Saturday, May 1, 2010

April 28, 2010 Email DAY!!!

I talked with Seth all sunday night during the movie. I see him a lot actually.

The Temple has made me super happy today, and L. Tom Perry spoke last night at the Devo!! so refreshing because it was just basic stuff like the Book of Mormon is true. It was wayyy nice to listen and just be there i felt like i was in primary learning basics and it was nice, nothing heavy just cool stories and testifying :)

i wrote everyone in the family last week.... Jared, tyler, jeff, amber, angie, Jordan, sent a card to sydney, and i wrote a letter to Trisha and am sending a pillow to jake. I didn't have any time left to write you but you will get a long tape :) i had a message for every family/brother sister.

I'm actually doing really well in the language a couple of the sisters think i'm "A walking dictionary" i was told that by one of my teachers. I'm doing good, just pushiing and pushing to learn some more everyday...

Did Sydney get her card and Jordan get his letter???I forgot to put Jared's name in the temple.... but i prayed for him in the celestial room.

But i'm finding tons of patterns and i learn by hearing words when people speak. I have like 2 rings of flashcards but i have a pretty good vocab just because i hear it or see it and most of the time it sticks, but my photographic memory tends to be selective haha. me alll i'm gonna do at the airports is call you... and you know but i can't call on Mothers day "Annyak Napuk" so sorry..

Thanks! I love you too soo much.... Keep writing and have the brothers and sisters write! I love you!!!!

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