Friday, April 23, 2010

April 14, 2010 Letter & PICTURES!

Elder Egbert & Me

Me Shooting a Blast at Elder Egbert, an awesome English Elder.

Hey Parents,
Thanks for the letter dad.
I wish I would have known about Jared before I went to the temple, I put everyone's names in a couple of weeks ago.
What do you think about sending a Kung Fu Panda to Curtis. We have a bunch of traditions you'll see in the pics, our room is so messy now. Our osi passed them all down, or just gave us a mess in other words...and it's a pillow signed by many sets of Huns.
I just got a hair cut. The girl cutting my hair said immediately as I sat down, "I'll try to keep as much as possible." Ha
Today I put a toy cell phone in my pocket just so I felt more whole. Except when I needed t do some math, I was sorely disappointed...
I've got pictures for quite a few people. I'll send out. I'm getting a ton of facial hair. I'm about 175 and I eat like crazy.
I wrote coach & he wrote back, it's nice to hear from him. I won't be able to pick up Seth up because it is my P-day.
I will talk to you later I gotta go pick up laundry, CAN'T WAIT to get that tape!
I wish I could talk to you move but writing is so limited, I'll talk your heads off at the Airports!!! =)
Love Ya!
Hansen Elder

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