Monday, February 21, 2011

Thank You .... 2-14-11

Trev has been connected to a back doctor, Dr. Simonson, who was just finishing the end of his mission in Europe.
From Trev: Yeah, this doc knows whats up, 1 in 10 in the world. hahaha pretty lucky.... its just to push the disc back, it wont be this intense all the time
I had a cool experience while sitting at the sacrament table. I had the opportunity to thank Heavenly Father for the sacrifice of his son.
So i have a cool story, so today, we had a program at 11 so we did some work and took those hours earlier in the day so we could relax the rest of the day. so we went to our program before we got there we were waiting at the door of the building, a lady came by delivering food, its common here, take out delivery lunches, then she went in a minute later we did also, we pushed the elevator button, it came down, she was in it, it had pulled her back down on her way up. about a half an hour there. hit the elevator button. that same lady was on her way down. got her number, told her this wasnt an accident. Perfect timing. cool huh?along with that. the lady maybe wasn't that interested but there was a younger kid that took interest. hopefully we will meet with him later. yeah, the kid took an interest in the Book. i can see him changing, which doesnt seem apparent if you look at him, but i felt like he gave a crap haha if you know what i mean. some people are just like yeah, god.... great. i think the book called to him
we shopped for food already, most of our night will be making tortillas and stuff, thats right i can make homemade tortillas. and everything else. hahahaha you are gonna be pretty surprised when i get home what i can do., hahahaha we call that ÜGYES here... haha skilled/skillfull
Mom said, "We plan to have you feed us for the first month after you get home ... until you get a job, we will have you WorK for your KeeP! ;) So it sounds like Heavenly Father is still helping me by sending you good feelings and letting you know I love you... does he still let you feel it....? My Love to you?
Trevor said:I have felt it more lately than ever. I feel so close to you, and am so grateful for who you are. I have been blessed to see how blessed i am because of you. I love you too. Im on my way. I hope to bring more honor to you through the work i can do here. I dont want to be anywhere else in the world right now. I have to get going.

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