Monday, May 24, 2010

May 19, 2010 Email

Well consecration week is over things are good. well, i have my flight plans you will have them soon, i copied them and sent them to you Monday or Tuesday?? so you'll get them soon... Please give Devin his picture... the snowmobiling one. Our usi's didn't get to call in Paris, but we have a 4 hour lay over so we will find a way to call you.
I will write Grandma Hansen today also. :)
Oh side note... i can see your pictures on here...
Your gonnna get all my junk today... :) packing and sending it home.... hopefully you can send my zune soon!!!
THINGS are going good... my teacher told me yesterday that i had given the MTC the best i could... and that made me feel so much better... the Temple cafeteria was good i saw Kristiann WRIGHT.... ya.... hahahaha wow, its like i'm not even on a mission... i talk with Jordan Guilory everyday... well in hungarian this past week and pen and paper hahaha but i told him the mattresses were hurting my back and he put an extra mattress in my room for me hahahaha he's awesome... its nice just to chill with people i know here, i love it... but i gotta get outta here. How did state track go? We were out side doing a walk and teach and i heard state track going on and being announced and it was tough to say that i really wanted to be in the MTC but i got over it... hahaha i gotta go to HUngary where the only distractions are Gypsies and dogs hahaha? i can't wait....
Well, i'm kinda run down, the food here has messed my digestive system up really bad... haha but the temple food has made me feel normal... things are good, i'll start packing tonight... its really weird to be speaking english, i really love Hungarian, its hard to explain things right now but i love speaking it... :) 1 minute
REAN JEAN FINALLY wrote me haha he send me a pokemon card he must have picked up of the street he's hillarious... more in your letter :) I LOVE YOU ALL, I LOVE MOM, I LOVE YOU DAD, I CAN'T WAIT TO TALK TO YOU, AND HOPEFULLY IN PARIS TOO :)
No food... i'm good on that... I leave Monday.... leave the MTC @ 1 30 PM AND LEAVE ON THE PLANE @ 5.... 12 HOURS TO PARIS.... A COUPLE TO BUDAPEST.... HAHAHA

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