Friday, April 23, 2010

April 14, 2010 Email

Well, first of all... things are great.... i'm 175 right now.... i've been up to 178... so not a ton of weight.... the Usi's (the Ancients, Hungs who were at the MTC prior to Trev's group) left Monday, we're here alone with one english district... Um, who is Nick? some guy Angie is dating???? you have to remember that i have no idea about whats going on in the real world.... hahaha

well, things are good... Glen L Pace came and spoke at the devo and his whole purpose was to have us feel loved by our Father in Heaven... and he said," in the name of Jesus Christ, and as a special ordained witness... everyone in this room is worthy of our Father's love." it was great... he talked about how we can have bits and pieces of our fathers mind in a way as to know about things that are going on in other places, like that night that i felt awesomely close to Mom.
He also said that it is much more comprehensible to feel of God's love if we have had loving earthly fathers... Thank you for always loving me Dad.

the gym is closed for renovations til august now, so no more ball.... we're either on the field or in case of inclement weather, in our dorms "exercising...." not much we can do with a rubber band but i learned how to use the bunk beds as a bench haha and a shug/curl bar. only 12 minutes left...

i bribed a lady at the immunization place with chocolate to let me go to gym and do my shot another day so i'm wating for another slip in the mail for my time..

one minute left,..... i love you both so much.... please keep writing every day its like i get to talk to you every night when you do.... i pray that our family will find the church and that you will all feel my love and the Saviors love LOVE YOU!!!

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