Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday Morning...Get to the Airport!

Wild Morning!
Trevor requested a large breakfast and we had a lot of us to get out the door. Thinking we would be late we arrived at our targeted time of 9 a.m. to find out that the flight had been delayed about an hour later. But that bumped his next flight so they had to reschedule that one. We enjoyed our Sunday morning sitting around a table with Trev, Amber and her kids, then I felt that he should get to the gate. Once again we said our tearful goodbyes. Then found a place to park to watch for his plane to depart. We met up with Jon and had lunch and said our goodbyes to them.

We had just been home for about 20 minutes when Trev called for the first time from Chicago. He was starving so we told him to go eat and then call us. When he called again his 300 minutes which we had used 4 of had diminished to 70 minutes. He had gotten a $14 pasta meal which had been messed up so the waiter told him it was on the house. There were 2 flight 98's both to London so we told Trev to double check and then get where he needed to be. When Trev called us again he was where he needed to be for his flight at 9:40 to London. He had had several different people help him, "Hey Elder!" They would call out. This had helped him greatly. More than anything else he didn't feel so alone. One of the people at the airport had given him the airport phone and allowed him to use it to call us.

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