Friday, April 1, 2011

Sportsnap (Sports Day) - March 28, 2010

Saturday, March 26, 2011
We decided to do a bunch of flyers for a Sportsnap inviting people to come to play basketball, soccer and it says Come play with a couple of American players. We had only put up about 10 flyers before one of our investigators called and wanted to meet. We also told a few kids that we were going to start having a Sportsnap and to bring all their friends. Today we went and bought a soccer ball because we already had a couple of basketballs. We went there early today to make sure that people wouldn’t get there and leave. There was this one kid playing in the court next to us he reminded me a lot of Brock almost identical, the freckles , eyes and hair and he had his Toronto jersey on, really jazzed up, they really don’t do that here a lot. Then another person came then another person, then the other Elders came …then we had just groups of 2, 3, 4, here and there come. We ended up having 35 people come to this! We had 4 teams of 4 for basketball and they had a big soccer game going too. It is probably the most spectacular thing I have seen on my mission. I am just really really happy right now. I just called President to tell him how it went and I can just say he was excited and absolutely shocked that we had 35 people come to Sportsnap and we only talked to 4 people about this. I am in awe, I have never seen anything like this. I feel good, my back feels good. We are getting bikes sometime this week. I played pretty good and I threw the ball down 3 or 4 times…where the heck was this stuff when I was in high school? I have acquired a way to just get myself around and finish it. We have a basketball game to go to tonight. I love you guys a lot. Talk to you later.
Sunday night
We went to the basketball game and a lot of the kids who were at the Sportsnap. We actually taught a lesson to their coach and his wife when I first got here to Kaposvar. The little kids came over and sat by me, it was really cool to have some friends, we may just be planting seeds right now but whatever. We were there in our suits.
The doctor called me last night and encouraged me to work out…back lifts, work out, then back lifts again. My back feels pretty good, just sore muscles. No worries there.
I just got Allie’s letter. The mission office came to speak today in church and brought it. It was great to hear from her.
My comp is really awesome. He reminds me a lot of my cousin Ryan. He is just a really funny, really cool kid. We have our entire transfer written out on our window with dry erase markers. You can keep track of what we are doing. We are hoping to get into the schools and teach some English, get in touch with the mayor and have a service project that our branch can take part in and also get some tabling permission so that people will come up to us. It is impossible to street because people are in groups and just won’t talk to us. I hope these programs get things going, it would be really good. We have Zone Conference on Tuesday in Budapest.
I heard BYU lost. In fact, we talked to one of the basketball players, the one who’s a member and he told us what happened. Then the doctor that called me last night he wanted to talk to me about it… Did you hear about what happened to BYU, Jimmer Fredett and everything. BYU got a bad call and they were passing it in and the ref put it up at 4 seconds instead of 5 and that lost the game for them. I don’t know for sure. He called when I was asleep because of the time difference and I didn’t know what was happening, I was pretty out of it. He told me to start bending forward and backwards.
How’s the family? Jared, Jeff. Tyler how is he doing coming out of the rut. Angie? I keep expecting you to answer back, I feel like Jocelyn.
Love Ya!

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