Friday, April 29, 2011

Kaposvár Stole My Heart... (email 4-26-11)

Ok, well.... yes, i dont want to leave kapos, the place that was so hard, has stolen my heart, i could stay here for the rest of my mission! We have Brownies and peanut butter cookies for the english class students..... Hungarians worship our desserts. hahahahaha especially brownies. ha. My new comp is an elder from Holland. We will be serving in Budapest, it will be an interesting transfer. He speaks english fine, his parents are almost english speakers. Im gonna try and turn both of our focuses on the work and the people.
Medveczky Elder, is the Hungarian who is going to Ogden. He is still in the MTC, will be for a while, he really cant quite speak english that well yet so they will keep him there till he passes.
Doin ok,. my legs are dead tired, from biking, hiking, (i have pictures just not today, remind me next week) My back is good no pain, but my left back strap is still huge, and tight all the way up my back. but doin good really.
Here, Easter is Sunday and Monday, EVERYTHING closes. We rode bikes in the evening, and the morning went on a hike with an eternal with who i am pretty good friends. It was the best P day ever!

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