Sunday, October 3, 2010

White Washing w/GREENIE FIRE in PEST w/Bourk!!!!

Trev’s Email September 27th, 2010
I am online, i will probably be back online today, some here and now, a little later to finish up... I have a ton of intense news to tell you!!!!

Well, today is the day we found out about transfers... we usually are informed by the APs.... Pres Baughman calls this morning to talk to Caviness, about him getting a new comp and that they are gonna go back to the old style of Comp ZLs.... i asked when will i know where im going, comp said, the aps will call.... 15 minutes later, Pres B calls again, i pick up he asks, “Is this Elder Hansen? i say yes, he says, "Would you like to know where you are going???” “YES!!”

“Well, you’re going to be with Elder Bouck.....”
“Bouck?!!?” (he was the group above me in the MTC (Trev’s Ancient) ...) I said, “really... wow...” (Elder Bouck would be the blond in the center back of this picture) He said, “Your going to Pest... to white wash....” yeah. There havent been missionaries there for a while.... so its reopening... we are the youngest companionship in the mission... wow..... NERVOUSNESS!!!!! but i get the stake center!!! to play ball in!!! YEEEAHH!!!!
When did you send the package?? we will see, they are very strict here.... it might not work out unless it comes tomorrow...
So from now on til i am transferred, send everything to the mission home ok??? because its a trax ride away, we will be there a lot... (There is a package in the mail to Papa)Um the last package you sent took only 7 days! we will try and figure something out.... we will ask the Posta place.... but yeah, crazy stuff!!! the stomach thing is still happening... they have me on an antacid and high fiber diet to see if thats what it is.... but i will be in Budapest to see the doctor very easily if i need to and its an american clinic so haha its a nice place...

Its nothing to freak out about, i have contacts with Sister Baughman, she is taking really good care of me... she talks to the Mission Area Dr and he said try this, so we are just checking it out so far... but i get like gut pains like you do when you run but they dont last and hurt like they would if you were exhausted... so yeah, things are good just taking it easy on what i eat, tons and tons of fiber.... so no big deal, i have WAY bigger things to worry about..... IM WHITEWASHING IN MY 3RD TRANSFER WITH MY ナ心I!!!!!! (ANCIENT)

Is dad up? where are my huntin stories??? will they come late??? im trying to get the call down but its hard!!!! could you send me a video or sound of an elk bugling??? my comp has never heard it before... that is a must for every human to hear!! we will be back on later to finish up so i can get it then?
well... im sooo nervous! ah we are sooo young and we are whitewashing!!!!

gotta go, catch ya later, tell jeff to write back. and everyone else too, thanks for the pictures love them!!!

Elder Hansen

cool, whats going on??

So did you send me a sweet huntin story in the mail yet? how have the hunts been, i heard there were some records, pictures? hey i need a picture of the Spider Bull, a few mission buddies like to hunt but have never seen it and i wanna show them...
No we are not opening it, we are white washing it, it has been closed for a transfer, i had to stay in the apartment already during the training conference a month ago... so they kept it, the beds are terrible but i have an air matress and they might have left the nice nice foam pads there that we slept on... This is a really unusual thing, white washing.... 3rd and 5th transfer.... hahaha someone has a lot more trust and confidence in me than me..... hahahaha oh well, ill learn to speak... thats for sure!
Ok Dad, remember, for every buck you kill, thats one you have to kill when i get home!!! haha hey send me a picture of my bow will you? connecting to people through stuff like that makes real friends.... its really hard to leave Pápa, Zsolt, that one guy that came to church and stuff, we are really really tight with his family, we are so close. He makes things up to bend over backward for us! haha Him and his wife came to the conference in Szombathely yesterday!!! I still havent told any of the members, there are a few who im really close with, Piroska, is like my mom here, haha and i also have another mom.... haha sorry, i gotta take what i can get while i dont have MY mom here...
Ok, i will be in my 3rd transfer... ok, he will be in his 5th... white washing means that they took both missionaries out and put new ones in, so all we have to go by is what is left in the area book, we will do a lot of finding and i heard the members give tons of referrals.... so white wash is 2 out 2 in, normally, its one comp at a time that is moved out and what not... but ya... CRAZY!!
Elder Bouck, from Texas, he was in the MTC with me, so pictures on my computer will be there he has blonde hair, round face, stockier... not my group the group just above me... so yeah, thats him, im excited to use our "Greeny Fire" and serve together. Im way excited!
Ok, is the family good? whats going on? you got any questions? are you finding me girls to date (mom)? hahaha or write, karlie wrote again, it was nice to get another from her...
My back is doing great, that pull up bar is amazing!!! i forgot to answer that, sorry...
OK, well i gotta go, so dont forget, everything to the mission office address unless i tell you otherwise, because i will get it eventually no matter where im at.... but for now, since im in the same city, just send it all there.... um..... yup, thats all i got....

I love you all sooo much!!! and yes, i can feel your hug, did you get my letters yet???

Love Elder Hansen

Ok she has to be cute, at least cute enough to write haha keep looking! Angie... Where is she???
yes i sent you two letters in one envelope.... i hope it gets to you all.... i love you all so much, it will come this week for sure... it can be anywhere from 7 to 10 days....


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