Wednesday, May 5, 2010

May 5, 2010 EmAiL DAY!!!

I'm on!!!

Yesterday we had an AMAZING lesson with an MTC investigator named Daniel Limon... MTC investigators are in full time Character and never break out, they are "friends" with the other MTC investigators and the first night we met Daniel Lymon he was just walking around in the hall and we tried to contact him and tore us up ha but every time we go back he got nicer and nicer and lately has begged us to come back every time and even took us to the schedule to make sure we put our names down hahaha but last night he asked why the ones who know are not always blessed and i told him i felt like that many times and i said then i think about the Savior and how he lived everyone of our lives. And gave an amazing detailed description and he totally changed. He stared for about 3 minutes and we talked a little more and at the end he basically broke out of character and thanked us for all we had done and our explanations, it was amazing the spirit was so strong there even in a pretend setting....

I haven't seen morg yet but i think he is here, his bag that he picks up in the book store isn't there when i looked so he's here already, he's in branch 42 which actually i think is in my building....?? we are branch 43 so he might be with the FINNS

PLEASE find a way to send me some bottled peaches IF possible :))) really 3 weeks???@!?@? …it’s hard, the field will do me soo much good because i'm about to a plateua in speaking here, i learn words like crazy, i'm a "walking dictionary" according to the study happy sisters haha all they do is study, they get up at 5 just to study and i learn by hearing and using because i have a photographic memory i've discovered, but it can be very selective.... hahha

PLEASE talk to L. Tom Perry and tell him thank you for me if you can find a way, i loved his talk! Oh i knew about both tapes, i listened to both of them THANK YOU you have no idea how amazing it is to hear everyone... Speaking....

... I remember so many things... I really see my Patr. Blessing coming to pass.... 1 minute left!?!??!

Yeah i'm thankful Amber and Angie write... and tell bren and clint to write, i wrote beau. I LOVE YOU!!!!! they print dear elders til 4 so anytime before that i think unless you know different.... LOVE YOU!!!!


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