Thursday, October 21, 2010

Still looking for an Apartment 10-18-10

Hey things are going good, I have got 2 letters so far i think... i got a letter from Ryan Elder! i dunno if i already told you that, he had a picture of him and LeBaron together!!??! ha haha sounds like you are (dad) actually gonna kill a deer this year!!!
Did Clint get His Call yet!?!?!

no we didnt get in the apartment, its really tough right now. We cant find an apartment, so we cant focus on the work, we are living out of our suitcases, we live in the worst apartment in the mission...

Im trying to do my best and be obedient.... we need all the help we can get here... its tough. and there are a million things on the street that we see that arent exactly spirit bringing....and thats what Pres said. we concetrate on what we need to. i just want to give it my all and when it was all said and done, be proud of what i did, and be able to say, i gave it everything.
what has happened at the cabin lately??? i got the letter about DH being up there alone and brett walking in and scaring him hahahahahahaha i really do miss the cabin in a lot of ways, like just being able to be up there and let go of everything.... Is the muzzy over, i assume yes, when does the battle for Nebo begin? haha haha or the rifle hunt.... i bought some Mexican food before we came here.... hahaha oh it feels so good to eat mexican food!!! wow. haha is tyler gearing up for the sledding season? tell him to write me, tell him i wanna know whats up with the new sleds or something? maybe thatll get him to write me.... haha Angie finally wrote, how is jared? hows the situation all around??
the stomach thing, the Medicine is called Ulcogant? they are these small packets of thick milk pudding like things.... so i hope that does it... I got a cold this last week and i got over it but i have some sinus pressure haha why cant this place have a walmart where i can go buy some decongestant and be fine??!!? i will see the dr next week on the follow up, if its gone then its gone if not they wanna do a gastroposy or something.... but yeah, we will make sure its a good place before they do that.... thats what Sis B said.
im really close to the mission home and im there a lot looking for apartments.

Well tell tyler to suck it up and do it one time! Hey send me a picture of the new winter bathroom.... you said you sent one but there wasnt one... well. Thanks for everything, i love you all. very much.
Again, i love you very much. I will push on. Thanks for your love. And your support. I couldnt be here without it. Give all of the Grandkids my love whenever you see them. I told angie to get reading. Talk to tristen and colby and tell them i want them to read. Make sure my sled see's some white action. And my truck gets driven with some music playing up the canyon. I love you all very much. You mean the world to me.

Elder Hansen

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