Sunday, May 30, 2010

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Trev had an appointment today with the orthopedic surgeon at 11. What a day...waiting and waiting! It became too hard about 2 p.m. By 3 we were fit to be tied. Richard called the MTC while he was on the phone we missed a call from the District President Cardon. We called him right back. The bottom line is with 2 herniated disks and 1 extruded, the doctor was adamant that Trev not remain at the MTC because there is too much sitting there. He would heal much faster at home. We had not expected this. However, as soon as Trev could get the medical release he would be able still to serve his mission in Hungary. We were asked how soon we could come get him. We left almost immediately.

We arrived at the MTC to meet with President Cardin. Within a few minutes we saw Trev. His first words to us were. "I don't want to see you guys." It was sad. He was with Johnson Elder from Rigby, Idaho. We were happy because we knew he would be able to still go to Hungary. We talked with President Cardin who explained that Trev would be released and then he would be set apart again then fly out as soon as he was well and MP Baughman could receive him.

We stopped to see Angie and her family, Stacy and Oaklie. Then came home, it was all very weird to Trev. He had to stay with someone, just like he had with his comp so we went to see a few people, Sharon, the Wickels, the Robertsons, the Ludlows, and Bren. Bren about wigged out! We ran over to Tyler and Tina & their family. We tried to make it like it was in the MTC, planning the next day. We set an appointment with Pres. Bailey, Trev would be released Friday morning so that he would still be able to serve a full two years.

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