Saturday, May 8, 2010

May 5, 2010 Letter

Maius or Majus (must mean May) 5, 2010
Hey Parents
Okay, um, I can't call on Mother's day so I'm gonna send you a tape but it might be a little late.
Um, (the new word Trev has picked up in learning the language), I love you, thanks for the support you give me.
Please send a copy of all of my papers to prove that it said to bring boots! PLEASE put Death Cab for Cutie on my Zune! I forgot that one.
I wish I had my guitar to play a song for My Wonderful Mother.
Things are good, I cleaned up my desk, Trevor finally wrote.
Please send my other backpack.It could be useful for different days.
I love you, I'll send pictures and a CD of all my pictures.
Szeretek Titiket!
Hansen Elder
P.S. I am glad everyone got their letters. All of us are encouraging our friends to get on the path, by bearing testimony and sending BofM. We want them to go to church and at least read.
Well, it's about time for dinner, I only wrote you and Devin and I might write Trevor today too. I think I will write Brett next week.
I will have my shot done soon. I will send you some packages before I leave and you will have to pay for them to pick 'em up.
Please leave Tran Siberian Zune, send me only 1 USB cable. I'll buy a USB charger over there, I do need another memory stick.
Sorry for all the requests! I can't wait to get out there!
Love Ya!
Hansen Elder

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