Monday, October 25, 2010

No Apartment yet... 10/25/10

Send You e-photograph the ordered's sból!
Hey Mom and Dad,

Things are going ok, I watched a movie saturday, on Super P day. They showed it at the Mission Home. The stomach thing is so so, but better i think. i will see the Doc most likely tomorrow. and go from there, my nose still bugs me when i look in the mirror. But oh well. I'll have to deal with it. We might possibly get an apartment today... im so sick of not having one. I hate it, we cant work, we cant do anything. As a result, nothing exciting happened this week. We had super Pday. Wow, that was cool. Everything was closed. A whole day of nothing.
How is the family? Did the cabin finally close up for good til the snow flies? Well, thats all i got unless you get on...

Love you all,

Elder Hansen

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