Saturday, April 17, 2010

Waiting & Wondering...How is he?

March 17th; Trevor's first letter home came
in the mail on Friday March 19th.
Mom & Dad,
Thanks for the cream puffs, they made a mess on the floor...HA! Everything is going good. The first night or 2 were tough and weird mostly. I was overwhelmed with what I've had to be doing. But it's better now...I shared my cream puffs with the whole hallway, the ancients, Albanians, so on...(zone basically). I offered him one. He (I think he is talking about Smith Elder)ate it, got out his fudge his grandma made and was walking around to every room sharing it. Ball is ok, it depends on the group you get with. There's a few kids who played college ball in our hour. (football BYU/a JC)
Saxton Elder is having a tough time, but he's a good kid, and wants to stay out. His Grandpa is Bob Saxton. I found my watch. Can't find stamps. I don't know what you want me to do with this tupperware?
(with arrows extending to the ends of the paper)
Love You! This MUCH!
Hansen Elder
P.S. Send pillow, pad, an 2 more of those pictures I can send to Trev and Landon if you haven't sent them one yet... & maybe a blanket. :) (double accented u/smiley face)

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