Saturday, April 24, 2010

April 24, 2010 Email

Things have been going ok...
Um no bannana cream pudding, anything refrigerated is contraband.... fast food... etc... stuff with a lot of sugar is not really good to have, my teeth get really sensitive but if you disguise like the pudding in a box or something witha gel cold pack that i can use to heat my back that would work.... so they just threw that away.... i got my popcorn and DL and stuff a long time ago everything works thanks, sorry....
...My comp.... i feel so blessed to have him, he is so humble and so genuine. I'm trying my best.
I love you soo much, i wish i could call and hear your comforting voices. If i didn't have you, i would not be here and i would not be preparing to go to the greatest mission in the world.... Sorry Dad, no battle.... ;D I LOVE YOU

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