Friday, May 14, 2010

May 12, 2010 Email

I'm on and i'm consecrating every word to the Lord for 1 week... :) haha
No allergies.... no flight plans yet, got the CO2 and peaches and peanut butter fingers, sorry my package is soo late but i couldn't find time to mail it off... and then i had to keep adding to my tape because Elder Holland came last night!!!!
Yeah things are good i hung out with Morgan all day Sunday, you'll hear about that with the tape.... sorry its taken me so long to write back, i've been writing Jared's reply. He's gotta keep going and the Lord HAS to bless him sometime. He said "I hope you know how proud I am of you... You are definitely making good choices and on the right road." All he needs is a spark of relief... Yeah Crouch elder and i were comped up for the TRC last week and that's on the tape. THE PEACHES WERE AMAZING. PEACHES AND TOAST!!!MMMMMMM I will copy my flight plans and send them to you when i get them... I might not be on next week because we might eat at the temple for the last week but we're not sure... but i will still be on sometime... a lot of info about my last week will be on the tape. I'll make one more tape and it will be in Hungarian :P haha so try to understand it the best you can :D I LOVE YOU... I CAN'T SAY THAT ENOUGH. 30 SECONDS....

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