to read and pray. She figured, why not. She answered her own question, “we gotta have faith to find it out.”
That was very uplifting for me. It has been had a hard transfer, ha. As missionaries we need a solid understanding of rules, and why they are there.
I’ve been on two splits this transfer. One kid is from Bulgaria, by Russia, he knows like 8 languages including Arabic… He is a good missionary, we found 5 people that day. The most recent is from Idaho/Wyoming, Kunz. Loves to hunt and works hard. It was so nice to talk with someone about hunting, finally! My comp has a Hungarian bow and thinks he’s pretty Magyar vadász, (Hungarian Hunter) but has never hunted in his life. He says he loves the Hungarians more than any missionary, but didn’t bother to learn the language. Says he speaks more like a regular Hung than anyone else, but tell that to my ears and brain when he double accuses or doesn’t accuse ever! Ahh! I will show them that I more than love them. I appreciate them, and am willing to learn it right out of respect and honor.
I really love Pápa. By the way it’s, Pá (áh!) puh, like apple. So I found out that Agi, really, technically is Ahgi. Because in Debrecen (this is where Agi, our backyard neighbor is from. Her parents, not yet members, live. Agi, Aaron and their family are now in Switzerland), they have an accent, and it’s in Pápa too where they don’t say like cat they just deepen it and hold it out longer haha. Which can be very confusing for non-native speakers to understand because that can mean 2 different things; hat-6 or hát- well…
So yeah. Thank you so much for the leaves! And the dirt (pine chips, from clearing the land on the mountain). My comp thinks I’m nuts. He pretty much hates pine trees. He’s from Washington and lives in the pines. Something about being here has made me such a Patriot. I love our Country. And I’m becoming more and more of a Hick, haha… I can’t get enough of the outdoors. That is why I need animal pictures, old ones even! It doesn’t matter; elk, deer, sheds! Hunting trips. They help me wind down sometimes, very relaxing. Well, I’m gonna go email you ….Now
I love you so much. You can share with Dad, vise versa.
Sok Szretettel,
Elder Hansen

Dear Dad,
How are you? I’m just chillin’ on my bed, it’s just before 10 p.m. It was nice to talk to you today. I’m excited to have a hoodie to wear and sleep in. haha I have looked and looked but they are all either way expensive or just terrible looking, like not something a missionary should wear…
Today was nice to rest. I didn’t want to go on an excursion today and my comp, I think, wasn’t thrilled about it but I needed a day to power down and recharge. I’m trying to get the elk calling down but it’s hard! I hear familiar sounds and similarities in it as I try but can’t get it consistent. Any tips? Top of mouth, where is the tongue and what does it do?
My comp thinks I’m insane I’ll smell the pine bough (wrapped in a bag) or the chips from time to time. Haha. I think the mission is turning me into a big hick. The things I liked at home are magnified like crazy! I like dropping by the hunting sore once in a while to take a look, again. I’m gonna buy a couple hunting videos before I come home, it should be fun to watch because they still hunt very traditionally. Ha
Missions are special, Dad. I feel so protected and uplifted. I can honestly say that I feel my grandpas with me almost constantly. I know they are with me. It’s great to feel that family comfort and security so far away from you all. I really am trying so hard to do my best here. It’s been a harder transfer but it will be for my good. I have seen what things I don’t want to be. My comp skipped everything in the language and tried to learn like a baby would. It didn’t and doesn’t work. We’re too old for that to work. As it goes, “Victory Requires Payment in Advance”.
My back has been doing great since I got that pull up bar. I don’t really worry about it anymore. It’s way nice and therapeutic to hang for a few seconds here and there.
Today was a good day. Nice crisp bright fall morning. It made me feel so happy.
We met with the Piroskaé, today, Recent converts, SO strong, Mom and daughter. We cooked a little with them. It was just a way fun. I talked a lot, and we laughed a lot. Those are the little battles that go the furtherest.
She (Piroska) helped me along with her daughter and son who isn’t a member, yet, when I was sick. Amazing people!
Tomorrow we go on splits again. I stay in Pápa :) I love splits!
I have decided to actually get serious about reading the Bible. I read a few little things in the book of Psalms and Proverbs. Now that’s fantastic writing! Wow. That would make me an amazing song writer! I read in a Liahona, about a tail guide in Asia somewhere who compared us to mountains. Building Mountains, Awesome! Neil A Maxwell said in short, “How can we guide naively through life asking for experience but not wading through sorrow, not being abandoned.” Because to be like Christ we will have to experience much of what He did.
Well it’s time, I love you. Please share what you would like with mom. Especially about my Grandpas…
Much Love,
Elder Hansen

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