Monday, February 21, 2011

Wherefore didst thou fear... 2-7-11

We had a meeting with this one guy who asked us about receiving answers/inspiration. i told him about the time i gave amber a blessing. What i said and not even knowing the situation. I almost started to cry right there in the coffee shop, he was moved...
we could tell. he commended us for being such spiritual people at such a young age. he is a potential priesthood holder. potential branch President. no lie.this is a guy we have been meeting with lately.
i sure am. i talked with president friday on the phone. i felt down, i felt like the biggest burden with everything that had happened with me... and that were happening. he said i have no right to fear. and it took me right back to the MTC. i heard those exact words. its crazy how things work. i wrote in my journal that night, i do have purpose for being here. The Lord needs me to do something. And now the phrase "Wherefore didst thou fear" ring in my ears loud and clear. i am supposed to be here. for 2 years.
Paul is like one of my all time favorites. He knows how to throw down. Corinthians. Dang.
Hey! can you read more of Grandpas history to me?? I loved listening to that, i listened to it again last night... i really like just hearing about him. I wear his ties on the tough days, yours too, the ones you bought for me.
yeah, i actually just talked to a guy from Montana today at mcdonalds haha he was with a guy from Australia they were watching this horse riding bow shooting thing i talked to them about hunting and stuff cause they were in camo haha i told him i lived in utah, the montana guy said thats your problem.... haha anything happen with the population management yet??
yes i will be fine haha thanks mom, i love you so much, take care! enjoy DC!

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