Saturday, April 17, 2010

Unexpected Letter

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hey Mom & Dad,
Things are going ok right now.
Last Tuesday at the fireside Quentin L. Cook & his wife spoke. Saxton Elder got reassigned sadly. He is leaving for West Virginia Tuesday. So Christensen Elder is my Comp now. The days are going by faster. It feels like we're eating constantly. The language is coming pretty good....We taught our first lesson in Hungarian. It was extremely broken but I got what I could with the few things we've learned. I can bear my testimony well, pray ok, and have an okay conversation. I'm remembering words like crazy. I hear a word and it stays, we just haven't learned all the conjunction charts. The language is SO backwards compared to English. The word order doesn't matter, only rarely does it, you just put endings on words to make it make sense.
I've seen Jamison a few times, we talk quite a bit. I saw Colton Baird... Don't know where he is going though. Griff just came in Wednesday Jameson said. Haven't seen him though. Jameson has gym w/him, I guess.
I love gym time, I play with a few kids that are 6'6"+... One kid is way cool, I think he played at a JC. He's going to Finland which is a harder language than ours! He's right down the hall in our classroom building, he talks to me a lot. The others are ok.
Sunday's are nice. We got 2 hours for a temple walk or an unofficial nap...BTW THANKS! That package was amazing! The pad has helped sooo much, by back is still stiff but it doesn't actually hurt. The pillow is a little flat but I still use it between my legs.
I'm not really supposed to write on Sundays, but oh well, I miss you guys a tonz. I keep thinking subconsciously that I will see you really soon, but I won't. :(
I can't wait to give you a hug.
But hey, I'm feeling awesome! So don't worry.
Everything is great! :)
En szerettektudom!
(I love you!)
Elder Hansen

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