Friday, April 23, 2010

April 7, 2010 Letter

Hey Parents,
It's so nice to talk to you when I e-mail! I can only write on P-days...
So I never told you about this guy at the RC (Referral Center maybe?), or did I? Oh well, I called talking about the church, I basically gave him the entire first lesson, Apostasy, etc...and of the BofM and he said he would love to read and pray about it, and that only makes sense that Christ would visit the rest of the world. The best part is he lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin! (Morgan Black is going there, a friend of Trev's) He was so open minded about the gospel! I have yet to catch him home. This took place like 2 weeks ago.
So I have decided that MTC stands for "Memorize THIS! Center" It is so hard when I think of all the things I have learned and have to keep active.
Thanks for the cookies =) I'm enjoying them right now.
So Jamer never got to give me anything, he said they all took it, but it was nice to have him around. Seth will be in my building, both class & residence. Morg could be in my zone too and live right next door to me, ha. We get English elders all the time. Gotta go!
Love Ya!
Hansen Elder

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